Hey Beautiful Soul!


Suffering has been the reason that brought me on the spiritual path over twenty years ago.

Everything that was incredibly challenging has been my teacher.

So whatever you are going through, know there is a reason for it and it is here for your evolution and growth.


I have always loved creating things as a child.

I would sing, I would draw and write stories. And as an adult, I still love the same things, so after having my go at trying to fit into the regular world and a normal job,

I studied Fine Arts and Applied Physiology of the Voice.


What interests me is most is

the connection between music, art and healing / transformation.

How can we use music to deepen presence, relax and allow the body to regenerate and move towards vitality? How can art and beauty help us reconnect to our essence and show us the awe of life? So how do all these things tie together and help us to reconnect with our soul?


Intuitive singing / Intuitive music 

is a term I enjoy using. Being very present, very in the now moment and letting the music flow through you, bypassing the thinking mind. And for that purpose, singing in a fantasy language that has no meaning in words, but an intention that you give it - the intention of remembering wholeness.


The most important thing in my life is

being authentic and following my inner guidance,

that inner whisper that directs your life. Miracles can happen when you do that, when you really trust this way of being. The synchronicities that are happening on a daily basis are just such a wonderful confirmation of flow. Of a deeper intelligence orchestrating something way bigger than the small "me".


I see myself as an authenticity embassador. Making it okay to feel emotions and to be vulnerable and real about our human experience.

Can we be present with what is and fully allow it? Not make it wrong or fix it but be grateful to feel fully alive.


So here I am.

Sharing my gifts in the form of music and art and holding space.

All for the purpose of deepening presence and remembering wholeness.


I'd love you to get in touch with me, to see how I can support you!


Much love,




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