Hey Beautiful Soul!

I am Carolin, an artist and sound healer based in Wellington, New Zealand. I create custom painted artworks (mostly on shaman drums) and light language transmission songs for people all over the planet. Through my creations & musings, I want to inspire & empower you to reconnect with your true nature and live in alignment with your soul.


I want to create art and music that is so beautiful that it reminds you of how beautiful you are.


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Custom Painted Shaman Drums

Unique. Hand painted. Vegan.

How would it feel like to have a drum uniquely created just for you?

Relaxing music

"Your voice is your gift Caro, and it IS deeply healing, harmonizing and magical. You are angelic, and carry the rays of the angelic light within your being that is transmitted through your vocal expression. Thank you for your medicine. The world needs it. ❤ ❤ ❤"


 Nicole Hemmer, Canada | Transformational Life Coach at www.nicolehemmer.com


Sound Healing


New Light Language Sound Healing Album coming soon! 

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Carolin Nobles

Artist & Sound Healer in Wellington, New Zealand

I do not claim to be a medical practitioner, nor do I promise to diagnose or cure any illness. You agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well being.