Hello Beautiful Soul!

I'm Caro! I am an intuitive artist and musician, following my heart, living by inner guidance. 


I have many passions, yet the most important thing in my life is my inner connection to spirit. The alive relationship with myself, and feeling at home in my body. Because spirit isn't just a thing sitting on a fluffy cloud up there, we are spirit and it lives in us. In our bodies. In the earth. In all things. That energy, that spark infuses whatever I do, gives it its true meaning and makes it sacred.


I enjoy bringing more beauty and art to this world. More real authentic expression. Singing, creating art and wonderful tools for healing! Writing and expressing myself! Being divine and a beautiful human mess sometimes. Embracing it all and dancing the dance, being fully alive! Doing what I feel inspired to moment by moment.

I don't plan in that sense, I follow guidance and trust that I know what I need to know when I need to know.


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Drum Art

Custom Painted Shaman Drums



Remember who you are

 Be the creator you came to be

Be you, unapologetically





Custom painted shaman drums that make a lovely decoration for your wall AND love to be played - 

let me create the drum of your dreams!



Music to soothe your soul


Discover beautiful music and sound healing recordings to reconnect with your soul!

Intuitive Music

Harp & Voice

Harp & Voice


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