Hey Beautiful Soul!


I'm Caro! I am an intuitive artist and musician, following my heart, living by inner guidance. 


I am a highly intuitive, creative soul. I love drawing, painting, taking photos, videos, writing, singing, recording music and more more things. I share beauty, inspiration and authenticity with others on Youtube and Facebook. 


I have many passions, yet the most important thing in my life is my inner connection to spirit. The alive relationship with myself, and feeling at home in my body. Because spirit isn't just a thing sitting on a fluffy cloud up there, we are spirit and it lives in us. In our bodies. In the earth. In all things. That energy, that spark infuses whatever I do, gives it its true meaning and makes it sacred.


I enjoy bringing more beauty and art to this world. More real authentic expression. Singing, creating art and wonderful tools for healing! Writing and expressing myself! Being divine and a beautiful human mess sometimes. Embracing it all and dancing the dance, being fully alive! Doing what I feel inspired to moment by moment.

I don't plan in that sense, I follow guidance and trust that I know what I need to know when I need to know...


From a very young age on, I loved creating art, music and stories. I tried to fit into a normal job career but that wasn't my path. So sometimes my life seems unconventional, but I would not want to live it any other way.


My journey has brought me deeper in touch with my truth.


I hope that by being myself you dare to be yourself as well and do what feels deeply right for you.


May you find a resonance in your heart. May you feel that it is okay to be sensitive and a different kind of beautiful.


Creating Drums Inspired by Spirit!

What do you love most about creating your drum art?

I love working alone in my studio and creating there. I used to love to work like this as a child, and I still do to this day. Creating alone, and then sharing later, with the world!

The creation process itself is a discovery, an adventure. A mystery and a co-creation with spirit. I tune in and I listen. I am merging with the field. What drum will I create next? What variations will come through? 


I enjoy savoring the experience of painting. I love to hear the sound the markers make on the vegan fibreskyn of the drums. It is quite a mindful type of work and requires my full concentration. The world disappears and there are only shapes and colors and merging with that other world... Creating a little peace of heaven on earth. Something truly unique and beautiful.


For that reason it is also quite important for me to stay fit, move a lot, so I go to the forest most mornings to tend to my body and staying active and fresh for this very detailed and demanding work - bending over a drum, painting for hours is actually quite exhausting!


I am very grateful to be doing this work in harmony with my body, mind and spirit and work at the pace I feel is right for me. Sometimes, I have creative bursts and I work a lot. Other times, I need to take my time and work more slowly. It is great to be in tune with myself and the drum and what we both need at the time and follow that. Work, rest, play. Recharge. This to me feels very much in sync with nature, which I feel I am part of.


I also love that each drum is handpainted and that I am personally in touch with the people I create them for. It is personal, unique. In a world where everything is instantly available, my drums are made to order and it takes the time it takes. A lot of times they are sold out and you just need to wait a bit.


Many have suggested me going into mass production but I enjoy that there are only a limited number of drums each month that are infused with all the love, dedication and care that I can offer, so the people who receive and work with my drums can feel that high quality and energy.


Accordingly, I also love to hear from my customers, when they open their drum packages and are over the moon about their new drum! It is so rewarding to know I am making others happy, and I am happy during the creation process as well.


So, there are actually a loooot of things to enjoy about this!


Through the energy I weave into my intuitive music & art, 

I invite you to remember the truth that you are, 

To courageously follow your heart, your truth, your intuition.

To remember your divinity.

To express yourself creatively and live a life in flow.

To see beyond limitations, illusions, fears,

remember your true self

and anchor it here, on earth:

The embodiment of




Give thanks & send me a love offering!

If you find joy and value in what I create, and desire to contribute and support me, please feel free to donate. With your donation you will help me move forward with my music and projects, make dreams come true and give love and joy to the world. Thank you so much for your love and appreciation! 


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