Music from my heart to you.

The Poetry of Light and Dark Special Edition - Physical CD & extras / Digital Download

13 original songs celtic harp & voice, including a 16-page booklet + beautiful extras 

$25 USD + $5 USD worldwide shipping

($15 USD Digital Download)

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Sound Healing Recordings

A healing transmission via voice, sound and song. A reminder of who you truly are.

Experience the power of a recorded sound healing session at the comfort of your own home and

return to its healing qualities whenever you desire to!

FREE Harp & Voice Sound Healing Recording

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FREE MP3 download (13 minute session)

LOVE & JOY - Sound Healing Session

This gentle and deeply relaxing recorded sound healing session helps you reconnect with your soul and remember who you truly are. You are love, you are joy. It is your birthright to be happy and follow your hearts desires. Time to dream a new you into being! 


MP3 download (48 minute session) - Instantly yours for

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Your Personal Sound Healing Recording

Personal. Unique. Powerful. Sound medicine just for you and your soul!


Receive your personal recording of channeled healing songs to help you reconnect with your true nature, open your heart and bring stagnant emotions into flow.

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