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Soul Guidance for your Online Presence (Website, Facebook, Video) - (Part of the Mentorship Program)

Who would you like to be? What would you like to create? How do you want to show yourself to the world? What is blocking and holding you back to be totally and unapologetically you, the wild wise soul that you are? 


I empower you to get clarity with all these little nagging questions in your head in regards of building or improving your own website. My specialty as an artist, graphic designer and intuitive energy healer is the look, feel and energy of your online-presence. 


I have the ability to read the energy flow of websites which helps make unconscious patterns and beliefs visible to clear them. A lot of times, we tend to get lost in our heads about the physical world, about what we should and have to do, what would be successful, what others do… and forget about the most important component, which is the world of energy and listening to your heart - the powerful source of your own answers. 

I help you cut through the noise, return to presence, alignment and clarity again and step into the role of the deliberate co-creator of your vision.


A lot of this work is about self-love and compassion, about accepting yourself with all of your aspects, connecting to your heart and trusting your own innate wisdom to guide you.

What I don’t do

  • I do not program websites for you. I am not the wordpress geek who will just magically pull you a new website out of the sleeve. (I could do this via Jimdo, the web builder software I use for my own website, but I find it much cooler to empower you to be able to edit your website anytime you want without needing to get back to me!) 
  • I also don’t offer technical support - this is something your Wix / Jimdo / Squarespace provider or a web designer can assist you with.

This is what you get:

  • FINDING YOUR TRUTH & WHAT FEELS GOOD I guide you back from your head into your heart where you find YOUR answers, your unique path. Because you have a mission here, something amazing to share and the way to share that with the world is as unique as you are. There is not just one way how things have to be done. There is a way that feels good and true to you and the answers to accessing that are within you. 
  • AUTHENTIC DESIGN CONSULTING I give you design ideas and solutions how to structure your website, what images to use, I give you advice on style and colors and find out with you who you want to be on your online presence so it feels right. I am passionate about bringing out your authentic self and seeing you shine!
  • EMOTIONAL SUPPORT & ENERGY WORK I listen to you and what arises for you - which also includes the fears, doubts, the stuckness, the overwhelm. I help you center, realign with your soul and clear your energy. Imagine me as your website-midwife who assists your birthing process. All of your aspects are welcome and held in a safe space. From there, we explore what would feel light and good for you.
  • ACCESS YOUR FLOW & DO THE NEXT DOABLE STEP We find what is the next step that is doable for you and not overwhelming - because I know well that we can easily slip into self-sabotage concepts if we feel we are taking on too much at once. So trust in yourself and the flow that carries you through this. 
  • VIDEO-COURAGE-BOOST I love making videos and I’d love you to discover that you can do it too! Youtube and Facebook Videos are powerful tools to build community and get people to know you and what you do. I answer your questions on this topic and give you valuable advice while putting the focus on taking actions in alignment with your soul.

All of this is a dialogue. Nothing will be forced. I am so done with the old way of working hard and pushing - we are in a new time now and can allow things to happen with ease and grace. Whenever I have allowed my soul to guide me, synchronicities and magic has happened to a degree I could not have planned it.


Let’s get you to the same space! 

Client love from Nita:

"I am so grateful to have received assistance from Caro with my website design!! I was right at the beginning, stuck and overwhelmed with even starting, because I didn’t know what I wanted the final product to look like. I had so many questions about how to just arrive at that decision, let alone what comes after that.

Caro offered me so many ideas from both her experience and also from her artistic point of view (which is what drew me to Caro to consult on this). I now have so much insight into how to build my website from scratch, what kind of content to place where and all sorts of ideas I had never even consider.

I highly recommend a consultation with Caro if you are considering designing or making changes to your website."

- Nita McIntyre 

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