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Energy exchange

Single Skype Session 150 USD/hr | Any combination of vocal empowerment coaching, spiritual guidance, awaken the healer within - wherever you feel called to explore, we will go!


3 Sessions 350 USD | Let's go deeper and explore further together. 

3 coaching sessions for the discounted rate of 116$ each.


6 Sessions 595 USD | Let me be guide you through your process - Let's commit, dive deep and really make some magic.

6 discounted coaching sessions for the rate of 99$ each.


Sound Healing Recordings 200 USD


My services help your transform your life! Feel free to donate from the heart! Some kind souls want to give more and send donations and this helps me open a few slots for people who can afford less. 

If money is the only reason that keeps you from working with me, please reach out and name your price. Let's find a way to make this work. 


Support someone in need!

Your donation allows me to help people who cannot afford my services but are in need of healing.

Thank you so much for your support. What comes around goes around.


Do you teach how to play the celtic harp?

I no longer offer harp lessons, but I am happy to support you via a coaching session on how to connect with your heart to receive intuitive music, cultivate self-love and compassion, ease performance anxiety, support you on how to become a sound healer etc. I just won't teach basics, patterns and songs on harp anymore.


Here is a collection of harp teachers who work via Skype and offer playing harp by ear (some also offer reading sheet music as well):


Harp Teachers (Skype)

  • Christy-Lyn is a harpist and singer and also has a popular Youtube Channel - check her out, she is a really kind and fun person who plays both celtic and pedal harp.
  • Harriet Earis is well known in Europe for her stunning lever harp skills and does a lot of Skype lessons. I have met her on a harp festival and she is such a radiant joyful being - always laughing!
  • Tiffany Schaefer teaching playing irish / celtic tunes by ear. She also has a Youtube channel.
  • Gloria Galante is a professor at West Chester University. She teaches harp by ear and music theory using Skype. She is a metaphysical harp teacher who also does sound healing. (Don’t know her personally)

Harp Online Courses (with Feedback)

  • Harp-School Évi Simon and Sylvana Labeyrie teach by ear via Skype. They arrange pieces on the level of the students to play what they love. The students can book their lessons on an interactive calendar.
  • Hands on Harps offer an online course suitable for complete beginners. They teach mostly via the traditional "show and copy" way that an apprentice would have learned from a master, supplemented with the chance to get feedback on your playing by uploading videos.

Fragen zur Harfe? (German)


Carolin Nobles

113 Duncan Terrace | Wellington 6022

New Zealand



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Your donation allows me to help people who cannot afford my services but are in need of healing. Thank you so much for your support. What comes around goes around.

I do not claim to be a medical practitioner, nor do I promise to diagnose or cure any illness. You agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well being.