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Presence, Reflections, Sonic Alchemy

  • Would you like to speak to someone who is present, who gets it and sees the real you?
  • Would you like to be more creative, expressing yourself and your voice in this world?
  • Would you like to be supported with the topics of spirituality, health issues or other challenges?
  • Would you like to process and explore yourself in a safe space, without pressure or judgement?
  • Do you desire to find a deeper connection with your own inner guidance?

Sessions with me are intuitive, they follow the flow of co-creation between us. I respond to what you bring to me. Come as you are. Each session is as unique as you are.


There is no script or step by step "how to" program. I am not here to "fix you" but to support you with deepening your intimacy with life and the challenges that are arising, to get in touch with yourself, your voice, your body and your truth.


My wish is to show you the strength and beauty inside of you that has been inside of you all along, waiting to blossom.


We both receive a blessing and a transformation by joining in the sacred space together. 


The 3 elements of a session are:

  • Presence: I will sit with you, deeply listening to all aspects of you which goes beyond the words you speak. In a safe, compassionate and nonjudgemental space, you are welcomed as you are and share what needs to be expressed, seen and heard.
  • Reflections: I will give you reflections on your sharing, illuminate unconscious parts and shadows and guide you back to yourself and your own inner knowing. Because you have the answers deep inside and learning to develop and trust your intuition is key.
  • Sonic Alchemy (Sound healing): I will sing intuitively for you to help move energies and alchemise what is ready to shift. 

Important to know:

Self-responsibility & readiness: I won't tell you what to do, but guide you back to your own knowing.  This is about you coming into your power, finding your own answers, not me fixing you. So while my support is loving, it is also direct. A certain level of openness is required to work with me and to have a look at unconscious material.

Also note that this is not therapy or ongoing support for psychological issues. I assist you in spiritual and energetic matters. Please consider this before booking a session.

Energy exchange


1hr session via ZOOM


120 € / 135 USD


See this number as a guiding figure - some people give less and others want to give more.

If finances are challenging for you, please reach out with an amount that feels right to you.


Contact form is at the end of this page - scroll down!

What people have to say about their sessions:

"Carolin is a soul guide that holds space for people to go deeply into whatever is present for them in this moment, including the darkness. She holds space for disintegrations, deaths and rebirths ... and much more."


 — Nicole Hemmer, MA, Canada



"Carolin is holding space for the highest octave of transformation. I came in with one question and left with a completely rejuvenated perspective and insight. She was able to truly see me and see the layers underneath, ready to make themselves conscious. She led me to new awarenesses of self and cast light on darkness, with such a presence of peace and love."


— Vanessa Lamorte, USA



"I am so grateful to have had a session with Carolin. She created a grounded, loving, spacious container that made it easy to open and deepen into my intention. Through deep listening, she helped me navigate into tender spaces within myself that wanted to be seen and held. I was grateful that her intuition guided her to sing for me, which allowed me to open up to receive on non-verbal levels. Our session led me to feel more aligned with myself and my purpose. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me, Carolin!"


 — Katie Barbaro, USA



"Speaking with Carolin is just like having a clear, straightforward view into the depths of your own heart. She is truly gifted as a seer of truth and vision. No matter what you are experiencing, it's acknowledged and honored, sifted and clarified beyond any potential you could have imagined before."


 — Kimberly, USA


"I was given access to remember my innocence and my purity, that any of the guilt that I was feeling was instantly transmuted and I was brought back to a clear sense of who I am as a soul. Carolin offers a space of true compassion and that is one of the most powerful medicines."


  — Dante, USA


"Carolin allowed me to have the space and time to “let it all out”. She didn’t interfere, she didn’t tell me how I should feel, she didn’t get freaked out when I started bawling my eyes out. She just let me process and talk. Then when she did speak it was like she was speaking to my soul. What a gift to channel such divine wisdom and truth."


 — Renae, NZ


"For the first time I opened up and shared about something that I have been living with for a very long time yet too ashamed and scared to reach out to anyone before. This was big. Like this weight and stress had been lifted as I wasn't hiding nor trying to cover up the perceived "flaw" around her. I could just be me in it all, feeling totally accepted by Carolin because she could see me, not how I was seeing me. As the session went on I could feel myself becoming more grounded in my self and a feeling of coming from a place of strength. The overwhelm dissipated. I also gained a deeper understanding of what was happening within which was empowering. Carolin held space in a very calm, gentle and grounded way."


— Natasha, New Zealand


Request to work with me 1:1

  • Please write a bit about how you found me, your background, your intentions and where you are at on your journey so I can tune in if I am the right person to support you. I am not for everyone and I also don't work with everyone, and that is okay.
  • Also, let me know where you are located in, so I can look up your time zone - I am located in Germany.
  • Sessions will be done online via ZOOM.

Thanks for getting in touch! 


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


I am not a health professional or therapist, and a session with me doesn't replace any medical or psychotherapeutic advice or treatment. 



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