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March (date coming soon) 2018 6-7.30pm Kilbirnie, Wellington, NZ 

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Hey beautiful soul! Do you know what is amazing?

YOU! The real, raw, vulnerable you! You are creativity, flow, wildness and beauty. 

You are perfectly beautiful with ALL of your aspects. Be unapologetically the wild & wise soul that you are! 

As a sound healer, intuitive guide and mentor I help you reconnect with your soul and open your heart. 

From there, you can dream your ideal destiny into being! 


Much love, Carolin

How May I Serve You?

Sound is powerful.
It quiets the mind and opens your heart. 
It clears energy blocks so that your body can heal itself. 
It creates space where there before was stress and clutter. 
It entrains your whole system back to harmony. 

I strongly believe that sound, infused with loving intention and unconditional presence

is the medicine of the future! Discover what it can do for you!

Sound Healing Sessions

Sound Medicine for your soul - wherever you are on this beautiful planet! Receive your personal recording of channeled healing songs to open your heart and bring stagnant emotions into flow - listen to it over & over again, whenever you desire to. 


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Soul Guidance Sessions

Do you feel overwhelmed or stuck on your path? This modality helps you reconnect with your soul and get you back into alignment with your inner guidance. You deserve compassionate and empowering support to get you through your challenges to create what you desire.  


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Testimonials from the Heart

"Carolin did some powerful tracking and dreaming that was very significant and important for my journey, and then she helped to clear and redirect with her beautiful medicine song that she created to heal the situation and bring in my ideal destiny."


 — Shaman Jon Rasmussen, USA |   

"Carolin embodies a very strong presence, light and touching awareness. In our session, I felt truly seen by her. She has travelled this journey deeply within herself, and is capable of guiding others through the thresholds of their life."


— Nicole Hemmer, Transformational Life Coach |

"When Caro sings she steps aside to give the essence of her soul room. Her body is the vehicle and the energies that flow through her, and which she transforms with her voice, are simply unbelievable! Incredibly healing and beautiful to listen to - as if you are transferred through time and space."


 — Anja Kirchner, Germany

"I could feel my spine and all my upper chakras buzzing and tingling, radiating like so strongly.

It was one of the most amazing feelings I have ever experienced. Your voice is SO powerful!"


 — Robin, Sweden

CD - The Poetry of Light and Dark

13 original songs celtic harp & voice, including a 16-page booklet + beautiful extras (or digital download)


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