Custom Painted Shaman Drums FAQ

What is the difference between a shaman drum and a frame drum?

What are shaman drums?

Shaman drums are drums with a cross handle at the back and they produce a warm deep bass sound. They are played with a mallet and no musical knowledge is needed to play them. 95% of people who get in touch with me want a shaman drum for the easy of playing and for use in ceremony and shamanic work. On my Youtube channel, you will see me playing shaman drums!


What are frame drums?

They are drums without a cross handle and are not played with a mallet, but with the hands. They require more of a technique to learn how to play different strokes. You can still play them with a mallet, just they will not sound as deep as a shaman drum.

Do you offer commissions?


What do the symbols on your drums mean?

During the creation process, I infuse the drums with healing energies and intention.


Most of my drum motifs come with a golden ring of codes. Many people call these "light codes / light language". They do not have a meaning in words, but are understood with the heart. They represent universal beauty, harmony and love.

What is the sound difference between a 16 and a 14 inch Remo Buffalo drum?

Each drum sounds a little bit different in sound but so you get a general idea about the sound:

16inch vs 14inch.mp3
MP3 Audio File 1.4 MB

How to hang a drum on the wall?

I just put a nail in the wall and hang the drum on it, just like a canvas. Just make sure you put it in a quiet corner, where there aren't kids or pets around to bump into it.

Is there a mallet included with your shaman drums?

Yes, each shaman drum comes with a hand painted mallet. 

Where to buy a bag for my shaman drum?

I use the Meinl 16 inch frame drum bag, it fits my drums perfectly and has an additional little back pocket to store the mallet. It is well padded, good quality of a german brand and the logo can be painted over with a black marker for clothes or one can put a patch over it to decorate it and make it personal.


Another bag you can use is the 16" Remo hand drum bag, this is more readily available in the US. Both bags are just fine. I personally prefer the Meinl because of the little extra pocket but other than that they are both well made.


The other option is to go on Etsy and have a look for someone who creates a frame drum bag in the fitting size (in my case, it is 16 inch / 40cm). The bag should be 2cm bigger than the drum so it fits nicely. So a bag for a 40cm drum should be just a bit bigger than 40cm.

When in doubt, ask the seller what size will fit as you need the inner size and it is sometimes not clear if the bag size is 40cm or if the bag is for a 40cm drum. 

How long does it take you to paint a drum?

It depends on my schedule and I will give you an estimate if you need it. Usually less than 4 weeks.

Do you paint other drums?

I only paint my own Remo Buffalo and Fiberskyn Drums. I do not paint leather hide.

Do you paint other sizes than 16 inch?

I also offer 14 and 22 inch sizes on special request.

Can I ship in my own drum for you to paint?

If you are inside the EU and you are wanting to send in your unpainted Remo Buffalo drum for me to paint, then yes. In all other cases: No. 

Does the paint hold up? Are the drums waterproof?

Each drum is painted with acrylic paints and then varnished with artist quality UV varnish so it is sealed and the paint protected. It will be fine in a drizze, I would however still not jump in the pool with the drum or let it get soaked wet in the rain. If it does get wet or moist, I would recommend to wipe it dry before you put it back in the bag. Just common sense like you would do with any musical instrument.

Are they suitable for sweat lodge use?

No. The drum itself and the paint are fine. But the high temperature might change the tension of the drum skin.

What material are your vegan drums?

The material is a synthetic material called Fibreskyn and is made by the company REMO. I do buy the "raw" drums from Remo, so I am not making the drums myself, but I paint them.

Remo keep their material a secret, so I cannot really say anything else about it.

What shaman drums do you use?


My painted drums are Buffalo drums from REMO. You can order those "raw" drums with the logo at Amazon, Thomann or other online shops. (I cover up the logo with my Molotow markers).


What is a synthetic drum?

A drum that does not use animal skin - so it has a synthetic skin! Just google Remo and you find them anywhere worldwide. They are quite famous as they hold their tune no matter the weather and are easy to travel with and make good instruments for outdoor use. Plus they sound good!


Advantages of a synthetic drum:

  • holds tuning outdoors very well
  • ideal for traveling: no biosecurity problems when flying to other countries
  • vegan


What materials do you use for painting your drums?

I use acrylic paint, acrylic markers and acrylish varnish to seal them off at the end. The brand of markers and varnish is MOLOTOW. The markers are called ONE4ALL and I use them in 2mm. (I now also use Posca markers, they have a bit different colors.)


If you want to paint a regular skin drum, you can also use henna (henna does not work on fake skin and vegan drums like Remo). Please google henna for drum painting, I am not experienced in this. Or you can use acrylics for that as well, as long as the drum skin is not treated / oiled. Ask your provider about this.

I have also seen people use oil colors to paint drums, but again, no personal experience as I choose acrylics as they dry fast and are water-based. For more info and a step by step tutorial, visit:


If you find joy and value in what I create, and desire to contribute and support me, please feel free to donate. Thank you so much for your love and appreciation!

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