Client love


"Carolin embodies a very strong presence, light and touching awareness. In our session, I felt truly seen by her. All the veils, masks and constructs around me dissolved in the light of true presence. I feel that her soul is here on this Earth to assist others in true presencing, expressing their authentic truth and reclaiming their soul voice. I felt like she is a portal into the beauty of death, where what wasn’t able to disintegrate on its own, became undone in her presence. Something was transformed within in the process. She reminded me gently of the beauty of disintegration, and the portal of death as a rebirthing of the new. I know how to live fiercely and passionately, yet what I needed support with that I didn’t even realize at the time, was support in dying fully, and allowing this inner death to happen. Carolin supported me with this, through her own unmasked presence and rawness and truth she embodies. The gates of death open to the beauty of life, and it is in dying that we can fully resurrect even more fully into our Essential Being. She has travelled this journey deeply within herself, and is capable of guiding others through the thresholds of their life. Thank you Caro, this session was deeply transformative and your authentic being touches me."


~ Nicole, Canada

"I had a skype coaching session with Carolin. When we connected I was in quite a state mentally and emotionally, going through another layer of the dark night of the soul. I knew I wasn't crazy, but things were intense and I felt stuck and overwhelmed. I was in need of support, a "hand to hold". Reading her website I knew Carolin too had traveled a path deep within and would understand. And Carolin "held my hand" in a very caring, open and anchored way. Straight away I felt at ease with my sharing. And for the first time I opened up and shared about something that I have been living with for a very long time yet too ashamed and scared to reach out to anyone before. This was big. Like this weight and stress had been lifted as I wasn't hiding nor trying to cover up the perceived "flaw" around her. I could just be me in it all, feeling totally accepted by Carolin because she could see me, not how I was seeing me. As the session went on I could feel myself becoming more grounded in my self and a feeling of coming from a place of strength. The overwhelm dissipated. I also gained a deeper understanding of what was happening within which was empowering. Carolin held space in a very calm, gentle and grounded way. I am very grateful for having Carolin's "hand to hold"."


- Natasha, New Zealand

"Speaking with Carolin is just like having a clear, straightforward view into the depths of your own heart. She is truly gifted as a seer of truth and vision. No matter what you are experiencing, it's acknowledged and honored, sifted and clarified beyond any potential you could have imagined before. Thank you, Caro for your soft, yet direct approach and for the beautiful vision and ability to hold compassion, space and the essence of loving kindness and service."


- Kimberly, USA

"Omg Caro!!! I just listened to my song that you created for me and I am blown away. Something happened. My whole energybody realigned.

I could feel my spine and all my upper chakras buzzing and tingling, radiating like so strongly. It was one of the most amazing feelings I have ever experienced. My head and upper spine is still vibrating very palpably. Your voice is SO powerful!"


-Robin, Sweden

"Carolin did some powerful tracking and dreaming that was very significant and important for my journey, and then she helped to clear and redirect with her beautiful medicine song that she created to heal the situation and bring in my ideal destiny."  


— Shaman Jon Rasmussen, USA |

"I spent the evening with Carolin, going for a magical walk in a magical place and she allowed me to have the space and time to “let it all out”. She didn’t interfere, she didn’t tell me how I should feel, she didn’t get freaked out when I started bawling my eyes out. She just let me process and talk. Then when she did speak it was like she was speaking to my soul. What a beautiful person with such a beautiful gift to channel such divine wisdom and truth. Super grateful to have you in my life."


— Renae Williams, NZ

"What thrills me is the approach of letting things happen, or in other words, non-intervention. It is fascinating to see what happens, when you only perceive what is there.

Caro's wonderful intuition guided and accompanied me, and she was also spot on, what supportive measures could help me. In my opinion I couldn't sing. But it only took a couple of tries, and I was amazed at what fantastic sounds I was able to produce."


— Lena

"I feel truly blessed to have been able to experience both a 1:1 intuitive singing training session with Caro, as well as her sound healing work within a group. The first time I heard her channeled sound healing songs, I felt like I was transported to another dimension, one of pure relaxation and peace. It was just so peaceful. During the 1:1 intuitive singing session, Caro was gentle and encouraging. She created a safe space where I could really open up and use my voice. The next day I felt like my body had cleansed and detoxified. Caro has an incredible gift, and I recommend her gifts for anyone who wants to transcend this third dimensional reality to open up to a place of divine expression."


— Melissa, New Zealand -

"I first had the experience of Caro’s sound healing abilities in early 2016. Not having experienced sound healing, I had no expectation, although I was aware Caro was a very gifted musician.

What astounded me was the immediacy of Caro’s voice. I chose to lay comfortably on the floor and within seconds found myself unable to physically move. It was a surprisingly intense yet not unpleasant experience as I felt Caro’s energy connect with the energy of the room and my body become a conduit. I felt the energy of the space move through me and clear, not only a spirit from the room that needed to move on, but negative energies and blocks within me. 

Afterwards, I felt completely cleansed.

I later received recordings of other sound healings. Each was bespoke and different. Some light and ethereal, some intense. All were exactly what was required at the time.

I believe Caro’s sound healings should and will be experienced be a large number of people in a wide number of settings. I believe it is her destiny and gift to share this with the world.

I recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone who is looking for a professional and gifted healer with a strong connection to source energy."


— Malcolm Wilson


Inner Transitions Hypnoenergetics

"An embrace from the universe


Caro's gift is a fascinating and important gift to us all. When she sings I can see how she steps aside to give the essence of her soul room. Her body is the vehicle and the energies that flow through her, and which she transforms with her voice, are simply unbelievable! Incredibly healing and beautiful to listen to - as if you are transferred through time and space.


The age-old fear of showing myself to the world as a healer/shaman/intuitive woman was grounded in the very fabric of my very cells. My soul was suffering from so much anxiety and old wounds, that it took me a long time to find my true strength. I hoped that Caro would be able to transform the old energy within me. And she did!

Without needing many words, Caro understood me from the very beginning. She wanted to know what I was concerned about, and what I wanted. During the entire process I felt secure and understood. What I particularly valued was also the great space and framework; I had time to let everything take affect on me.


Caro's singing and the instruments she played moved my deeply and went straight to my heart. It was (and still is) as if the universe were saying, "Hey, I can see you. I am there for you." The entire process - from our first contact up to after the recording - was a long and warm embrace from the universe - transmitted through Caro. Even several weeks later, I keep listening to the recording and discovering new aspects and new point of views. Since then peace has returned to my life. Day by day I can see how my fears dissipate and everything become much easier and smoother for me. I will order a Song from Caro in the future again and again! It is a fascinating healing method, als old as humanity itself, and has such a deep effect, that it can guide you back to your own inner source.

Dear Caro, thank you for your loving work and your courage to walk along this ancient new path. All the best for you! With love from my heart, Anja"


— Anja, Germany

"I can honestly say this is the best energy exchange I've ever had. I will cherish this for the rest of my earthly journey :) The shamanic drum is reminiscent of how my teacher would play it in ceremony, and it immediately brought me to happy tears. The whole journey was divine. I can't wait to listen again this evening before I sleep. And your words were wonderful too - I deeply resonate with more play, more grace, more nourishment. And the reminder that I have everything I need is very sacred.  Plus the beauty of death of course! My favorite.

Your voice is such a special instrument - even when you speak, the wisdom and soulfulness is on the ready. And when you sing, it's an infinite well. I would be honored to share your work with the medicine tribe; I will feature you in an upcoming newsletter if that's OK. I absolutely adore your gift. So happy we connected!

Thank you so much for this amazing song love, Kat"


— Tina Kat Courtney, Founder AfterLife Coaching

"Your voice is your gift Caro, and it IS deeply healing, harmonizing and magical. You are angelic, and carry the rays of the angelic light within your being that is transmitted through your vocal expression. Felt the need to write you and tell you this. I love you soul sister. Angelic sister. Thank you for your medicine. The world needs it. ❤ ❤ ❤"


— Nicole Hemmer, Canada - Transformational Life Coach

"Your song for me is sooo beautiful Caro! Thank you so much! I'm in tears now, feeling loved and supported. Feels like this is my birthday present for me a few days early! Even before you started singing I had goosebumps all over my body and the thought of you connecting with my energy and receiving this music for me gave me a really wonderful feeling. It was a combination of being loved, held, cared for, blessed. It has strenghtened my connection to myself and everything around me as well as my trust in myself. I feel supported and guided."


— Melanie H., Germany

"My experience of Caro's channeled sound healing and tones was one of the most soothing ever! They are perfectly aligned with the frequency required to bring about a greater sense of ease and peace throughout my being, and subsequently, healing throughout my physical body. The great care and loving attitude with which the tones are brought forth and presented is comforting. From deep in my heart, so much love <3" 


— Kim, USA

"Hi Caro! Just heard my song! So very beautiful! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Your introduction before the song, really got me into the space you were introducing me to, and setting the perfect space for the song to begin. I felt really joyous listening to the song, and I felt you really caught the spirit of who I am. I am dealing with some health problems that has been going on for a long time, and have felt really dragged down and depressed/sad about it lately. Listening to the song connected me to who I am without these problems. I saw myself dancing within light. LOVE my song!"


— Ditte Petersen, Denmark

"It was so beautyful to receive my own song. It came at a time where I was energetically struggling with something and my song immediately soothed me and gave me a strong sense of feeling held and loved. I feel like I will get back to it again and again and just sink into its sounds and healing energies."


— Malina Uth

"Caro, I  just wanted to express my gratitude!! I took a hike through the snowed in Forrest, sat on a bench and listened to this powerful recording! Wow with the planes as well was such a powerful sign of overcoming obstacles, had me in tears and gave me the confirmation to keep pushing through. Also interesting that nz is the land of the white cloud, didn't know that so when I heard you sing it to me it meant land of light / love / heaven on earth, like my mission is to bring this light to others and that all I have to do is let myself be welcomed by it, allow it in, so I can pass it on."


— Stephanie O., Germany

"By doing the simple and effective exercises to perceive my voice, I was able to remember that in fact I had a courageous voice, that likes to make itself shown when not under pressure and my voice can be free and playful. In addition it was a wonderful and new experience to concentrate on my own perception and feel what felt right, rather than concentrating on how other people see you. I am curious to concentrate and experiment relaxing with my expression, showing myself, so that I can feel comfortable in unusual situations."


— Alexandra

"Yesterday's sound healing event was absolutely amazing! The sound of Caro's voice lifted my vibrational frequency to a new level of high nothing short of magical. With the resonating sounds also came a name 'Shashi' -my ex and complete healing was channelled by Caro. Bless you my friend you have a wonderful gift! I recommend all to have this wonderful experience!"


— Nela, New Zealand -

"Within a short time, I had the feeling that I was able to experience my voice in a totally new way, without having to force it. This experience was simply great and it went beyond just my voice. Caro's tips, and the entire experience, were very encouraging on so many levels, and I can only recommend Caro's sessions!"


— Melanie S.

MORE client love

Hello Carolin,

There is too much synchronicity to explain here for how I came across you today (initially on YouTube from a search I did on "healing harp")...but since you are clearly a priestess of the New Earth sharing your authentic self, you know that this is more about the "feeling" of YES than anything else. So, words will not (and appropriately should not) suffice here. Just a heartfelt Thank You from Minnesota in the US. Your radiance was a beacon for me today and a beautiful affirmation that I am on my path..and how using my harp is meant to be a part of the healing work I am bringing forth...for the benefit of humanity and our mother earth at this most magical time! Your frequency of Love is felt and touching others...KNOW THIS! (I suspect you already do but just wanted to reflect that back to you SiStar!) With warmest gratitude and love, respect and deepest honor for your journey. Blessings!

"Hi Carolin,

I just wanted to thank you for all your remarkable insights at such a young age and your diligence in recorder so many informative and inspiring videos. Since discovering your website and listening to every single video about harp, I have bought a travel lever harp and started learning with a very to personal journeying and playing healing harp for people I care for at work one day. I am also struck by your insights and wisdom regarding spirituality, music, nature, meditation, etc. I just wanted to say thanks. You can't imagine how much you and your website has helped me. I love your affinity for sound, music, nature, colour, photography, design: so many aspects resonate for me. All the best. Kirsty"

"Dear Caro,

I am writing to thank you for your help!  We have never met but I came across your work by chance on the internet.  My voice is my life's work and I have been an opera singer for 15 years of it.  Like you, performance and the life that went with it didn't make me happy.  I am the most content playing my crystal bowl and opening my heart and singing - my own language!  I teach singing and use sound healing in all of my sessions but I couldn't quite find my direction.  After seeing you advertise your Intuitive Singing Lessons - a bright light shone inside....I channel like you in my sound meditations and hadn't thought of a way I could make this more accessible on a 1:1.  I would like to thank you for helping me.  You have a beautiful voice and soul.  Heartfelt love and blessings to you, Anne x"

"Everything about you, dear Carolin, is SOOOOOO beautiful, your presence, your grace, your vitality and refreshing innocence. And this whole video is just stunning, as is your beautiful voice. Very, very well done, my friend. So inspired!! Thank you, from my heart, for revealing such loveliness." - Robin E.

"Hi Carolin!

Watching your videos on youtube, It's so inspiring to hear about your journey with music! I'm just about to finally buy my own harp and start playing this instrument that I have been dreaming to play for a long time now. Going back and forth in my mind about whether it's possible to do this at almost 30 I feel really empowered by your videos and gentle, down to earth energy. Now I'm just going to follow my highest excitement and bravely try new things! I just wanted to say thank you. Warm regards, Isabelle from Sweden"

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