Create your own drum!

Materials you will need to paint your drum:

  • Remo Buffalo Drum or Remo Fiberskyn Frame Drum (You can also paint animal skin this way but it is important to make sure the drum skin has not been oiled, so check in with the maker of the drum!)
  • Pencil, eraser, sharpener
  • Paper in the size of your drum - for a 16" drum you need A2 or glue smaller papers together
  • Optional: Compasses and ruler to measure your design if you go for something symmetrical
  • Carbon Tracing Paper in black for a white drum and in white or yellow for tracing on a darker color
  • Masking tape or washi tape to mask areas you do not want to spray (for the Remo Frame Drum rim for example) and to fixate your template onto the drum
  • Acrylic paint with a good lightfastness rate or Acrylic Markers (I use Molotow Acrylic Markers)
  • Acrylic varnish (I use Molotow UV Acrylic Varnish Matte - make sure your varnish is compatible with your paint or markers - ask in art store and do test runs!)
  • Brushes in different sizes
  • Paper towels or tissues to mask head of mallets for spraying

The painting process step by step

  1. The first pic shows the Molotow One4All marker colors that I have. You can also mix your own colors but I haven't tried that yet.
  2. Plan your design and create a template on paper.
  3. Fixate template on your drumhead and trace with tracing paper. You can also directly draw on it with pencil or paint it if you feel brave.
  4. Remove template and start coloring with Acrylic markers or paint.
  5. Let it dry. If you have lots of different colors, let one color dry before you apply the next so they do not run into each other. A hair dryer can help speed this process up.
  6. If you paint a Remo Framedrum mask the wooden rim with masking tape as you do not want spray on that part. If you paint a Remo drum, no masking needed. For painting the mallets, cover the heads, as you do not want spray on them.
  7. Go outdoors and spray a thin coat of varnish on your drum. Follow spraying instructions in the bottle.
  8. Let it dry. Then remove masking tape.
  9. Celebrate your awesomeness and do a shamanic journey to meet the spirit of your drum, sage it and get to know it. Jay! Step out into the world with confidence and serve for the benefit of all! :)


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