Hey beautiful soul! I am Caro and I am a passionate creatress deeply in love with the diversity of self-expression, empowering people to live a life in alignment with their soul. I serve as a soul guide, shamanic practitioner, singer, sound healer and artist to create beauty and inspire people to embrace who they are and to use their unique gifts for the benefit of all.


I believe in the healing power of bold self-love and daring to be real - the raw, vulnerable and wonderful soul that you are! I have many passions which have one thing in common - they are about expressing myself and birthing something into this world that is bigger than me. So I flow with creating music, design and art, photography, videos and writings and I hope that my creations inspire you to express yourself as well - from your heart! 


If you distill all spiritual teachings into one sentence, it would be: "All you need is love." (The Beatles were so right!) Or: "Open your heart for yourself and others". And follow the guidance that it gives you for it is your sacred compass to navigates you through this human experience. Even when these nudges seem scary. 

My guidance has lead me from Germany, where I grew up and studied art, design and voice, to Hawaii, where I have been initiated as a sound healer to New Zealand where I have been trained as a shamanic practitioner and which is now my home base for further expansion. It has been quite a journey that has taught me so much that I am passionate to pass on! As an empath, I deeply feel what people are going through. And I believe in their innate strength to go through whatever they need to go through to grown and shine!


My own awakening journey and studies with powerful healers, teachers and shamans from all over the world have provided me with a broad base of understanding to offer you compassionate support on your journey. 


If you feel the calling to work with me, get in touch. I'd be honored to be your guide. 


Much love, Carolin

My healing journey: How I learned to embrace my shadow and become a shamanic practitioner

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My musical background: How I lost and found my voice

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My artistic background: How I started channeling art

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Music & Healing

  • Certificate in Applied Physiology of the Voice, Lichtenberger® Institute, Germany plus 10 years of 1:1 functional voice training in Rabine and Lichtenberger methods
  • 6 year background in bodywork (Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Alexander Technique)
  • Trained in Reiki, Reconnective Healing and other modalities
  • Initiated as a Shamanic Practitioner of the lineage of Q'ero shamans by renowned Shaman Jon Rasmussen, teacher and graduate of the Healing the Light Body School through The Four Winds Society

Art & Design

  • Freelance designer for Camac Harps France (see pictures below)
  • Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression - Point Zero Creative Painting Workshop (Michele Cassou)
  • Diploma in Fine Arts, Freie Kunstakademie Mannheim, Germany
  • Two year Graphic Design training course, Akademie für Kommunikation, Mannheim, Germany

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