21/03/2019 NEW SOUND HEALING ALBUM OUT NOW (Digital Release)

Beautiful soul! "Inner Journey" was created with you in mind. I wanted you to be able to relax, open your heart and reconnect with your true nature, beyond words or stories. 

So I sing in a language that does not have meaning but is understood with the heart as frequency.

Simply let yourself be carried away by the beautiful soundscapes that I weave for you with my voice, crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes and Native American flutes.

  • 10 tracks, 47 minutes of deeply relaxing healing music in light language

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"Just purchased and downloaded. Goosebumps all over as I listened ❤️ The song Faya felt like a long lost memory coming back and Ocean Cathedral took me flying. Beautiful! Thank you so much for this beautiful and powerful medicine!" - Teresa R.


Your Healing Song

Receive a channeled healing song in light language created just for you! 

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Recorded Sound Healing Session

"Love & Joy" Experience the power of a sound healing session at the comfort of your own home! 50 minutes of harp, voice (spoken word guidance and light language songs), koshi chimes, sansula, flutes & more. MP3 Download.


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Celtic Harp & Voice CD

13 original compositions for celtic harp and voice. Music to soothe your soul (in english language).


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Carolin Nobles

Artist & Sound Healer


I do not claim to be a medical practitioner, nor do I promise to diagnose or cure any illness. You agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well being.