Hey Beautiful Soul!

I'm Caro,

an artist and sound healer, following my heart.

I am also a renaissance soul - a person with many passions:

Writing, painting, photography, exploring different instruments and creating video content on Youtube.

 My wish is that through my presence, I touch your heart and inspire you to live your truth as well.


On this page

you will find an abundance of information and sound healings to support you on your journey.

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"Your voice is your gift Caro, and it IS deeply healing, harmonizing and magical. You are angelic, and carry the rays of the angelic light within your being that is transmitted through your vocal expression. Thank you for your medicine. The world needs it. ❤ ❤ ❤"


 Nicole Hemmer, Canada | Transformational Life Coach at www.nicolehemmer.com

What would you like to explore?

Light Code Drums

Hand painted shaman drums infused with light codes




Sound Healing

Beautiful music and sound healing recordings to soothe your soul! 

Let me create a sound healing recording uniquely for you!

Information & Tutorials

Read more about different sound healing instruments!

Want to get creative? Learn how to paint your own shaman drum! 

What is light language / light codes and how to connect with it?

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Thank you from my heart!