Divine soul & beautiful mess: An earth angel travelling Europe, sharing authentic inspiration and songs

Hey Beautiful Soul!

Does that sound familiar? It's time to tell your story and you don't know what to write as you could weave many stories about yourself. I have, as my life has been intense and there is lots to say. But what matters most right now is my longing to be my true self, to live from my heart and to express my truth so others may go in resonance with their own. Our planet needs it, more than ever.


I am a travelling earth angel, visiting people and places in Europe where I am needed. I am following my souls calling, I listen to my guidance that gently whispers the next step into my ear. And then, there suddenly is magic and synchronicities happen on a near daily basis. I am blessed to touch so many hearts as I keep writing on Facebook and sharing videos on Youtube - because I dare to share both light and shadow aspects of being a divine soul and a beautiful human mess.

I invite you to be authentic and vulnerable - because this creates a whole new level of connection - something we modern humans are craving more than ever. We want more real, less fake. So to attract our tribe, we gotta show ourselves more real, less fake. And I get that this is scary, and I have my own fears and struggles too, but I keep going anyway. 


Following my soul no matter what isn't a safe or easy path. No outer safety or stability but the trust in my mission and kind people supporting me on this path as they knew the worth of this work. I do not even have a home anymore, though I would love to find a new one in the process of traveling through Europe. I know something was calling me here, from New Zealand... and I followed that call, no matter how hard it was to let go of a country that I love.

Here in Europe, I see myself creating music & art, singing for people, and telling stories of my journeys. I want to share my message online, in person... And who knows what else life has in store for me. I am here to serve. And I trust that the universe supports me in this.


My wish is that through my work and being, I touch people's hearts, remind them of their true nature so they can live in alignment with their soul. Let's be more REAL. And embrace our divine souls AND beautiful human mess.


If you feel a resonance and would like to share something with me, Get in touch!


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I am not just here for myself. I am here to serve.

And I trust that the universe supports me with that.


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