Sound healing sessions Wellington, NZ

I work with source energy and sound to create a healing field for body, mind and soul.


A sound healing session

  • opens your heart and reminds you of your true nature
  • helps you connect to the blueprint of your soul where all is well
  • brings you comfort, strength and clarity for your soul path
  • supports you in releasing what no longer serves you 


This session is an invitation for you to dive deep into the essence of your being. You already hold the key to your own transformation, to your own healing! In fact, you are already perfect and whole! The field I create helps you to enter the state where the mind is quiet and you can connect with your essence, your soul. It is a deeply nourishing and transforming experience.  


I sing with healing intentions for you while you are either sitting or laying down in a comfortable position. Besides my voice, I also use other instruments like koshi chimes, singing bowls, native american flute, guitar and others.


There is nothing you need to do. Just relax. Simply be open for healing and enjoy your experience. 


Sessions are held in Wellington, New Zealand


120 $/hr



  "The first time I heard Caros channeled sound healing songs, I felt like I was transported to another dimension, one of pure relaxation and peace. It was just so peaceful."


— Melissa

"Your voice is your gift Caro, and it IS deeply healing, harmonizing and magical. You are angelic, and carry the rays of the angelic light within your being that is transmitted through your vocal expression. Felt the need to write you and tell you this. I love you soul sister. Angelic sister. Thank you for your medicine. The world needs it. ❤ ❤ ❤"


— Nicole Hemmer, Transformational Life Coach

"Yesterday's sound healing was absolutely amazing! The sound of Caro's voice lifted my vibrational frequency to a new level of high nothing short of magical. With the resonating sounds complete healing was channelled by Caro. I recommend all to have this wonderful experience!"


— Nela



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Your donation allows me to help people who cannot afford my services but are in need of healing. Thank you so much for your support. What comes around goes around.

I do not claim to be a medical practitioner, nor do I promise to diagnose or cure any illness. You agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well being.