Do you give harp lessons? Can you recommend a harp teacher?

I no longer give harp lessons as I have decided to fully commit to my work as a sound healer and soul guide. 

In the >>Harp FAQ you will find a list of teachers to support you.


Plus for more support, I encourage you to join one of the Facebook Groups about Celtic Harp or a Celtic Harp Internet Forum. There you will find people who are on the same track and are happy to help you out.

What is the language you sing in?

I have the ability to receive songs from spirit. I sing in an ancient language beyond meaning of words. Some people call it light language. You may call it whatever you are comfortable with. 

Your heart will understand. It is all about the vibration of the sounds, stripped of any meaning. Songs without story. You can fully focus on your own inner landscapes.

Koshi, Sansula & Shaman Drum

Koshi and koshi stand - Where can I buy the beautiful gong stand you use?

Koshi Chimes I bought my koshi chimes from various sources. Just google and find the closest retailer. One source worth mentioning is Hokema, they also sell other sound healing instruments like the Sansula:



Koshi Gong Stand This is the official website of the company that builds them - Studio Gong: http://www.gongstands.eu/en


Ebay This is the ebay listing where I bought the gong stand on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Solider-Buchholz-Koshistander-40-cm-NEU-GSTP-40K-Harmonie-/332022503063?hash=item4d4e155697:g:MtAAAOSwImRYHEy0


DIY You can also use any gong stand and just add the 4 hooks for the koshi. Or start from scratch and build your own - or ask a local carpenter to give you a hand.

What type of Sansula should I get? Basic, Renaissance or Deluxe?

There are three kinds of Sansula - Basic, Renaissance and Deluxe. What is the difference?

  • Basic has a rather fragile membrane that breaks easily if you drop it - so only get that if you are really sure you are careful with it - definitely not for children.
  • Renaissance comes with a more sturdy membrane that is unaffected by weather changes as it is an artificially made membrane. My choice.
  • Deluxe is goat skin and tuneable - I do not feel that the sound difference is that big to be worth the extra price. However, it looks most beautiful in my opinion.

So, I own a Renaissance Sansula and think it is the best choice for most people. You can order them directly from Hokema https://www.hokema.de/en in a variety of different tunings with a bag and an aditonal tuning hammer. There is a variety of tunings for this instrument and I use Heavenly A.

What shaman drum do you use and where can I buy it?

The shaman drum I use is a special modern variation. It is tuned with air (pneumatic pitch control). You tune it with a simple bike pump.

I ordered two of these drums from Germany http://www.davidromandrums.com/eng/site01.htm -you do need some patience if you want one of these and live overseas.

However, they sound stunning and are very well made. I did start with a cheaper drum from Thomann and it was not nearly as resonant and strong in tone as this one. You get what you pay for. These drums are around 200-300 Euro, depending on size.

Shruti Box M1 - where to buy?

A little company in Wales, UK makes stunning high quality Shruti boxes. They also supply bowring foot pedals, so you can play guitar AND Shruti at the same time for example - pretty nifty. I am not aware of any other source that provides such well made instruments of this kind.


The Shruti boxes from India are not always good quality or exact in tuning and when you want to play together with other instruments, this can become a problem.


The Shruti Box M1 is a small and portable instrument (about 2,6kg) that can be used for yoga, kirtan, or meditative music sessions. For sound healing, I personally find the sound of instruments like the shruti or harmonium too intense. This is why I didn't keep it.




Thank you so much for your support. What comes around goes around.

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