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Hello, beautiful soul and future drum keeper!

  • How would it feel to have a sacred tool for playing and healing, something special and unique just as you are?
  • A hand painted instrument, co-created by me and spirit, infused with healing vibes?
  • Something to hep you connect with your true self, your power, beauty and strength?
  • Something that helps you bring out your voice, find your balance and rhythm and just be you, unapologetically?


I am co-creating drums with spirit!

As a sound healer and intuitive artist, I hand paint these drums in my little art studio - each one uniquely co-created with spirit. I feel into them and they "speak" to me - read some of the creation stories here! I put a lot of love into them and that can be felt. I am truly blessed to be doing this work that I started a couple years back in New Zealand and then brought to Europe, where I residing now. If you want to know more about me and my work, read on here.

  •  Light Codes: Most of my drums have golden codes / light language on them, which are intuitive symbols that do not have a meaning in words, and go beyond the analytical mind, yet their intention can be felt with the heart. For me, they are a form of expression of love and the beauty of the cosmos. 
  • Vegan: They are made of a synthetic material called Fibreskyn, so no animal skin is used
  • Stay in tune even in humid weather - perfect for outdoors and travel
  • Size: Drums are 16 inch / 40cm in diameter and come with a mallet
  • For: Intuitive singing, sound healing work, drumming circles, as artwork to hang on the wall ...

Most Recent Drum Art Creations

Currently all sold out! Wait for updates!

My drum creations tend to sell out quickly after announcing them on Facebook and Youtube. 

I work alone in my art studio and only create limited numbers. 

So if you want to get a drum, follow me on social media for announcements and see what I update here on my website - and then be fast :)


New drum creations & updates  will be announced here:

Youtube Community: https://www.youtube.com/c/CarolinNoblesSong/community

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CarolinNobles/


If a drum you fell in love with is not available anymore, I can recreate that drum.

Due to the uniqueness of the "moon fibreskyn" and the codes that I draw intuitively in the moment, each drum will be unique.


You can also apply for a commissioned drum.



How to order + prices + shipping rates 

at the bottom of this page! 

Scroll down! 



Indian Summer Rose Drum

shaman drum with mallet






Dreamtime Rose Drum

16 inch drum with mallet






Cosmic Dreamtime Rose Drum

16 inch drum with mallet






Cosmic Snake Drum

16 inch drum with mallet





Cosmic Dolphins Drum

16 inch drum with mallet





Pink Rose Drum

16 inch drum with mallet




Golden Rose Drum

16 inch drum with mallet




Manta Ray Drum

16 inch drum with mallet





Pleiadian Nightsky

 16 inch drum with mallet





 Scarab Beetle Drum

 16 inch drum with mallet




Found a shaman drum that is calling you?

Energy exchange



Shaman drums with mallet

(available drums and drums I recreate for you)

500€ / 600USD

+ shipping


Drum commissions starting at

550€ / 660USD

+ shipping



How to order

  • Available drums: If a drum is marked as available, it will be ready to ship within a week. 
  • Recreating drums: If a drum you fell in love with is not available anymore, I can recreate that drum. Due to the uniqueness of the "moon fibreskyn" of the drum surface and the codes that I draw intuitively in the moment, each drum will look a bit different and be a unique piece of art. (The outer ring of codes I reuse several times to connect the drums with each other, but I do make little changes in the moment to make them unique for each person. All other codes are spontaneously received in the moment - including the codes on your mallet.) You may request small changes of the drum design, for example, changing colors, or exchange symbols, or have your name on the mallet - those small changes are free of charge!
  • Applying for a drum commission: Due to the high demand of commissioned drums, there is now an applications process for this: Let me know the animal, plant, symbol or other motif you would want on your drum, along with your favorite colors and your intention. If am guided to bring your drum into the world, I will feel it and see an inner picture, and then I create the drum I see. Please note that during the creation/birthing process, I don't do back and forth mailing, showing a sketch, getting feedback, making changes. I communicate before creating and once everything is clear, I create in stillness. The finished drum artwork will be a surprise. I will send you a photo of the drum before I mail it out.
  • What country do you live in? / Your post address I will need this information to calculate your shipping costs. I am located in Germany and I ship my drums worldwide!
  • Payments are made in advance via bank transfer (first choice) or Paypal. Please let me know which way of paying works for you


  • Shipping within EU: 20€ (Germany: 10€) | within EU usually arrives within a week
  • UK & other non EU-Countries in Europe: 30€ | usually takes 1-2 weeks to arrive
  • Shipping to US and Canada: 60€ / 70USD | usually takes about 2-4 weeks to arrive
  • Australia / NZ: 70€ / 115NZD | shipping time estimate 4-8 weeks
  • Other destinations: please ask for a quote

All parcels are mailed with DHL, come with a tracking number and are fully insured.



Give thanks & send me a love offering!

With your donation you will help me move forward with my music and projects, make dreams come true and give love and joy to the world. Thank you so much for your love and appreciation! 


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