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Sound Healing Journey at CendrineS | 12.11.2017 | 7 - 8.30 pm | Johnsonville, Wellington, NZ

 Awaken your true voice - Vocal Empowerment Workshop at CendrineS | 25.11.2017 | 5.30 - 7.30 pm | Johnsonville


Sing Your Song. Embody Your Truth.

Sound Healing & Intuitive Guidance

Hey beautiful soul! Do you know what's amazing?

YOU! The real, raw, vulnerable, authentic you! Behind a mask of old beliefs, "should's" and "shouldn'ts", there is who you truly are and what your heart desires. Magic happens once you get in touch with that. Because expressing and embodying your truth is deeply healing and liberating. It is living in alignment with your soul.


This is an invitation to become YOU - the wild, wonderful soul that you already are. 

There is NOTHING wrong with you. You are worthy, beautiful and loved in endless ways.

You don't have to figure it out all on your own. You deserve compassionate and empowering support. You deserve to be seen, heard and supported by someone who "gets it". 


I help you reconnect with your soul, your joy, your purpose. I invite you to own your voice and embody your truth. I empower you to step out of you comfort zone, embrace your shadow, shine your light and share your gifts with the world. Let's do this together - I'd be honored to be your guide! 

What people had to say about their sessions:

"Carolin embodies a very strong presence, light and touching awareness. In our session, I felt truly seen by her. She has travelled this journey deeply within herself, and is capable of guiding others through the thresholds of their life." 

— Nicole Hemmer, MA Transformational Life Coach

"Speaking with Carolin is just like having a clear, straightforward view into the depths of your own heart. She is truly gifted as a seer of truth and vision. No matter what you are experiencing, it's acknowledged and honored, sifted and clarified beyond any potential you could have imagined before." 

— Kimberly, USA

"A professional and gifted healer with a strong connection to source energy."

— Malcolm Wilson, Co-Creator Inner Transitions Hypnoenergetics 

"Carolin did some powerful tracking and dreaming that was very significant and important for my journey, and then she helped to clear and redirect with her beautiful medicine song that she created to heal the situation and bring in my ideal destiny."  

  Shaman Jon Rasmussen, USA | 

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I see your beautiful soul's light in the darkness

That woman told me what she is going through and with each word, I loved her more. I saw myself in her. I know this well, beloved soul. Oh, I know your pain. I know this. So brave you are. Last night ...

I am sorry for your pain - A letter from your higher self

“I know it sucks to make this experience, but what if bad was actually good from a higher perspective? What if you were not here to have a big mission but to embody love, as much as possible? Let ...

A gift. A loss. A journey.

I know this experience has come here to serve me, teach me and shape me even more beautifully than ever before. 

It feels like I have lost everything that I deeply cared for, but the truth is, I was set free. I have gained myself. What I ...

The Poetry of Light and Dark

Special Edition - Physical CD & extras

13 original songs celtic harp & voice, including a 16-page booklet + beautiful extras. >>learn more

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