Hey beautiful soul!

Me and my fluffy heart-opening device Cairo, the grumpy Burmese cat.
Me and my fluffy heart-opening device Cairo, the grumpy Burmese cat.

In a world where a lot is polished & fake, it is an act of bravery to be real, genuine and authentic. To follow your heart and intuition and live your life on your terms.


If you don't fit into this world, then it is time to create a new one!


My vision is a world where we live in harmony together with love, peace and respect for all beings on the planet. And I believe we can achieve this by tuning into and living from our heart. Stop doing what everybody else is doing and follow our own truth.


The first thing I remember is me drawing unicorns at the age of 3. I was deeply fascinated by creating another reality by drawing it alive. The miracle and wonder of making my thoughts, dreams and visions visible. And though everyone told me, it you can't make a living with your creative gifts, and you need to get a real job, it eventually did work out. By being me, unapologetically. By being in that frequency of love and joy more and more and making decisions from love and joy rather than fear.


And what a journey it was! Doing the regular 9 to 5 job made my physically and mentally sick. Doing what I love and allowing myself to be who I am made me whole. Slowly, anxiety and depression transformed into to trust, self-love and groundedness. I learned a lot about healing and I believe this is what makes my work powerful. The lotus needs the mud to grow. My journey has made me compassionate and opened my eyes for the beauty that is around (and within) us in each moment. I want to make this world a better place and infuse all of my work with that intention. Beauty, grace, harmony.


I want to create art and music that is so beautiful that it reminds you of how beautiful you are.


Through the energy I weave into my channeled music & art, 

I invite you to remember the eternal you and the truth that you are, 

To courageously follow your heart, your truth, your intuition.

To remember your divinity.

To express yourself creatively and live a life in flow.

To see beyond limitations, illusions, let go of fears,

remember our home in the stars

and anchor it here, on earth:

The embodiment of

Love & Joy


My intuition has led me from Europe to Hawaii to New Zealand to heal myself and others. It has led me from being too scared to sing or speak in front of others to creating my own music and art and starting a Youtube Channel and inspiring people all over the world with my gifts. I am curious where it will lead you! 


  • Freelance artist for Camac Harps France (see pictures above)
  • Diploma in Fine Arts, Freie Kunstakademie Mannheim, Germany
  • Two year Graphic Design training course, Akademie für Kommunikation, Mannheim, Germany
  • Certificate in Applied Physiology of the Voice, Lichtenberger® Institute, Germany
  • Initiated as a Shamanic Practitioner of the lineage of Q'ero shamans by renowned Shaman Jon Rasmussen, teacher and graduate of the Healing the Light Body School through The Four Winds Society

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Carolin Nobles

Artist & Sound Healer

I do not claim to be a medical practitioner, nor do I promise to diagnose or cure any illness. You agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well being.