Drum Art

Custom Painted Shaman Drums

2 in 1: Instruments & Artworks

Hello, beautiful soul and future drum keeper!

  • How would it feel to have a hand painted instrument, infused with healing intentions?
  • Something to hep you connect with your true self, your power, beauty and strength?
  • Something that helps you bring out your voice, find your balance and rhythm and just be you, unapologetically?


  • Codes: Most of my drums have golden symbols - "codes" on them, which are intuitive symbols that do not have a meaning in words, yet their intention can often be felt with the heart. For me, they are a form of expression of love and the beauty of the cosmos. 
  • Vegan: They are made of a synthetic material called Fibreskyn, so no animal skin is used
  • Stay in tune even in humid weather - perfect for outdoors and travel
  • Size: Drums are 16 inch / 40cm in diameter and come with a mallet
  • For: Intuitive singing, sound healing work, drumming circles, as artwork to hang on the wall ...

How to find the drum of your dreams!

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