Hello Beautiful Soul!

Listening to the voice within

Following its trails

Trusting - Embarking on the path of the heart

What would love do?



I'm Caro!

I am an artist and musician, following my heart.

I have many passions: Writing and expressing myself, creating art, exploring different musical instruments and uploading inspiring video content on Youtube.


My wish is that through my presence, I touch your heart and inspire you to be your true self. 

To me, my connection to God, this infinite loving presence is the centre of my life.

Making decisions based on love, not fear. Following inner guidance and not what the world tells me what I "should" be doing. I want to be authentic and real. All of it is sacred. All of this beautiful, messy journey here on Earth.


I hope to bring more beauty and art to this world. Music that touches the soul. Reminders for companions on the path. I do what I am guided to do.


I share my musings, inspiration and wisdom unconditionally and freely with everyone who is drawn to it.

If you'd like to show your appreciation for my work,

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Remember who you are


Be the creator you came to be

Be the difference you want to see

Be you, unapologetically


Much love


Custom Painted Shaman Drums


Custom painted shaman drums - let me create the drum of your dreams!

Sound Healing


Discover beautiful music and sound healing recordings to reconnect with your soul!

Music to soothe your soul

Intuitive Music

Harp & Voice

Harp & Voice

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