Remo Buffalo Drum (For Shamanic Healing Work) - With Mallet

  • The standard drum I paint is the Remo Buffalo Drum 16". You see it in most of my artworks. It is a shaman drum with a cross that makes it easy to hold this drum while standing or walking.
  • The sound is a mix of a deep bass with overtones (check out my Youtube videos for a comparison). 
  • A soft Remo mallet is included with this drum. 
  • Most people choose this type of drum for shamanic drumming and healing work. So this is the default drum I paint unless you state otherwise. 

Remo Frame Drum (For Hand Style Playing Technique)

  • If you are a hand style drum player, you might choose the Remo Fiberskyn Frame Drum 16".
  • This drum has a higher pitch and is more a hand style drum than a shamanic drum.
  • It does not come with a holding cross or mallet and is slimmer than the Buffalo drum.
  • It has a beautiful wooden frame and can also be used as wall decoration as it is easy to hang on a nail :)

Or send in your own drum for me to paint!

Alternatively, you can send me your drum to paint (please make sure the skin is not treated with oil. You can ask your drum maker about that and make sure it is suitable to be painted with acrylics.)

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