Personal Sound Healing Recordings

Unique. Personal. Powerful. Your channeled sound medicine from spirit!

Sound is powerful.
It quiets the mind and opens your heart. It clears energy blocks so that your body can heal itself. 
It creates space where there before was stress and clutter. It entrains your whole system back to harmony. 

I strongly believe that sound, infused with loving intention and unconditional presence is the medicine of the future! Discover what it can do for you! 


A Personal Sound Healing Recording is a recorded channeled sound & energy healing session uniquely for you and your soul! Discover the power of Sound Healing wherever you are on this beautiful planet!

A Healing Transmission via Voice, Sound and Song. A reminder of who you truly are.

Your Personal Channeled Sound Healing Recording

  • Opens your heart and reminds you of your true nature
  • Gives you comfort, strength and clarity for your soul path
  • Calms down your nervous system
  • Entrains your whole system to harmony
  • Brings frozen emotions into flow
  • Supports you in releasing what no longer serves you
  • Gives you a feeling of being held and nurtured in a loving, healing field
  • Provides you with a song you can come back to anytime anywhere, plunging into its healing energies whenever you desire to

Receive your personal recording of channeled healing songs!

This is an invitation for you to dive into the essence of your being. You already hold the key to your own transformation, to your own healing!

The field I create helps you to enter the state where the mind is quiet and you can connect with your essence, your soul. It is a deeply nourishing and transforming experience.

What to expect

I use my healing voice to sing for you and follow the flow by using other instruments as well, like celtic harp, native american flutes, koshi chimes, shaman drum, singing bowls and others.


For the songs, I use a language which the mind cannot grasp. It is all about the vibration of the sounds, stripped of any meaning. Some people call this light language. It is songs without story - so you can fully focus on your own inner landscapes.


How does it work? First, you write me an email about what it is that you want from this session. Then we do a 30 minute Skype consultation & guidance session where I see, feel and hear you as you set your intention for this sound healing transmission and go deeper into what you want to create / clear, I tune into your frequency and channel your unique sound healing session (I do this offline as it helps me to tune in deeper and set up my equipment for recording - you are welcome to lay down and feel the energy transmission already coming through).

Alternatively it is also possible to set the intention via email only and not do the Skype Consultation - it is up to you. I can channel the sound medicine for you even without speaking in person.


A few days later, you will receive a recording of your channel sound healing session, about 20 - 25 minutes long. This is like an old friend singing for you, reminding you of the things you already knew deep inside of your heart. You are light. You are love. You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are perfectly whole!

There might be ambient sounds which will be part of your journey as well. Things start to shift when you meet whatever arises with love. What an amazing gift for yourself!

Harp & Voice


Native American Flute

 "Carolin did some powerful tracking and dreaming that was very significant and important for my journey, and then she helped to clear and redirect with her beautiful medicine song that she created to heal the situation and bring in my ideal destiny."  


— Shaman Jon Rasmussen, USA |

"Your voice is your gift Caro, and it IS deeply healing, harmonizing and magical. You are angelic, and carry the rays of the angelic light within your being that is transmitted through your vocal expression. Thank you for your medicine. The world needs it. ❤ ❤ ❤"


 Nicole Hemmer, Canada | Transformational Life Coach at

You receive:

  • Setting your intention via email for the sound healing session - what do you want to clear / create. 
  • Optional: 30 minute Skype consultation & guidance session I hold sacred space for you to do deeper with your intention. I see, hear and feel you as you express your truth.
  • I tune into your energy, see your true nature and your highest potential. I create a healing field that works beyond space and time. I receive and transmit the information that serves you best to support you on your journey.
  • After our consultation session, I record your healing transmission (offline) in my home in New Zealand. It is an intuitive, honest, raw recording. It is like a friend sitting right next to you, singing to you, speaking to your soul, reminding you of who you truly are.
  • I edit the recording and convert it to handy MP3 file format so you can take it anywhere you go - experience your sound medicine at the comfort of your home or outdoors in nature! You can always come back to your recording, it will be there for you. 
  • You receive your very own, channeled sound medicine from spirit for your soul that you can listen to anywhere, anytime! I provide you with a private download link on Dropbox where the file will be stored 4 weeks for you to download.
  • Optional email conversation after you have listened to your sound healing. Here you can share your experience with me.  

Choose your option

Option 1

Recorded Sound Healing Session (without Skype Consultation)


Option 2

Recorded Sound Healing Session + 30 Min Skype Consultation



Energy Exchange

A guiding figure for my services is 150 USD for option 1 and 222 USD for option 2.

Some people want to pay more, others can give less. I offer you to pay the amount that you feel comfortable with and that meets your budget. 



"Think of all the things you can pay for.. be it phone... tv...the movies... why pay for distraction when you can get a custom song MADE for you ... for your "me" time. The value is indescribable. If you could buy a moment or 20 minutes of personal peace... could you put a price on that? I can say personally the music is a blessing."


- Andrea, USA

"Your voice is your gift Caro, and it IS deeply healing, harmonizing and magical. You are angelic, and carry the rays of the angelic light within your being that is transmitted through your vocal expression. Thank you for your medicine. The world needs it. ❤ ❤ ❤"


 Nicole Hemmer, Canada | Transformational Life Coach at

"Omg Caro!!! I just listened to my song that you created for me and I am blown away. My whole energybody realigned. I could feel my spine and all my upper chakras buzzing and tingling, radiating so strongly. It was one of the most amazing feelings I have ever experienced. Your voice is SO powerful!" 


 Robin, Sweden

"Your song for me is sooo beautiful Caro! I'm in tears now, feeling loved and supported. Even before you started singing I had goosebumps all over my body and the thought of you connecting with my energy and receiving this music for me gave me a really wonderful feeling. It was a combination of being loved, held, cared for, blessed. It has strengthened my connection to myself and everything around me as well as my trust in myself. I feel supported and guided."


 Melanie H., Germany

"An embrace from the universe


Caro's gift is a fascinating and important gift to us all. When she sings I can see how she steps aside to give the essence of her soul room. Her body is the vehicle and the energies that flow through her, and which she transforms with her voice, are simply unbelievable! Incredibly healing and beautiful to listen to - as if you are transferred through time and space.


The age-old fear of showing myself to the world as a healer/shaman/intuitive woman was grounded in the very fabric of my very cells. My soul was suffering from so much anxiety and old wounds, that it took me a long time to find my true strength. I hoped that Caro would be able to transform the old energy within me. And she did!

Without needing many words, Caro understood me from the very beginning. She wanted to know what I was concerned about, and what I wanted. During the entire process I felt secure and understood. What I particularly valued was also the great space and framework; I had time to let everything take affect on me.


Caro's singing and the instruments she played moved my deeply and went straight to my heart. It was (and still is) as if the universe were saying, "Hey, I can see you. I am there for you." The entire process - from our first contact up to after the recording - was a long and warm embrace from the universe - transmitted through Caro. Even several weeks late, I keep listening to the recording and discovering new aspects and new point of views. Since then peace has returned to my . Day by day I can see how my fears dissipate and everything become much easier and smoother for me. I will order a Song from Caro in the future again and again! It is a fascinating healing method, als old as humanity itself, and has such a deep effect, that it can guide you back to your own inner source.

Dear Caro, thank you for your loving work and your courage to walk along this ancient new path. All the best for you! With love from my heart, Anja"


— Anja, Germany

"I will cherish this for the rest of my earthly journey :)

The shamanic drum is reminiscent of how my teacher would play it in

ceremony, and it immediately brought me to happy tears.

The whole journey was divine. I can't wait to listen again this evening before I sleep.

And your words were wonderful too - I deeply resonate with more play, more grace, more nourishment. And the reminder that I have everything I need is very sacred.  Plus the beauty of death of course! My favorite.

Your voice is such a special instrument - even when you speak, the wisdom and soulfulness is on the ready. And when you sing, it's an infinite well.

I would be honored to share your work with the medicine tribe; I will feature you in an upcoming newsletter if that's OK. I absolutely adore your gift.

Thank you so much for this amazing song love,



— Tina Kat Courtney, Founder AfterLife Coaching

"I first had the experience of Caro’s sound healing abilities in early 2016. Not having experienced sound healing, I had no expectation, although I was aware Caro was a very gifted musician.

What astounded me was the immediacy of Caro’s voice. I chose to lay comfortably on the floor and within seconds found myself unable to physically move. It was a surprisingly intense yet not unpleasant experience as I felt Caro’s energy connect with the energy of the room and my body become a conduit. I felt the energy of the space move through me and clear, not only a spirit from the room that needed to move on, but negative energies and blocks within me. 

Afterwards, I felt completely cleansed.

I later received recordings of other sound healings. Each was bespoke and different. Some light and ethereal, some intense. All were exactly what was required at the time.

I believe Caro’s sound healings should and will be experienced be a large number of people in a wide number of settings. I believe it is her destiny and gift to share this with the world.

I recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone who is looking for a professional and gifted healer with a strong connection to source energy."


 Malcolm Wilson


Inner Transitions Hypnoenergetics

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