Sonic Alchemy - Your Song

Receive your personal sound healing!


What Your Personal Sound Healing can do for you:

  • Opens your heart and reminds you of your true nature
  • Deepens the connection to your soul
  • Gives you comfort, strength and clarity for your soul path
  • Calms down your nervous system and brings frozen emotions into flow
  • Supports you in releasing what no longer serves you
  • Gives you a feeling of being held and nurtured in a loving, healing field
  • Provides you with a song you can come back to anytime anywhere, plunging into its healing energies whenever you desire to


Get in touch with your intention, affirmations, specific words or the theme you would like to have in your song!

Energy exchange


155€ / 175 USD


If this is challenging for you, please reach out with what amount you would be comfortable giving. I am offering a limited amount of slots per month for a reduced price for those who need it.

How does it work? How to order?

  1. Get in touch with your intention and what you would like support with. A few sentences are enough for me to tune in. Songs can be done in light language, english or a mix of both. The standard would be light language, but english or mix can be done on request. If you would like a certain affirmation, sentence or expression to be included, please let me know. 
  2. Send your payment through the Paypal button.
  3. I then will record a healing song just for you. The length is about 5 to 8 minutes and there is a spoken introduction for you - unless you desire to just have a song without intro (let me know). Listen to it as often as you are guided to. Perhaps you want to use it before or after your daily meditation. Or to help you wind down from the day to fall asleep.

Time frame:

When will you receive your song? Usually, I will receive your song in a few days, but this depends on my schedule. Sometimes it can take longer. Usually within 1-2 weeks. Many people find that it comes through at the perfect time when it is most needed.



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