Who am I? And why are you here?

I am a passionate creatress madly in love with the diversity of self-expression, empowering people to live a life in alignment with their soul.


I love music, exotic instruments, art, design, crystals, earthy things, animals and planets, the island of Maui, Hawaii, my grey burmese cat Cairo; I am a real water-sign person and my life is intense, raw and authentic. It is not perfect but I embrace myself for who I am and I wish for you to embrace your uniqueness too.


You are so, so loved and special just as you are! And this is why you are here: To embody your true self and to share your gifts with the world. My sincere wish is that my music, art & being touches your heart and inspires you to trust in yourself and create a life in alignment with your soul. Because you deserve to enjoy this journey here on earth!


Much love, Carolin

About Soul Art

How I started channeling art

I hold a Diploma degree in Fine Arts but hadn't touched a pen since my graduation. My joy had been totally drained by the academic art world with it's do's and don'ts. So I stopped. I though I was done with art for good. And then things started happening ...


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About Sound Healing

How I lost and found my voice

This is my journey from being a shy little girl singing on a swingset to becoming a touring musician & teacher to following my calling as an intuitive singer and soundworker ...


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About Soul Guidance & Shamanic Healing

How I learned to embrace my shadow and heal myself

Dark night of the soul - I know what it is like. I have been there.

People told me to just think positive thoughts and get over it. But I found relief in another, unexpected way ...


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Art & Design

  • Freelance designer for Camac Harps France (see pictures below)
  • Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression - Point Zero Creative Painting Workshop (Michele Cassou)
  • Diploma in Fine Arts, Freie Kunstakademie Mannheim, Germany
  • Two year Graphic Design training course, Akademie für Kommunikation, Mannheim, Germany


  • Training course Applied Physiology of the Voice, Lichtenberger® Institute, Germany plus 10 years of 1:1 functional voice training in Rabine and Lichtenberger methods
  • 5 year background in bodywork (Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Alexander Technique)

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