Hello beautiful soul!

  I'm Carolin! 

I am an artist, musician and sound healer,

creating custom painted vegan shaman drums 

for people all over the world. 

My creations, sharings and offerings are to support you on your journey

of authentic self expression, presence and remembering truth. 


Custom Painted Vegan Shaman Drums


I am honored to create shaman drums that spark joy and inspire people to use their voices, to move their bodies and reclaim what it means to be human. I create my own designs and do commissions. On this page you will find everything that is to know about my drums!

Shop: Drums & Art Prints


In my shop you will find my available drums, as well as art prints of some of my most popular artworks. 

Sound Healing


If you find joy and value in what I create, and desire to contribute and support me, please feel free to donate. Thank you so much for your love and appreciation! 


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