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I currently don't offer 1:1 Sessions. Please bookmark my website and check back again in a couple of weeks and / or follow me on Facebook for Updates.


>>Here you can find a list of professionals I highly recommend you to work with

that are available for Skype Sessions!

Loving Awareness

If you are a sensitive soul on this planet, there will be times when you feel overwhelmed and all you long for is to feel seen, heard and understood. There is nothing wrong with you. You do not need fixing! What a relief!


These very intimate sessions aren't about step-by-step instructions or how to's. It is about coming to rest and finding your centre, the sacred home within yourself. Acknowledging all feelings. Slowing down. Breathing. Being in the now, in this moment, in your body. Being with the mess. And being okay with that... We do not have to be happy 24/7 - how would it feel to allow and welcome any sensations without identifying with them and the stories that are attached to them? This is mindfulness. Acceptance. Surrender.

You co-create this session with me. For example, we might gently explore the questions: "What are you afraid of?" and "What do you need right now?"

Sometimes, sound healing and moments of sacred silence can be part of this as it is a way straight back to your heart.


I am no guru to tell you what to do and I won't pretend I have it all figured out. I am a human being, just like you that deeply feels and cares for this planet. So this session is like speaking to a friend, while having a look straight into your own heart. I am continously walking my own healing path as there is no finish line to it and if you feel connected and we just "click"... then I will offer this sacred space for you where we bring loving awareness to whatever is present for you and what you would like to share. 


One-off sessions or regular support

You can book a single session whenever needed or set up regular sessions for ongoing support.


Energy exchange:

60 minute Session via Zoom or Skype - I currently offer this service on a sliding scale between 100 and 150 USD (85-130€). So you pay what suits your budget within that range.


Q&A Session

If you have a bunch of questions about my path or other topics (intuitive music, sound healing, art, design, spirituality, personal development etc.) - I am right here to help guide you to more clarity.

I am a multipotentionalite with many passions and skills, so naturally, questions can cover a wide range of topics like for example:

  • How did you ... (insert topic of interest)?
  • What was your experience with ...?
  • How to set up a sound healing practise?
  • How to get my ideas into the world and share my gifts?
  • How can I improve the look of my website so it feels like "me"?
  • What could be the next step for me?
  • What is the most important thing for me to focus / work on right now?

I love answering your questions in detail while taking an honest look at what is going on underneath the surface - so these sessions can be a deep dive but will always be empowering you to walk your path.


I support you from my heart, backed up with my own experience as an intuitive sound healer, musician, vocal coach, professional artist, graphic designer and shamanic practitioner.


This is usually a one-off session, but some people return every once in a while with new questions.


Energy exchange:

60 minute Session via Zoom or Skype

$175 USD / 150€


Energy Healing / Activation

Energy Healing

In a healing sessions, I always use sound (intuitive light language singing) as a powerful aid in bringing stuck energies into flow as it soothes your soul and opens your heart. Sometimes I use additional instruments like koshi chimes, native flutes and singing bowls but the focus remains on voice. This is usually shamanic work and can include soul retrieval and other shamanic techniques.


You can book your healing sessions whenever needed.




Light Code Activation

If you are interested in channeling light code songs, art & music, I will open your channel, clear what is holding your power back plus give you practical tools and tips on how to go further and improve your abilities on intuitive singing on your own after our session.


This is a one-off session



Energy exchange:

60 minute Session via Zoom or Skype

$175 USD / 150€

"Carolin is holding space for the highest octave of transformation. I came in with one question and left with a completely rejuvenated perspective and insight. She was able to truly see me and see the layers underneath, ready to make themselves conscious. Her inquiry process led me to new awarenesses of self and cast light on darkness, with such a presence of peace and love."


 — Vanessa Lamorte, USA

How to apply for a 1:1 Session:

If any of this speaks to you get in touch with where you are at right now and how you would love to be supported and I will get back to you if I feel I am the right person to assist you - I then will send you a link to my calendar to book yourself in and to make your payment via Paypal. If not, I will recommend you someone else who can.


Another service people love to book is a personally channeled >>Healing Song in light language!

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