Ask Spirit: A personal MP3 recorded just for you

Request a channeling on a personal issue in your life you'd like to gain more clarity about. 

Instead of private 1:1 video calls, I am offering to record the answer to your question via audio.

That way you receive a mp3 file that you can listen to as many times as you like. Plus there is no need to schedule an appointment. That way you get the most benefit out of this.


Some more background information on my view on channeling


Usually, I start the session by tuning in by singing a short light language blessing and then let spirit take over. Your answer will come from a deep, wise and compassionate place beyond the human mind. It is an energetic invitation to tune back into your heart and make decisions based on the only thing that is real: love.


Time frame: It might take me a few days to a week to provide you with your answer, depending on my schedule.


Energy exchange: This service is donation based.


Send me a message with a few sentences to tune in where you are at and what your question is and I will get back to you. 

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