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Hello beautiful soul! I am Caro - an intuitive singer-soundworker, empath and creative spirit based in Wellington, New Zealand. I explore the world by singing, writing, taking photos and recording videos and follow my inner guidance wherever it leads me. Music is my passion and I am especially drawn to the power of our voice and the healing qualities of music. 


I receive songs that deeply touch peoples hearts. You'd like to use your voice as well? Please do so! I believe that everybody who can speak can sing and it is a powerful way of expressing and healing yourself and your emotions. Start where you are! You do not have to be perfect. Authentic is beautiful. Embrace yourself with all your beautiful imperfections!

I created this website to inspire you and share my journey with you. It is a fascinating path for sure, expressing yourself vulnerably and loving yourself more gently and deeply than ever before. Together, let's make this world a more truthful and loving place.

Intuitive Singing - Music & Tutorial VIdeos



A gift

To the world

Your existence is already enough

You are worthy

You are

A feeling with the burning desire to break free

A secret that wants to be shared 

A tale that wants to be told

A story that wants to unfold 

You want to be retold



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