The Poetry of Light and Dark

This album was recorded in a studio in the woods in Northern Germany in 2016. Relaxing folk music with a hint of celtic melodies that has supported many people with calming down and finding inner peace.

  • 13 tracks, 52 minutes of harp & voice music in english language

Inner Journey

"Inner Journey" is a sound healing studio album created with you in mind. I wanted you to be able to relax, open your heart and reconnect with your true nature, beyond words or stories. I sing in a language that does not have meaning but is understood with the heart as frequency. Simply let yourself be carried away by the beautiful soundscapes that I weave for you with my voice, crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes and Native American flutes.

  • 10 tracks, 47 minutes of deeply relaxing healing music in "light language" (intuitive singing) 

Celebrate That Brokenness - Single

A song about embracing the beautiful mess that we are.

I recorded this guitar and voice track back in 2016, just before moving to New Zealand. I felt like it is much needed in these times now. We don't need perfection, but authenticity, vulnerability and compassion. So I sent it to a studio to remaster this raw recording, and publish it now so you may be touched by this and remember how beautiful you are with all your flaws.

  • 1 track single, 4 minutes guitar & voice in english language

Harp and Voice

Telena EP (2013)

Piano and Voice

flower.journey.fate (2009)

Piano and Voice

Sygill (2004)

Soundcloud Demos

Collaborations as a vocalist

with Ólafur Arnalds (Piano, Strings & Voice)

with Nils Frahms (Piano & Voice, minimal)

with Elliot Lawrence (Piano & Voice)



The silent sky is pondering

Why are we so far out there?

The gloomy moon is wandering

Why are we so lost in space?


So what’s inside the atom now?

The thought of an idea of

How to live and thrive

So what am I?

The universe

That’s built of parts of you and me

I’d like to go beyond


Everything repeats itself

The nebula looks like your eyes

A star inside a star is born

A fractal of eternal life

All I know


All I know is the sunlight on my face

Not a trace of the dark the sun once shed

Not a single word can be said 

when noone’s listening


All I know is the weight of the world on me

Yes I am the world at times I see 

nothing apart from change

that keeps me rooted here


Now it’s time to realize and come to life

you don’t have to feel so small

All you’ve known will be embraced and turned into

something so beautiful


Guitar and Voice (demos)


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