“And as you, as the soul — the individual divine spark — begins to choose to withdraw the attention, to withdraw the value you have placed upon all things, and as you learn to simplify the nature of your own consciousness, as you begin to realize that you can surrender into something that seems beyond you, that you can entertain the insane thought of trusting the invisible, you come more and more to be less and less. And as you become less and less of what you thought you were, conversely, you become more and more of what your Father created you to be — the Thought of Perfect Love in form, a channel, a simple vehicle through which that “Love of Spirit can shine forth. And your only task becomes the cleaning of your windows, the polishing of your floors, the weeding of your garden, so that that Light can pour forth unimpeded.” 


—The Way of The Heart by Jayem

Intro - My connection to Spirit | Words of Wisdom

I started hearing this inner voice since the beginning of my spiritual journey, which was around the year 2000. For a few years, I was torn between the comfort it gave me and the fear of being crazy. So I decided to ignore it. However, I had it reenter my life in 2006 when the suffering of not living in alignment with my soul was so great, that I was at the edge of committing suicide. Listening and communicating with this voice on a daily basis is what showed me how to make decisions based on love, instead of fear. It connected me with a deeper wisdom and truth than my mind could provide for me.


But there is nothing special about me. Anyone can potentially do this - tune in with their higher wisdom, spirit, source, God, higher self, however they want to call it. Being connected and one with our True Self, in harmony with nature and each other.


When I asked the voice for a name, I received the answer that names and labels are irrelevant, I am just channeling or translating a frequency and can give this any name that is comfortable to me. It is nothing "out there", but the deeper part of me that is connected to all that is. It is my true self and natural state.

And as I was still looking for a proper title or name, for some reason, I kept hearing the line from the Beatles Song "Let it be":


"When I find myself in times of trouble

Mother Mary comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom

Let it be"


And so I named it after that, and it felt fun. Just simply "Words of Wisdom". I kept hearing and seeing this, so why not just follow that. The short form is WoW. How fitting. Wow. Expressing the awe of the divine making its home within me. Oh wow, look at these words that came through. I am humbled and in awe.


I invite you to go beyond the labels and feel with your heart if you go into resonance or not. If this inspires love, beauty and harmony, kindness, grace in you. That is its only purpose, beyond the words. To help you tune back into your own divine frequency where you find your own answers.




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