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-Words of Wisdom-



I intend to share some of my writings, my musings and contemplations and answers from spirit. I love calling them "words of wisdom", like that line from the Beatles song "Let it be".

Let's see what I will add here later... 


Much love!


Why are you here?


Why are you here?

In the midst of all the chaos and the small and big details of life, ask yourself what truly matters to you. Why are you here? What do you truly want? Beyond what you should want.

What is it that your heart desires? 

Imagine sitting at your death bed. What matters now?

Imagine having one more day to live? What matters now?

Imagine being dead and looking back on your life? What do you wish you did?

And it isn’t so much about achievements, but about HOW you do life.

How much you are present. Do you tell the people you love that you love them? Do you feel alive?

Is there enough space for play in your life?

And what truly matters? Is it a career and lots of money? Or is it something else?

Caring for each other? Doing small things for others? Treating yourself? Enjoying life? Taking it less seriously?

Your heart knows the answers. Go there.


Do not get swept away by drama, by fear, by suffering….

Yes, those feelings are okay. But know, that ultimately none of this can truly harm you.

Remember who you are.

Remember you are safe.

Remember it is a dream, nothing more.

Your soul cannot be harmed.

Your body can, yes.

But not your soul.

No enemies. Nobody can harm you.

You are doing it to yourself as part of the play.

Acknowledge emotions but know…

You are safe.


It is all pointless…

Yes! And see how liberating it is.

You are here to make experiences. And you are doing that. You cannot fail as in each moment you are learning and experiencing something!

So what are you doing here on earth?

Does it matter? You choose.

Remember the little things. A hug. The smell of fresh lilac. Roses. Hot chocolate. The eyes of a child.

Dancing at night. Feeling, being alive. Supporting others, and loving yourself.


Is the flower achieving a big life goal? Or does she just bloom and that is enough?

We are obsessed with achievements and doing and yet, being is important too.

Finding balance. Resting the weary hands of the workers in the mothers lap.

We need action and we need nourishment. We need silence and sound.



Photographs by Carolin Nobles


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