Intuitive Vocal Coaching

Free Your Voice and Express Your Truth - Heal Yourself And Others Through The Power of Sound, Unconditional Presence & Authentic Self-Expression

Do you ...

  • feel reluctant or blocked about using your voice and expressing your truth?
  • struggle with feelings of anxiety or "not-good-enough-ness" that you would love to transform into self-compassion and deep levels of acceptance?
  • want to be seen, heard and understood by someone who gets you?
  • crave to express yourself intuitively & creatively to be fully and unapologetically you - the wild, wise soul that you are?
  • connect with your soul and work with the power of shamanic wisdom, nature and animals?
  • wish to create your own healing sounds or music for yourself and others?

Ordinary voice training lessons are valuable. But are you ready to dive DEEPER?

This work goes way beyond learning "the right technique" on how to sing or speak efficiently. This is a unique blend of intuitive counselling, mentoring and energywork for people who want to use the power of their voice as a tool for personal development and to heal themselves and others. Are you ready to embrace all of your aspects and fall in love with your uniqueness? Then read further!

Most of the time, it is not the technique that is stopping us from truly expressing ourselves from our heart, but our old patterns and blocks.


Instead of deep love, gratitude and joy about using our voices, the inner critic arises with questions like: "Am I good enough?!" "Can I do this?!" "Who am I to question my teachers and their rules?!" and so on - and suddenly singing / speaking / creating becomes hard work instead of PLAY and joy! But it doesn't have to be this way!


We will reconnect with the innocent heart of a child - curious, enjoying our own creation, getting out of our heads back into our hearts and move from "doing" to "being"! It is about living in alignment with your soul, to listen to your inner voice and do what feels right to YOU! And I welcome all of your emotions. As in all of my work, it is about embracing whatever arises - because feeling is healing and because I adore to hold space for transformations!


Own your voice and fall in love with all aspects of you!


Some of my clients have made bad experiences with teachers or were discouraged as young children and told to "shut up" and still carry these wounds with them all their lives. And others simply want to feel more confident in expressing their truth.


In case nobody has ever told you: Your voice is unique and beautiful!

During a session, you are invited to explore your inner and outer rooms through awareness and speaking and optionally singing & toning, so you can release old patterns, gain more confidence and develop authentic presence by owning your voice, body and energy field. Whatever arises is sacred and will be held with love and compassion. I help you integrate the different aspects of you - which results in a more powerful, balanced sound and helps you grown as a person. So we use the voice as a tool for personal development rather then get you ready for the next superstar audition :)!


True power comes not from striving, but from letting go.


Those martial arts masters were onto something... :) Experience the self-regulation of your voice and your whole system in a safe, non-judgemental space where your true voice can naturally blossom and unfold. Your nervous system calms down, your body regenerates itself and you can naturally access the state of flow (where you have access to intuitive wisdom and music).


Nothing to "do" - just be open and curious and receive your sound. You are never alone in this process - your soul's voice will guide you with its wisdom. 


Connect voice with other instruments!

... and in case you want to add on with other instruments to your voice - let's do that! Let's combine voice and music and art and whatever you want to connect it with to find your truest expression!


My path has been unique, so I share with you secrets from bodywork, martial arts, shamanic wisdom and other areas that no traditional voice teacher will ever tell you!

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Let me know what you want to achieve with my help, what's your biggest challenge right now and why you think I am the right person to work with you!


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How does this offer go beyond "vocal coaching" and "singing lessons"?

  • What I do is quite unique. Rather than training you to perform, this is about self-discovery, expression, presence, awareness and healing. Plus I will teach you about energy work as your voice is a conduit for energy to pass through. Plus there is usually a component of shamanic healing. So.... You won't have to sing scales with me along a piano or be moulded into the next Pavarotti or superstar. We will be exploring the depth of sound and your energetic layers by getting you to tone one note at a time and talk about what you are experiencing to integrate it. For this it doesn't matter if you sing in tune or not - it is all about being present in your body and discovering new layers of yourself so you can release blocks and return to a more balanced state of being - a deeply nourishing and healing experience.  

Do I have to sing / tone? Or is speaking enough?

  • You do not HAVE to do anything. No should's have to's or anything like that! Let's be kind! Some people are anxious and need a bit more time to open up and process past experiences - especially during the first session. I won't push you to do things that don't feel good to you. So you are welcome to tone and make sounds if that is the topic of our session, but you will never be forced to do anything. 

What can I expect during a session?

  • Sessions are as unique as you are and tailored to your needs to get your the best results possible. Sometimes, we track, investigate and talk about what is holding you back from expressing your full potential. Sometimes, you tone and sing and I ask you questions that guide you deeper within. Sometimes, I sing for you or perform a distance energy healing session, when required. This is a holistic service way beyond ordinary vocal coaching or singing lessons. See it as a fusion of intuitive vocal coaching and shamanic energy & sound healing! 

Does this work over the internet - Skype / Zoom / FB video?

  • Absolutely. Many coaches and healers work internationally over the internet. You speak, tone, sing and I give you feedback and guide your awareness. We are connected through energy and my intuitive abilities allow me to tune into you even if you are at the other end of the world.

Client love:

"What thrills me is the approach of letting things happen, or in other words, non-intervention. It is fascinating to see what happens, when you only percieve what is there. Caro's wonderful intuition guided and accompanied me, and she was also spot on, what supportive measures could help me. In my opinion I couldn't sing. But it only took a couple of tries, and I was amazed at what fantastic sounds I was able to produce."


- Lena, Germany


"Caro combines sound with energy work, and thus was able to coax a number of secrets from my body, that I am now able to integrate into my yoga practice. My body is that master guru of wisdom, and Caro immediately knew where she had to go to give me more room in my larynx, thus giving me the more power in my voice. Impressive! My throat feels much better, and yesterday my accompaniment in the yoga lesson went more smoothly than ever before."


- Anja Kirchner, Germany


"Caro and I met via Skype to work on my voice. We wanted to find out what is possible. What should I say? I am thrilled! Caro met me where I was and offered me what I needed to fully open my voice and discover new resonance rooms within me. I want more! Caro guides you with lots of empathy, she takes you by the hand to reach your goals."


-Stefanie, Germany


"Caro was gentle and encouraging. She created a safe space where I could really open up and use my voice. The next day I felt like my body had cleansed and detoxified."


-Melissa, New Zealand


"Within a short time, I had the feeling that I was able to experience my voice in a totally new way, without having to force it. This experience was simply great and it went beyond just my voice. Caro's tips, and the entire experience, were very encouraging on so many levels!"


- Melanie S., Germany

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