1:1 Soul Guidance Sessions

Reconnect With Your Soul, Embrace All Aspects Of You And Rise Like A Phoenix From The Ashes!

I support you with embodying your wild, wise nature and creating a fulfilled life in alignment with your soul through unconditional presence and personal guidance.

"Carolin is a soul guide that holds space for people to go deeply into whatever is present for them in this moment, including the darkness. She holds space for disintegrations, deaths and rebirths ... and much more."

 — Nicole Hemmer, MA, Transformational Life Coach

Compassionate & Empowering Support From Somebody Who "Get's" It

In times of a spiritual awakening, stuckness, overwhelm, creative blocks or a classic dark night of the soul, I hold space for you. I help you reconnect with your soul and get you back into alignment with your inner guidance. Because our hearts speak to us. We just need to listen and follow that little nudge ... 



I have been there... Both light and dark are part of my own journey. Read more about this >>here. So I really get what you are going through - and I am honored to be by your side as you find peace, clarity and strength again!


Be seen & heard: Healing presence & guidance

I am holding a safe and non-judgemental space for you to share and express yourself and support you with healing presence and intuitive guidance - because it is unconditional love that heals. 


From overwhelm to peace, safety and clarity

In times of turmoil we can get trapped in states of anxiety, endless worrying about how to fix this and if it will ever end. I gently help you return to your body, to feel into what is present - without getting attached to the story and restore a feeling of peace, safety and harmony. From there, you can get clarity about your situation and what is important now and possibly what are the next steps to take. Sound Healing can be a powerful aid in that process as it soothes your soul and opens your heart for this process. 


Shadow work - Learn how to fall in love with all of your aspects

In a world of duality, it is not all just airy, light and fluffy. By acknowledging our darker side as well instead of wanting to ret rid of it is a way that restores balance and peace. I utilize shadow work to make the unconscious conscious so you can look at what your soul is trying to tell you and make the changes you need to make to thrive.


I honor your wisdom. Let's find your answers.

My approach is not to tell you what to do, but to honor your own wisdom, explore with you what is present and integrate what you are experiencing.


Know it's okay. Surrender. Trust in the process.

I believe in the self-regulation of our whole system: Simply return to your true nature and everything else will naturally fall into place. Instead of working harder or trying to figure it out, ease into trust and surrendering. Receive your answers. You are never alone in this process - your soul's voice will guide you with its wisdom.

Additional modalities I use to support you:

Express your Soul! Creative expression via music, art & movement

Transitioning from passively consuming to expressing yourself and your emotions through music, art and mindful movement can play an important role of your own healing process and help you claim back your power as you also re-create your own life. There are powerful creation rituals that can become part of your daily practise to help ground you and give you a mindful focus in challenging times.

  • Free your voice One pathway for example is to free your voice. Open up your throat chakra and use singing and toning as a way to get blocked energy moving.
  • Unleash your inner artist Another one can be starting to draw, paint or create mandalas with natural objects and let the art speak to you and give you clues about your life - or create a "vision board" of what you want to invite into your life.

Together we find out what is calling you and how you can incorporate it into your life to help you heal.

Shamanic Energy Medicine 

The shamans say we “dream our world into being” - we co-create our own reality. The focus of our attention, every thought we think, every word we speak plus our myths and energetic patterns have a great influence on if we struggle and fight or way through life or if we flow. To shift our life experience and create a dream we desire, we need to make changes on all layers of our being to align with our soul’s path.


Shamanic healing modalities are a powerful way to achieve this. By clearing your luminous energy field and then empowering you to claim back your full power you'll be able to deliberately create the life you want. I am connected to the lineage of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru (mentored by Shaman Jon Rasmussen) and work together with a powerful team of metaphysical helpers to assist you in creating your ideal destiny. It is as effective over Skype as it is in person. 


This is what you get

Sessions tailored to your specific needs - in person & via Skype!

  • A safe space where you are held, seen & heard Feel seen, heard and supported by someone who "gets it" and be held in a safe and non-judgemental space.
  • Get clarity on where you are at and what is the next step I help bring subconscious beliefs to the surface to look at them to learn the lesson. Let's get to the core reasons of why you are struggling and suffering. You will learn about old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you and how to break out of these cycles to create a new experience. Shamanic work is very efficient to help with that.
  • Personalized practices to support you post-session (homework) Learn how to build a practise of sound healing / visualisation & art / mindful movement  to continue the healing process on your own to step into the powerful and joyful role of being the co-creator of your life to manifest your ideal destiny.
  • OPTIONAL Personal Healing Song Recording After our session, I tune into your energy and record a channeled vocal healing song uniquely for you (ca. 5 minutes). It will help you integrate the changes we have made during the session, especially if listened to regularly. 

Energy Exchange

1 hour Session $150 USD | Bundle of 4 sessions $500 USD


1 hour Session + Personal Channeled Healing Song $222 USD 


If money is the only reason that stops you from working with me, get in touch and name your price. Some people want to give more, others can give less. I offer you to pay the amount that feels comfortable and what meets your budget. 

Client love:

"Carolin embodies a very strong presence, light and touching awareness. In our session, I felt truly seen by her. All the veils, masks and constructs around me dissolved in the light of true presence. I feel that her soul is here on this Earth to assist others in true presencing, expressing their authentic truth and reclaiming their soul voice. I felt like she is a portal into the beauty of death, where what wasn’t able to disintegrate on its own, became undone in her presence. Something was transformed within in the process. She reminded me gently of the beauty of disintegration, and the portal of death as a rebirthing of the new. I know how to live fiercely and passionately, yet what I needed support with that I didn’t even realize at the time, was support in dying fully, and allowing this inner death to happen. Carolin supported me with this, through her own unmasked presence and rawness and truth she embodies. The gates of death open to the beauty of life, and it is in dying that we can fully resurrect even more fully into our Essential Being. She has travelled this journey deeply within herself, and is capable of guiding others through the thresholds of their life. Thank you Caro, this session was deeply transformative and your authentic being touches me."


~ Nicole, Canada

"Speaking with Carolin is just like having a clear, straightforward view into the depths of your own heart. She is truly gifted as a seer of truth and vision. No matter what you are experiencing, it's acknowledged and honored, sifted and clarified beyond any potential you could have imagined before. Thank you, Caro for your soft, yet direct approach and for the beautiful vision and ability to hold compassion, space and the essence of loving kindness and service."


- Kimberly, USA

"I had a skype coaching session with Carolin. When we connected I was in quite a state mentally and emotionally, going through another layer of the dark night of the soul. I knew I wasn't crazy, but things were intense and I felt stuck and overwhelmed. I was in need of support, a "hand to hold". Reading her website I knew Carolin too had traveled a path deep within and would understand. And Carolin "held my hand" in a very caring, open and anchored way. Straight away I felt at ease with my sharing. And for the first time I opened up and shared about something that I have been living with for a very long time yet too ashamed and scared to reach out to anyone before. This was big. Like this weight and stress had been lifted as I wasn't hiding nor trying to cover up the perceived "flaw" around her. I could just be me in it all, feeling totally accepted by Carolin because she could see me, not how I was seeing me. As the session went on I could feel myself becoming more grounded in my self and a feeling of coming from a place of strength. The overwhelm dissipated. I also gained a deeper understanding of what was happening within which was empowering. Carolin held space in a very calm, gentle and grounded way. I am very grateful for having Carolin's "hand to hold"."


- Natasha, New Zealand

"I spent the evening with Carolin, going for a magical walk in a magical place and she allowed me to have the space and time to “let it all out”. She didn’t interfere, she didn’t tell me how I should feel, she didn’t get freaked out when I started bawling my eyes out. She just let me process and talk. Then when she did speak it was like she was speaking to my soul. What a beautiful person with such a beautiful gift to channel such divine wisdom and truth. Super grateful to have you in my life."


— Renae Williams, NZ

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