Hand Painted Shaman Drums

with Sacred Geometry, Light Codes & Mantras

  • Hand painted: Each drum is hand painted by me in my little studio and can be customized for you. No two drums are the same - add your own color variations or text on the mallet!
  • Drum size: 16 inch / 40 cm REMO Buffalo drum
  • Vegan Material: They are made of a synthetic material called Fibreskyn, so no animal skin is used. 
  • Advantage of synthetic drums: They are perfect for outdoors and on the go as they stay in tune even in humid weather (unlike real skin) and gracefully pass biosecurity when air-traveling to countries like Hawaii, New Zealand or Australia. 
  • Suitable for: Intuitive singing, sound healing work, drumming circles, as artwork ...
  • Mallet included: All drums come with a mallet with light language coding or your custom words


Prices starting at 400€ / 500USD

plus shipping


New Drum Size Coming March 2021!


I am going to introduce a new drum size with different kind of artworks soon!

They will be the same drums, but 14 inch instead of 16 inch.

Prices will be around 300€ / 375USD.


What do these drums sound like?

What do the symbols on your drums mean?

Many of my drum motifs come with a golden ring of symbols/characters. Some people call these light codes, or light language. They do not have a meaning in words, but come from my heart and represent universal beauty, harmony and love. I find those pretty and they inspire and uplift me as I am painting them. Watch my creation process video & how I sing my drums into life!

Available now - ready to ship

Black Panther Jungle Drum

400€ / 500USD

Amethyst Geode Drum

400€ / 500USD


Within Germany 10€. Within Europe 20€. Non-EU Countries in Europe 30€



Made to order - ready to ship in ca. 1-2 weeks

These drums will be painted just for you, when you order. Small modifications, like color changes are free of charge. It takes a few days for me to paint and spray a drum. Please allow a minimum of 5 days for me to create. Then it depends on if I have other orders on my schedule first. If you need to know the exact time, please ask.


Even more possibilities and motifs you find in my GALLERY

Desert Rose Mandala

400€ | 500USD

(see variation with mantra ring a bit further down this page)


Seed of Life

400€ | 500USD


Seed of Life II

400€ | 500USD


Lotus with Codes

400€ | 500USD


Lotus with Moon

400€ | 500USD 

Celtic Tree of Life

400€ | 500USD


Dragon Drum

400€ | 500USD


Dolphin Drums

400€ | 500USD


Whale Drum

400€ | 500USD


#8 Raven & Moon

450€ | 550USD


#9 Shipibo Drum

450€ | 550USD


#10 Egyptian Goddess Drum

450€ | 550USD


Dreamtime Whale Drum

450€ | 550USD


Wolf Drum

400€ | 500USD


Goddess Brigid - Celtic Goddess

450€ | 550USD

Flower of Life Angelic

450€ | 550USD

Flower of Life Rose Rainbow (left) or Purple Rainbow (right)

450€ | 550USD



Cat Goddess Bastet Drum

450€ | 550USD

Desert Rose Drum with Mantra

Aham Prema (I am Divine Love) 400€ | 500USD

Or feel free to choose your custom mantra for 425€ | 525USD!

Lotus Drum with Gayatri Mantra in Sanskrit

400€ | 500USD

Jesus Drum with light codes

400€ | 500USD

Browse the drum gallery!

These are the most popular designs -

there are even more designs to look at in my gallery!


A drum made just for you!

I can make any of these motifs from this page or the gallery made to order for you!

Each drum is handpainted and unique, no two are exactly the same!


Customize your design

I offer color adjustments and small modifications free of charge.

Also you can have your mallet customized - add a word or a name! 


Time frame

I can paint a drum for you within a week. (Custom motifs might take longer.)

This depends on my schedule and how many orders I have.



Please use a currency converter to convert the price in € + shipping into your currency.

Paying in two or three installments is possible. 

I accept PAYPAL and bank transfers within Europe.


Commissions starting at 

500€ / 600 USD

Optional: Customize your colors for free!

Love a design but want a different color? Many clients just love the colors as they are but I can also adjust the colors for you! A common modification is to make the golden light codes silver (see dolphins for example)! Or have the dragon in red or blue instead of green!


Just get in touch with color modifactions you have in mind and I will let you know what is possible!


It is also possible to have a specific word on name written on the mallet - otherwise you get a mallet with codes specifically chosen for you!


  • Shipping within EU: 20€ (Germany: 10€) | Germany 1-2 days, within EU usually arrives within a week
  • Non EU-Countries in Europe: 30€ | usually takes 1-2 weeks to arrive
  • Shipping to US and Canada: 60€ / 70USD | usually takes about 2-4 weeks to arrive
  • Australia / NZ: 70€ | shipping time estimate 4-8 weeks
  • Other destinations: please ask for a quote

All parcels are mailed with DHL, come with a tracking number and are fully insured. 

Due to Covid, some packaged might be delayed by the carriers and I have no influence on that. So please order early if you want it for a certain date.

Get in touch about your drum!

The most efficient way to get in touch with me is with the following information:

  1. Let me know which motifs speaks to you, for example "#5 Dragon Drum" - or let me know if you want something completely different created specifically for you
  2. Let me know if you want modifications on the colors, or a special word on the mallet. Otherwise I will keep the designs as they are and create a mallet with golden codes.
  3. Send me your post address or at least your country so I can calculate your shipping costs

Example order:

"Hi, I would like to order "Dragon Drum". I would like the dragon in red instead of green. My address is: name, street, country. Thank you!"


How to pay

Payments are made via paypal after I have received your inquiry. If you want to pay via bank transfer instead, please let me know and I will provide you with the details (my bank is located in Germany, Europe, but it is possible to send with TransferWise, for example even outside of Europe).

Not quite sure which drum motif is for you?

I am here to help! Get in touch and I gladly will assist you in finding something that is just right, or help you decide between two motifs.

Got questions? Want to paint your own drum?

Tara Preston with her drum! Photo by Jen Grundner
Tara Preston with her drum! Photo by Jen Grundner





"Your product exceeded my expectations. The painting is beautiful and very well done and the drum sound knocked my socks off! You chose a really great drum for your project. The Fibreskyn drum head will be perfect for the environment I play in as this area goes through great temperature/humidity changes and I travel back and forth from mountains to desert. I can feel the resonance going right through me."

- Sherry, USA 


"Totally love my drum! Thank you so much for creating something so beautiful and sound is amazing it just hums through my whole body."

- Lania, New Zealand



"I received my drum and I am so in love with it. Thank you so much for this very special gift. I feel the love, light and pureness of your spirit as I play the drum. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Honoring you and your magical gift!!" Love! Joy Xx 



"Hi Carolin, 

The universe brought my beautiful drum to me in no time, safe and in perfect shape. 

She is magnificent with magical energy! 

I absolutely love her and we will supply each other with inspiration and strength. 

Thank you very much for creating this beauty for me!!!

Love and light, M."

- M., Singapore



"My drum arrived on Friday and with it so much information on the bee and my life path and purpose it's been a link in everything coming together I'm working with it ATM honouring my animal totem but I will be writing up my story soon and also giving a recommendation thank you lovely and I love my little crystal it vibes with me big time!! Xxxii"



"Hello Carolin

The Dolphin Drum arrived today, safe and sound. Wonderful piece, and thanks so much for the other gifts inside. 

Huge blessings to you and thanks for birthing these beautiful things :-)

BTW your new Moon-Crow drum is totally astounding!!!!"

- M., France



"Oh my she is beautiful! Love it so much!!! ☺️🤗💃🏼excited dance

🙏🏿 so much gratitude to you for creating it for me!"

- Joy, USA


"Caro I am loving the drum still getting used to it ❤ it's so powerful."

- Nicole Marie, USA


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