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Let me create the drum of your dreams!

How would it feel like to have a drum created just for you? Something truly wonderful, special and sacred to help activate / heal yourself and others.


As an artist, graphic designer and shamanic practitioner, I paint these unique shaman drums (16 inch vegan REMO Buffalo drum) with Molotow acrylic markers and seal them off with acrylic varnish. They are suitable for ceremony, rituals, intuitive singing, sound healing work, drumming circles. They are perfect for outdoors and on the go as they stay in tune even in humid weather and gracefully pass biosecurity when air-traveling to countries like Hawaii, New Zealand or Australia.


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How I paint & sing my shaman drums into life

When you buy a drum from me, you get more than just a drum. You get a unique piece of art with a magical vibe. During the creation process, I infuse the drums with intention, healing energies and blessings.



These drums are ready to be mailed out as soon as I receive your payment:

#11 Flower of Life Drum

16 inch Remo Buffalo Drum with Light Code Mallet

Available and ready to be mailed | Special Price $333 USD / 288 € / 500 NZD


I can recreate + modify any motif you see on this page or create something totally new for you! Creation time is currently about 3 weeks. New designs will possibly take longer.

#1 Original Light Codes

A luxurious 16" Remo Buffalo Shaman Drum with metallic golden light code motif. I can birth a similar drum for you with unique little twists on the codes, pyramids and moons. I want you to get something unique, so no drum is exactly the same. Colors: Gold, silver, brown or gold-silver mix


Made to order: $350 USD / 300 € / 535 NZD

#2 Golden Mandala Lotus

I created this motif for a client - you see a golden mandala design with 7 small lotus flowers around it. Very beautiful and feminine, ideal for people who love yoga as it brings peace through the symmetry in design and the royal color! Here you see a REMO Fiberskyn Frame drum, but this motif can also be painted on the REMO Buffalo shaman Drum with a cross handle on the back.


Made to order: $350 USD / 300 € / 535 NZD


Alternative version: Light Codes instead of Lotus Flowers (see last pic)

#3a Seed of Life - Ring of Codes

#3b Seed of Life - 6 Codes

Elegance and beauty. Golden radiance. Waiting for an Earth Goddess to take her home. A drum of calling in abundance! I am in awe of what comes through in the creative process is so much more beautiful than what I have had in mind. Best creation so far. The gold and silver are just gorgeous together! 


The Seed of Life is a stage before the shape known as the Flower of Life which produces the "Fruit of Life". The Fruit of life is the blueprint of the universe; it contains every atom, molecular structure, life form and eventually everything in existence. Therefore, all things existing can be built from the shape of the seed of life.


Hand painted 16 inch Remo Buffalo Drum with hand painted light code mallet

#3a - Ring of Codes - Made to order: $444 USD / 388 € / 677 NZD

#3b - 6 single codes - Made to order: $400 USD / 350 € / 600 NZD

#4 Celtic Tree of Life with Codes


This beautiful drum features light codes in gold, the tree of life in metallic green and a triskelion in the middle in gold. The green looks like soft shimmering moss! This drum is right for those who both have a link to the past and future while being strongly grounded in the now with deep roots into mother Gaia, like this tree.

Hand Painted 16" Remo Buffalo Drum including painted light code mallet:


Made to order: $375 USD / 325 € / 575 NZD

#5 Goddess Isis with Codes


Goddess Isis Drum on 16" Remo Buffalo Drum with light code mallet - a royal and feminine drum with lots of power connected to both the earth and the cosmos.


Made to order: $400 USD / 350 € / 600 NZD

#6 Celtic Triskelion

This stunning celtic drum with a triskelion design has a very earthy and mighty energy while still being playful. You see elements of spirals, clover, a dance of light and dark. The rim is painted in a dark brown while the motif is accented in a slightly lighter tone. It does not have the usual light codes, however, I feel the ancient celtic designs are just as activating for those who resonate with them! 


Made to order: $450 USD / 390 € / 690 NZD

(white / natural colored rim)

#7 Blue Triskelion

16 inch Remo Buffalo Drum with Light Code Mallet

A beautiful mix of blue and green. Like a pond of waterlilies whirling around.


Made to order: $450 USD / 390 € / 690 NZD

#8 Shipibo Aya Tigress

This drum features a shipibo kene pattern and is something used by the native people of the Amazon rainforest in Peru. It is connected to Icaros and Ayahuasca medicine.

In the pictures you see my very own drum that is not for sale, however I can recreate this design for you with slightly different colors (the turqouise will be darker and the two pink bars in the middle will be dark red if you want similar colors - or I can use entirely different colors within the frame of what markers I have - ask me for a color chart. Also I can do all the outlines in brown or golden and this way, make your drum look different.)


Made to order: $500 USD / 435 € / 765 NZD

#9 Galaxy Wolf with Codes

This wonderful drum features the head of a wolf plus a ring of light codes in golden. There are a lot of little secrets to discover here like pyramids, stars, the moon, spirals. This drum is made to order, so the finished drum might look slightly different but you can get a pretty good idea already.


Hand painted 16" Remo Buffalo shaman drum including painted light code mallet


Made to order: $375 USD / 325 € / 575 NZD

#10 Lotus Drum

#10 a - (first 4 pics) Lotus Drum with Light Codes. 16 inch Remo Buffalo drum. Including light code mallet.

Made to order: $400 USD / 350 € / 600 NZD


#10 b - (last pic) Big lotus with dotted border

Made to order: $350 USD / 300 € / 535 NZD

#88 Cosmos Mandala Drum

This is the drum I showed in one of my Youtube videos and is already sold. I can make this design to order, however, the cosmos background always looks quite different and unique, so the look of you drum will be a surprise (compare pic 2 and 3, those are two different cosmos examples). Pic 3-6 are examples of what other motifs could be added on the cosmos background, for example the Reiki power symbol, a smaller version of the mandala or the flower of life.


Made to order on special request (creation time is longer than with other drums, usually up to 4 weeks):

$555 USD

Get in touch about your drum!

Found the drum of your dreams? Here is the info I need to process your order:

  • The number of the drum design you'd like to order (for example: #1 Original Light Codes in color gold)
  • Your post address so I can calculate the shipping costs and mail your drum to you
  • Your email address associated with Paypal so I can send you a money request (if you are in Europe or New Zealand, you can also pay via bank transfer)

Creation time is currently about 4 weeks + delivery time.


Please only order if you do not need your new drum urgently for a certain date - mailing from New Zealand can always take a bit longer than expected.


Postage (tracked & insured, signature required, estimated delivery time 5-7 business days - though it can take a few days longer): U.S.: 48 USD | Central Europe: 40€ | For all other destinations, I will get back to you with a shipping quote.

Orders to Europe might have additional customs / import fees that you need to pay, depending on the country. 


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