Words of Wisdom

Reminders on the way of the heart

When you know you are on your path


When you know you are on your path

There is this fire burning inside of you

There is crystal clarity


When you know, you know

You become single-minded

You become infused with passion

You are lit up by the love of your own soul

So much gratitude for life

For what has brought you here, to this


And even on days when you flame is dimmed down a bit

There still is that flame, that spark

It keeps burning

It keeps sustaining you

It doesn't go away


Thoughts come and go

What ifs come and go

Fears come and go


But underneath that surface layer of emotional weather

There is still that deep primal yes

That knowing


You are on fire

You are on your path

And you will keep on going

One step at a time

You will not let go

You will not give up

You trust deeply in your soul


You know who you are

When you know you are on your path

Remembering Wholeness

I want to speak with you about the golden light, the healing plane

The loving soothing embrace of the universe, God

The healing powers of that golden light are immense, way more potent than physical interventions

Physical therapies can help you relax, be a bit calmer and more ready to work with the golden astral healing plane

That plane is God, the divine intelligence, endless possibilities

Try not to get overly fixated on diet, movement, even the psyche

They play their role in priming you for the golden light but are not it


Whatever helps you relax and feel love and peace to go there, follow that

Follow what you are magnetized to, called by

A joyful, beautiful expansion

Shadows will be pointed out here too, gentle, with utmost love and care, held and soothed, released and then peace will fill their place

This is very different from digging in the dark muddy places when not held in the golden light while doing it


Your willingness is important

Your openness and respect

Do you sincerely open yourself, wholeheartedly want the transformation?

With meditation, with your whole heart, thirst for doing it, embracing it

Halfheartedness and doubt can give you just that experience

You need true sincere yearning


What we need is love

More love, not less

Loving the human, loving the ego, loving the resistance, loving it all

But it is not us loving it. The ego does not need to love

The love of God is already loving it for us! We just rejoice in that, what is already happening

Focus on the good, the beautiful, the bright, the golden light, the eternal healing well


Do not focus on triggering trauma work or pushing or anything difficult. The hard challenge path is another path and for some well suited, but when disconnect happens easily, this furthers the disconnect and makes the path incredibly difficult. Why go the hard route? Go the easiest route. And from the peak, build what you want to build, gather strength if you wish, but get to the peak of the mountain first.


Through the softness, nonresistance, blocks will be cleared, shadows will be illuminated,

but from a kind, gentle, safe place

Sometimes, assertiveness will be called for, this is not going against that

But overall, it can be summed up with this:

Connect with the golden light, the creator and feel you are held by that, you are part of that, you are that

Separation is the illusion, and nightmare

Relax. Let go.

Sometimes, doing absolutely nothing is the way, until an impulse arises.

Sitting with what is, in a loving embrace.

It will show you your shadows, gently. It will show you those areas, when you have the desire and willingness to see.


This is your path. Not everyones path. You need to trust in your very own path, your guidance, what you are magnetized by, and your heart. What calls you, what speaks to you, what inspires you. What do you want to dance and play with? What do you desire?

Love leads the way. Joy leads the way.

We do not push darkness away, we embrace it for the scared child it is but we also do not dwell on it or seek it out.

We go to the golden light, the healing fountain.


Peace is needed to enter that gate. Love, gentleness, soothing, joyful, supportive, feminine.

Then when established in the golden light, we can add the masculine aspects, which are part of life. But they can make the resistance and ego fixation even stronger. So go to the light the feminine way, the surrender path. And once the link is established and the souls power comes through, add the masculine energies too.


Do not worry so much about the right supplements or medications or movements or treatments, therapies.... the strongest healing power on earth and the universe is love, the golden light, the source that has created you.

Life is incredibly intelligent and that force that made you is the solution to anything you need. 

Learn to relax and tap back into that fountain of health and wellbeing.


All problems are one problem, a disconnect from source. Source has eternal healing powers.

Fears will say: “What if I can't get to source, what if I need something other than source.”

Everything is a manifestation of source but they are not directly it, they are not the pure original source energy. Go to the source. Drink from the source well.

Don't worry if you are too soft, too passive. Go this route: Soft, gentle, feminine embrace. Let yourself fall through the bottom of that hole. Accept, surrender. Surrender with love. Always love needs to be there. That holding loving energy.


You need to trust that golden healing light.

Once you know how to daily drink from there, to daily be held in love and embrace, all things will fall into place.

It is an inner path. It is not about what outer action to take. That inner path, learn to drink from the source. It has all the answers for you, all the healing, all the wisdom.


The ego does not have to die. Just believing you are a separate ego and not connected to everything else.

There is still an ego. Still a sense of me, I. But you know it is not the ultimate truth. You know God is always with you. Around you, it is you. You are love. You are the golden light.


Do not move from fear. From "I need to move elsewhere. I need to get a job. I need to find the perfect solution.... or something terrible is gonna happen."

Make connecting with the golden healing light your absolute focus. Your true nourishment. Your true source. All actions come from love and inspiration and joy. Not from forcing and pushing.


Love helps. Uplifting books help. People help, even medications to calm you help.

Not harsh, intense. Soft gentle soothing. Trauma healing is useful as it helps you relax. Yes don't stop there. It goes way beyond trauma, and trauma healing does not offer awakening BUT it opens the door to relaxation which then helps you open up to awakening. Otherwise the trauma keeps you locked down and constricted and it makes it even harder to surrender.


To sum it up:


Love, relax, breathe.

Witness what is.

Be sincere in wanting God only. Love only. While allowing what emotional weather shows itself.

Be open, trusting, willing, grateful, with all of your heart, all of your yearning, yearn for Heaven.

Connect with the golden healing light.

Surrender. Be with what is. Give up the fight of resistance.

The golden healing light has everything you need.

All answers come from there. All inspirations come from there. Not from frantic inner chatter. The true answers come from the true place. The golden light.

True help does not come from the earth, or from things from the earth. It comes from God. But it is expressed by God through things and people. But the difference is that you seek answers in God and not in the world. A seeming paradox. 


Awakening is a dance between love and fear, and establishing your home in love.

The disconnect is fear. You need to reconnect with love.


Whatever helps you relax, feel safe, held, loved, do that. It is the next step to open to the golden light.

From there, naturally the masculine power will be added.

Actions flow effortlessly. Yin and yang and in balance.

Do not doubt or think the path has to be hard and painful and you have to dig deep into the shadows and do painful healing work. These are just fears and programmings. 

Everything can be done gently with love holding you as you do it, and it will ease the path and gently wash away those blocks. It is only difficult because you disconnect yourself from love. But love is always there.

In the golden light, speak with your body, with Jesus, the guides, visualize yourself healthy, sing ohm. Whatever resonates.


Do not skip the steps, drop them when they are absolutely no longer needed. There is a time one no longer goes to the source but becomes the source. A walking healing light.


It is not per se about "healing" but "unity with the golden field"

Returning to your true nature

Returning to embodying love


The true reason for illness is fear. A fall out of Heaven. Separation.

The remedy is love and care. Like a child, it needs love to learn and grow, over and over again until the day it can connect to source and no longer needs the love and care of the parents.

So there will be a phase where it is needed to be held and loved repeatedly until one can do it oneself.

And find the true nourishment, which is Source. Not anything outside, or people, but Source can express itself through these.




Meditation 1:

Expand from the centre of your body, create a spaciousness in your being, as if you are expanding into the infinity of the universe.

Let that space be filled with liquid golden light. Let that light permeate everything. Everything is a sea of golden light and you are that light. A healing field. Returning to that source energy.

You may imagine Jesus holding you in the golden light, divine support. Stay there for as long as you wish.


Ask the kundalini energy if it is okay to move through your spine, up the back, down the front. Do not force it but invite it. Play with it. Let it move as it moves. Circle that energy through your system.


Meditation 2:

Notice what you feel in your energetic body.

Notice what shows itself to you. You might not always need to look at the block directly, but what is happening in the areas around it, above or below.

For example, a block in the throat, look at the head and the heart/belly. Communicate with those areas. Listen. Let them show you.

Just witness, without forcing anything. See if something wants to move on its own.



And maybe another time you want to write about your experience, or intuitively paint it.

Why are you here?

In the midst of all the chaos and the small and big details of life, ask yourself what truly matters to you.

Why are you here?

What do you truly want? Beyond what you should want.

What is it that your heart desires? 

Imagine sitting at your death bed. What matters now?

Imagine having one more day to live? What matters now?

Imagine being dead and looking back on your life? What do you wish you did?

And it isn’t so much about achievements, but about HOW you do life.

How much you are present.

Do you tell the people you love that you love them? Do you feel alive?

Is there enough space for play in your life?

And what truly matters? Is it a career and lots of money? Or is it something else?

Caring for each other? Doing small things for others? Treating yourself?

Enjoying life? Taking it less seriously?

Your heart knows the answers. Go there.


Do not get swept away by drama, by fear, by suffering….

Yes, those feelings are okay. But know, that ultimately none of this can truly harm you.

Remember who you are.

Remember you are safe.

Remember it is a dream, nothing more.

Your soul cannot be harmed.

Your body can, yes.

But not your soul.

No enemies. Nobody can harm you.

You are doing it to yourself as part of the play.

Acknowledge emotions but know…

You are safe.


It is all pointless…

Yes! And see how liberating it is.

You are here to make experiences. And you are doing that. You cannot fail as in each moment you are learning and experiencing something!

So what are you doing here on earth?

Does it matter? You choose.

Remember the little things. A hug. The smell of fresh lilac. Roses. Hot chocolate. The eyes of a child.

Dancing at night. Feeling, being alive. Supporting others, and loving yourself.


Is the flower achieving a big life goal? Or does she just bloom and that is enough?

We are obsessed with achievements and doing and yet, being is important too.

Finding balance. Resting the weary hands of the workers in the mothers lap.

We need action and we need nourishment. We need silence and sound.



You are

You are

A gift

To me, 

to the world

Your existence 

is already enough

You are worthy

You are

A feeling with the burning desire to break free

A secret that wants to be shared

A tale that wants to be told

A story that wants to unfold

You want to be retold



Already enough

I no longer feel like there is 

the need for a mission.

I am already enough, 

just radiating 

my unique frequency 

out into the cosmos. 

Everything crumbles 

and falls way 

and is replaced 

with a peace

that permeates everything. 

I sat on top of the hill 

watching the sunset.

Just breathing 

and wondering 

why would one be so busy 

and run through life, 

chasing things 

when what you truly enjoy 

is having time 

to watch the birds 

sing songs of sweet love 

and the trees 

tell stories of 

how it feels to be alive? 


The calm in the storm

The bigger perspective on things

There is chaos, turmoil 

At the same time there is peace, aliveness

You can go back and forth

Explore the storm in the calm 

And the calm in the storm


Exploring sensations

There are moments when I explore contrast

to the sweet nectar of life

My little world might shrink, contact

My sky might be full of clouds and storms

A call for love

I’m observing the inner landscapes

A tightness in the heart and solarplexus area

A warm red tension at the back of my head

Cold shaky hands

I name these visitors

I welcome them, let them be

Emotions, sensations come and go

No need to go into the story of what it means

No need to go into future or past

Just feel them, express them, release them

Holding loving space of what is

Being the space that holds it all



Challenges arising 

But it is okay 

from a space of love 

and being with the indecisiveness. 

Holding the question 

and the questioner in love. 

Things will clear up. 

I will know what to do 

I will be guided.

Words to speak to yourself:

“I am with you and I love you. 

Now, I am here for you, in the midst of this. 

I love you exactly as you are. 

You are so brave, strong and beautiful. 

This too like everything else, will pass. 

This too, like everything else is the essence of life 

and you are exactly where you need to be.”


Painting your life

Painting your life

Sometimes, life is like a blank canvas. 

And the brush is asking you: 

What do you want to create? 

And you say: “I don’t know.” 

I am overwhelmed with the possibilities.

If everything was possible, what would I go for?

There is this vast world, 

and this can lead to an overwhelm. 

What if you start painting and realize, 

you want to paint something else? 

Keep going so you don’t “waste” paint and time?

What if I told you that you cannot mess up? 

That it is about the journey?

You paint and sometimes, 

you finish that painting. 

And then you start another one. 

Or you stop in the middle, 

put that canvas away and start fresh. 

All of this is your journey as a creator. 

It is not about painting the ultimate painting 

but following your instinct in that moment. 

It is not that serious, really. 

Open up, beautiful. Laugh. Love. Dance. 

Can you feel how blessed you are? 

You have materials to paint! 

You can always create and recreate.

So what do you want? 

Is it clear? 

Are you overwhelmed? 

Are you indecisive? 

Let it be. 

Become still. 

Connect with your heart and listen. 

What does your soul tell you?

And then you start… it starts with a knowing. 


A gentle stroke. 

And another. 

And then blue. 

And there you go with the flow of creation. 

You don’t need to know 

what exactly is the end point. 

Sometimes you will know 

and then paint your way there. 

And sometimes, you just follow 

your brushes own intelligence 

that is connected to the universe.

So, beautiful, let’s paint fully. 

Let’s not hold back. 

Let’s play creators. 

Cause we are creators!


30 seconds

When things are difficult:

Can you do just 30 more seconds?

Not another day, or week, or year? Just 30 seconds?

You might find, yes. You can.

And then another 30 seconds.

And another.

Everything true comes through the heart

Everything true comes through the heart. 

It is love that heals. 

A loving presence deeply permeates it all 

without judgement, 

pushing anything away or trying to fix it. 

Simply love. 

Holding space is one of the biggest gifts 

we can give to another.

I see you. I acknowledge your pain. 

I acknowledge my own pain that I encounter 

by holding your space. 

Because at the core, we are one being 

connected by invisible divine threads.

By holding space for each other, 

we are being brave and facing the shadow, 

the messy, raw humanness. 

On a soul level, everything is perfect and divine, 

yet we are also human. 

Grounded spirituality encompasses it all. 

The pain, the joy, the sorrow, the beauty. 

I want to open up even more, 

feel even deeper. 

I want to be raw and real. 

I long for truth. 

It really is so simple, yet so profound. 

Everything true comes through the heart!


I am what I am looking for

Waking up just beaming with love. 

I feel it inside my body. 

This love isn’t about another person. 

It is about me and loving myself. 

Me as discovering myself as a container for love. 

A tool for love. 

Bathing in love. 

This is what I have been looking for. 

This love, felt in my body, held and enjoyed.

It never was about anything out there, or anyone out there.

Nothing to do, nowhere to go. 

Nothing to prove. 

It is so simple. 

Just wake up to the love that you are 

and be love in each moment, 

in each transaction, wherever you are. 

It is all so perfect from this state, 

from this way of seeing and feeling. 

Only love is real. 

I can feel this now.


For me

Everything here is for me. 

Created by me. 

Nothing is here to get me. 

But to support my return to God. 


Feeling this. 

Mind. Blown.

Not reading it, but 


I see you

I see you in your beauty

In your totality

I see you in your beauty

And it touches my heart

And it makes me want to break 

Open to you

Open to me

Open to us and a new way of intimacy

On the level of soul

Like it's never been before

Do you remember me?

Do you see all of me?

Do you see all of you?

Do you want to go beyond?

Beyond the veils of illusion 

And all the strange and twisted ways 

That sometimes play out?

I dare to open my heart

I dare to risk it all

I stand before you

Not knowing what you see

Not knowing what will be

And I trust in you

In a strange and strong and strange way

As I have no reason to

Says my past and says the one

Who doesn't know a thing

Come and play with me some more

In the dark I'd say but now I'm done with that

And are you done with that to?

And the light is touching us

And it enters through the wound

That heals

I had the strangest thought

I thought I was a body floating on a rock in space and time

And I had the strangest dream

I'd lay it all behind 

I'd unite with the one that I've always been


Allow yourself to be loved

"You are tired?

Ask yourself this: 

Am I allowing myself to be filled up by the Creator?

Can I relax deeply into the moment 

knowing that all is perfectly fine, 

despite the turbulences on the outer levels? 

Can I feel this deep peace 

that is the backdrop of all experiences?

Let yourself be nourished. 

It is right there with you, 

at your fingertips, 

radiating from your heart to your body."

A new day

Another day. 

A new chance to realign 

with who you truly are.

A new day to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

Another moment to choose love, to choose hope, beauty, strength.

To be vigilant of what thoughts are creeping in. 

You do not have to believe them.

Another day to realize you are powerful, 

beautiful and free.

You are the creator.

You are who you are looking for.



I am grateful for my partner leaving me. 

I am grateful for all the lessons. 

It taught me to root deeper into myself, 

to become intimate with my own being and God. 

All those things that aren't pleasant for the human self, 

they are honey for the soul, 

honey of transformation and growth. 

I see now that I wanted it. 

Not on the human level, but on the soul level. 

I wanted experiences. I wanted to know what it is like. 

I wanted to be a character in a movie and experience myself. 

All experiences are equal. 

I feel countless incarnations or parallel lives 

are just different experiences playing out.

At the moment, I am sitting in from of my computer, 

content with how it is. 

That I am loved by God, no matter what is going on. 

There still might be lots of lessons to learn 

but there is this joy that is untouched by any of that. 

So, different layers. 

One layer of "Ahhhh what is going on" 

and one layer of "Relax. All is well." 

Both at the same time. Quite the experience.

I am grateful.


Just being

There is another current. 

What if none of that was necessary? 

What if you didn't have to offer anything, 

heal anyone, leave no legacy behind? 

What if you were the masterpiece, 

the artwork you have been dreaming about? 

What if this moment was enough. 

What if you were enough?

Just being... one breath at a time. 

One loving heartbeat at a time. 

One moment of sadness at a time. 

One moment of joy at a time. 

Knowing who you are...

Doing from inspired action.

Resting in beingness.

The shamans blessing

How slow can you move?

With how much grace can you move?

With how much love can you do each movement?

How much movement is necessary?

With how much love can you meet each person and do each task?

Meditate as if there is no outside world because there isn’t.

Live your life in silence, slowness and build a calm foundation. 

From there, enter the world of forms and sounds.

Replenish in silence.


All Words + Photography by Carolin Nobles


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