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Since a young age, I have loved creating music and art, and I have a deep connection with spirit, and so I weave all these things into each other. Music to connect with the Divine and art to bring the frequency of the Divine as an embodied expression into physical matter, here on earth.

So I create healing music, intuitive songs that just flow through me in the moment, without any meaning of the mind. And I create shaman drums as tools for people to connect with a deeper place, to get out of their thoughts into being, experiencing vibration in motion and the silence behind the sound.


I want to bring people deeper into themselves, because that is where the Divine resides. Deep inside, in the body, in this present moment.

I am on my own journey towards remembering and embodying wholeness. 

I love sharing and expression through words and sound, yet perhaps the most potent transmission is pure being, silence. And that silence can be perceived even behind the words and sounds as the backdrop of pure being.


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