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Celtic Harp & Voice

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Sound Healing

Healing Voice | Celtic Harp | Koshi Chimes | Native Flute | Singing Bowls | Shaman Drum & more

For sound healing, I use my own language. It is all about the vibration of the sounds, stripped of any meaning. I enjoy that, songs without story. You can fully focus on your own inner landscapes.

Intuitive Singing


Everything true comes through the heart. It is love that heals. A loving presence deeply permeates it all without judgement, pushing anything away or trying to fix it. Simply love. Holding space is one of the biggest gifts we can give to another.

I see you. I acknowledge your pain. I acknowledge my own pain that I encounter by holding your space. Because at the core, we are one being connected by invisible divine threads.

To those of you who are having encounters with spirits / guides and are not quit sure what this is, if it is real and if they are crazy and what to do with those insights from other dimensions… this video is for you! I am talking about my own experiences with spirit and how it literally saved my life plus give you some guidance around that topic. 

I had always felt there is more to life than just money and career but also I was shielding myself from “weird” spiritual stuff because I grew up in a material world, only trusting my senses and science… And at some point, I crashed because my true self didn’t want to be suppressed any longer and everything had to change.

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