Music & Intuitive Singing / Sound Healing

I travel two different musical pathways.

One is a crossover of the musical genres singer-songwriter, pop, folk, ambient, jazz.

I craft and write songs. Usually in english language.


The other path I call intuitive singing.


What is intuitive singing?

 It is spontaneously bringing through the sounds and emotions of your soul, your inner being. No rules, no genre, no meaning, no perfect composition or pretty product, just a dance between you and your soul. It is a deep listening, turning inwards and giving expression what you hear inside. It is not about the meaning of specific words, but a frequency. It may sound like an ancient language, but it doesn't have meaning in words. Turn off the mind. Tune into your being. Let your voice be the instrument. Sing, dance, move your body. Let it flow.


Hidden Places feat. Carolin Nobles


My ex partner and I have been teaming up to create some wonderful long ambient track for meditation, inner journeys etc. It is like avatar, swimming with wales, mystery, beauty.

The Poetry of Light and Dark

This album was recorded in a studio in the woods in Northern Germany in 2016. Relaxing folk music with a hint of celtic melodies that has supported many people with calming down and finding inner peace.

  • 13 tracks, 52 minutes of harp & voice music in english language

Drum & Voice

Guitar & Voice

Harp & Voice

Piano and Voice

Collaborations as a vocalist

Guitar and Voice (demos)


If you find joy and value in what I create, and desire to contribute and support me, please feel free to donate. Thank you so much for your love and appreciation!

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