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I am Carolin, a singer, vocal coach and sound healer. I work with source energy and sound to create a healing field for body, mind and soul by using my voice and other instruments.

I studied at the Lichtenberger® Institute for Applied Physiology of the Voice in Germany and combine my background in functional voice training with my own, intuitive approach to singing and expressing myself to empower you to sing your song.

My life has been intense and I have gone through a healing journey that has taught me to embrace both light and darkness within myself. I now own my journey. I've been blessed to have worked with powerful teachers, shamans and healers from all over the world so I now can be of service myself.

I support you on your path with personal Sound Healing Recordings that remind you of your true nature and Coaching sessions via Skype. If you have any questions, please get in touch! 

Musical background

I've always loved singing since I was a child. I picked up different instruments (mostly self-taught) and sang in several bands and performed on stage. Voice was always what fascinated me most, so after 7 years of individual functional voice training, I studied Applied Physiology of the Voice at Lichtenberger Institute in Germany. I found the celtic harp to accompany my voice and began teaching and touring through Europe.

During a retreat in Maui, Hawaii, I was initiated as a sound healer. A couple of months later, I relocated to Wellington, New Zealand to follow my calling. 


Intuitive Singing

I have the ability to spontaneously receive songs on the go. Sometimes a song arises and I just sing it once and never again. Sometimes I receive full songs that I shape into powerful sound medicine tools.

For this purpose, I use my own language which the mind cannot grasp. It is giving space to that raw, pure aspect of ourselves that is full of abundant life and creativity.

It is all about the vibration of the sounds, stripped of any meaning. I enjoy that, songs without story. You can fully focus on your own inner landscapes.


Sound Healing

During a sound healing session, I tap into this flow state, creating the healing field where everything is seen as it is - perfect and whole. To assist the energy work, I let the music flow through me which helps strengthening the healing field. This comes from a space that is bigger than me! I am deeply humbled and so grateful to be doing this service! 

Let's talk real - Embracing light & Darkness within

All my life I have felt different.

Like I don’t belong. I perceive more than other people and I feel deeper. I loved to create music and art alone in my room and spend my friday night with a cat on my lap.

I have also seen real darkness. I have dealt with trauma, disease, loss of loved ones. 


The hardest part for me was that I felt, nobody gets me and this intensity of how I feel. I wish someone would have told me the truth:


There is NOTHING wrong with you! You are a powerful creator! The world needs you and your unique gifts. Yes, you in your true form:

Authentic. Creative. Brave. Wild. Free. Radiant.


Being authentic to me means embracing all of you. Not just pretending to be positive 24/7 and pushing the unwanted parts of ourselves away. "Just think happy thoughts and everything will be ok" - It didn't work for me that way. My life only changed when I accepted myself completely.


I am not afraid of diving deep and holding a healing sacred space for both the light and dark aspects of your human soul. I have been there. I know what it is like. And I offer you my compassion, my guidance, my support for your journey.


If you are ready and hear the calling to work with me >>get in touch. I would be honoured to work with you.

The Journey

This is a more in depth-version of my musical background. It is an interesting journey to become more and more yourself, expressing that authentically and letting go of old beliefs while holding yourself with love. It has become my personal mantra: Whatever arises, love that. How often are we at war with ourselves and what is? How often do we push our way through life and end up suffering when all that could set us free is self-love and surrendering to the divine plan?


This is my journey from being a little girl singing on a swingset to becoming a musician & teacher to following my calling as an intuitive singer and soundworker. It is a journey about falling in love with who I am.


How I lost and found my voice

When I was a child, I loved singing. I remember those days, swinging on a swingset in our garden and my grandmother telling me I have the voice of an angel. But I was very shy and it was a long journey to overcome my fear of performing in front of other people. There was this longing to be seen, to be heard, to be loved, but at the same time a strong desire to remain hidden. Anyway, I pushed the scared part of me away and made it into my first band. I spent a few years making music like this, trying so hard to belong, only to end up with voice problems that made me quit the music world.

I spent five years on an odyssey with doctors and therapists to find out if there was a way I could sing again. Nobody had the answer. It was a very frustrating time. My voice was like a lost lover, I missed it every day and I just could not get over it, even when I told myself that it would be mature to let it go. The story could have ended here, but I am glad it didn't! 


I found relief in functional voice training. For the first time it was about feeling and perceiving, about me as a whole and not just about my work as a singer.


It was about reconnecting with my body, about acceptance and letting go. My voice teacher was so kind, patient and loving and slowly I gained trust into my own voice again.

I was deeply thankful to be able to sing again I desired to dive deeper into the complex connections between voice, body, mind and spirit, so I studied Applied Voice Physiology at Lichtenberger Institute, Germany.  


about Intuitive Singing

There are certain parts about being a musician that I found exhausting. Writing songs was always the most fun part - raw creation. That moment, when you birth a new song is magical. And then... you polish it. It takes months to make the perfect song. And along the way, I often lose my joy.

I had always thought, this is just how it is. This is how music HAS to be. But there is not "has to". There is always a way that truly suits you!


So this is my intuitive approach to singing: 


I just spontaneously start to sing and see where it leads me - one note at a time, not knowing where the journey will go but trusting that I will be guided.


Intuitive Singing is me saying yes to the way I am, honouring my passion for being in the flow of eternal creation.  I don't "write" songs, I receive songs. 

Sometimes, a full song will just appear in my head. Usually just before I go to bed. Or in the shower. Or when I walk in the forest. I catch those snippets with my voice recorder to remember them. Most of my songs I just sing once and never again. It is quite mystical and beautiful.


So what happens when I sing and put all my awareness to it?

I tap into the energies I move with my voice, I feel them inside and outside of my body. Different areas of the body respond to different tones. The magic happens, when you sing with awareness and loving, healing intentions.


This is very connected to meditation and mindfulness training. I practice Zhineng Qigong which brings me to that flow state. I love this! Singing from my heart, deeply rooted in the now, flowing with the stream of source energy.


Intuitive Singing is always new, always fresh, always changing. There is nothing to know, nothing to pretend to be. All the masks are falling away when you dare to be truly yourself. 

It is deeply healing and freeing to sing from that space of oneness, where the mind is off for a while and you feel truly present and alive, reconnecting with who you truly are.


So I guess it was only natural that I had to be in Hawaii soon ...


My initiation as a soundworker in Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii Feb 2016

People say Hawaii is a special place with an intense energy - and it is! I was initiated as a soundworker there. 


I still remember the scene, standing at the ocean in Maui during sunset, singing a song for the ocean and suddenly the island reveals to me that I am here on earth to sing and to bring healing with my voice. I am so deeply moved by this revelation! Two days later I find myself singing at a retreat to over 200 people! It all just happened without me planing it. After all those years of being a musician and teacher, I had also entered the path of a sound healer using music with healing intentions to balance and harmonize energies.  


Leaving everything behind and trusting life

About half a year later, I decided to deeply surrender to life and go with the flow of the universe. I left everything behind: My home in Germany, my belongings, my family and friends, my business as a voice and harp teacher.


I left behind my ideas of how my life has to be like. Not because I wanted to but because I knew this is the next step. It was hard. One of the most challenging transitions in my life. But I deeply trusted my guidance. And this is where the magic really begins!


Here I am now, living in New Zealand - and I am so glad I dared to step into the unknown which is now my new home! I receive songs more and more often. I connect with nature and sing for the ocean, since this is part of my work here as well. My intuition tells me what to do and I follow that. Miracles and synchronicities happen here on a daily basis. This is my path and I could not imagine doing anything else.


So here I am. Ready to serve you and support you on your journey with the power of my voice!


Blessings, Caro

My instruments

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Everything true comes through the heart

Life has cracked me open! Everything true comes through the heart. It is love that heals. A loving presence deeply permeates it all without judgement, pushing anything away or trying to fix it. Simply love. Holding space is one of the biggest gifts we can give to another.

I see you. I acknowledge your pain. I acknowledge my own pain that I encounter by holding your space. Because at the core, we are one being connected by invisible divine threads.

By holding space for each other, we are being brave and facing the shadow, the messy, raw humanness. On a soul level, everything is perfect and divine, yet we are also human. My kind of spirituality is the one that is grounded, encompasses it all. The pain, the joy, the sorrow, the beauty. I want to open up even more, feel even deeper. I want to be raw and real. I long for truth. It really is so simple, yet so profound. Everything true comes through the heart!


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