Your Song

Receive your personal sound healing!


What Your Personal Sound Healing can do for you:

  • Opens your heart and reminds you of your true nature
  • Deepens the connection to your soul
  • Gives you comfort, strength and clarity for your soul path
  • Calms down your nervous system and brings frozen emotions into flow
  • Supports you in releasing what no longer serves you
  • Gives you a feeling of being held and nurtured in a loving, healing field
  • Provides you with a song you can come back to anytime anywhere, plunging into its healing energies whenever you desire to


Energy exchange

The regular price for this is 100€ / 120 USD

If this is challenging for you, I offer you to pay what feels right in your heart that suits your financial situation. Equally so, if you would like to donate more, feel free to do so.

How does it work? How to order?

  1. Get in touch with your intention and what you would like support with. A few sentences are enough for me to tune in.
  2. Send your payment through the Paypal button.
  3. I then will record a healing song just for you and send you the download link via email. Download it to your computer or phone. The length is about 5 to 8 minutes and there is a spoken introduction for you - unless you desire to just have a song without intro (let me know). Listen to it as often as you are guided to. Perhaps you want to use it before or after your daily meditation. Or twice a day, when you start and end your day. 

Time frame:

When will you receive your song? Usually, I will receive your song in a few days, but this depends on my schedule. Sometimes it can take longer. Usually within 1-2 weeks. Many people find that it comes through at the perfect time when it is most needed.



Give thanks & send me a love offering!

If you find joy and value in what I create, and desire to contribute and support me, please feel free to donate. With your donation you will help me move forward with my music and projects. Thank you so much for your love and appreciation!

Stay in touch!

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