Sound Healing

This is a collection of sound healing recordings I was guided by spirit to make accessible to everyone.

May these bring you inner peace and help you reconnect with your true nature.


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Studio Albums

Inner Journey

"Inner Journey" is a studio album created with you in mind. I wanted you to be able to relax, open your heart and reconnect with your true nature, beyond words or stories. I sing in a language that does not have meaning but is understood with the heart as frequency. Simply let yourself be carried away by the beautiful soundscapes that I weave for you with my voice, crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes and Native American flutes.

  • 10 tracks, 47 minutes of deeply relaxing healing music in "light language" (intuitive singing) 


Suggested donation: 10-20€

If you want to direct download this album from my page via donation, click here. Alternatively, you can buy this and other CD downloads from Bandcamp.

The Poetry of Light and Dark

This album was recorded in a studio in the woods in Northern Germany in 2016. Technically, this is not a sound healing recording but some relaxing folk-pop music with a hint of celtic melodies that has supported many people with calming down and finding inner peace.

  • 13 tracks, 52 minutes of harp and voice music in english language

Suggested donation: 10-20€

Donation based download: Click here for a dropbox download. Alternatively, you can buy this and other CD downloads from Bandcamp.

Sound Healing Sessions

Inatia - Harp & Voice - 13 min Sound Healing Session
Harp & Voice Sound Healing.mp3
MP3 Audio File 15.0 MB

This sound healing session invites you to take time for yourself at the beginning or end of the day. Reconnect back with your essence. Harp & Voice plus spoken word introduction.

Love & Joy - 48 min Sound Healing Session
Love & Joy - Sound Healing Session.mp3
MP3 Audio File 55.3 MB

Experience the power of a long deluxe sound healing session at the comfort of your own home! 48 minutes of harp, voice (spoken word guidance and light language songs), koshi chimes, sansula, flutes & more.


Suggested donation: 25€

Love & Joy - 7 min Sound Healing Session (short version)
sound healing Love & Joy meditation + mu
MP3 Audio File 8.0 MB

This is the mini-version of the Love and Joy Sound Healing recording. Suitable if you do not have time to do the full session.


Suggested donation: 5€

Celtic Harp Instrumentals

These beautiful yet simple and elegant songs were recorded in the beautiful windy capital Wellingon, New Zealand.

Carolin Nobles - Atmosphere | Celtic Har
MP3 Audio File 6.6 MB
Silver Fern
Carolin Nobles - Silver Fern (Wellington
MP3 Audio File 4.4 MB
Carolin Nobles - Ether (Wellington, New
MP3 Audio File 3.5 MB

Light Language Transmissions

Celtic Harp & Voice

Celtic harp fused with intuitive singing in light language! Enjoy these powerful yet soothing sound healing transmissions recorded in Wellingon, New Zealand.

Inatia | Koori | Sun - 20 min Harp & Voice
Carolin Nobles - Inatia | Koori |
MP3 Audio File 23.4 MB
Rete no sua
Rete no Sua | Celtic Harp & Voice.mp3
MP3 Audio File 4.5 MB
Carolin Nobles - HiNo - Harp & Voice Sou
MP3 Audio File 4.9 MB
Koori Harp & Voice Sound Healing.mp3
MP3 Audio File 8.3 MB

Crystal Singing Bowls & Voice

Peace Aotearoa
A sound healing transmission recorded for world peace after the events in New Zealand in 2019.
Peace Aotearoa Singing Bowls + Voice.mp3
MP3 Audio File 10.3 MB

Koshi and Voice

Kayuna HaNa
Koshi and Light Language
Singing with Aqua Koshi Kayuna Ha Na.mp3
MP3 Audio File 4.8 MB

Monochord and Voice

Monochord & Voice
mastered by Massimo Floris
monochord and voice 2.wav
Wave Audio File 35.3 MB

Video Playlist

Sound Healing & Intuitive Music Playlist

A lot of soothing and healing music in one place! This Youtube Playlist has currently about 70 videos. Navigate it by clicking on the little navigation button on the right upper corner to go to the video you wish to see.

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