Intuitive Harp & Voice Coaching (via Skype)

Play the celtic harp intuitively and freely from your heart & use your harp (and voice) to heal yourself and others!

This service is NOT your ordinary harp or voice lesson. It is a blend of intuitive counselling and mentoring for people who want to use music as a tool for personal development and to heal themselves and others. It is about falling in love with who you are and embracing all of your aspects!


Most of the time, it is not the technique that is stopping us from truly expressing ourselves from our heart, but our own shadow, old patterns and blocks.


Instead of deep love and gratitude for the wonders of music, the inner critic arises with questions like: "Am I good enough?!" "Can I do this?!" "Who am I to question my teachers and their rules?!" and so on - and suddenly music becomes hard work instead of PLAY and joy! We will reconnect with the innocent heart of children - curious, enjoying our own creation, getting out of our heads back into our hearts!

It is about living in alignment with your soul, to listen to your inner voice and do what feels right to YOU! And I welcome all emotions. As in all of my work, it is about embracing whatever comes up - from divine soul guidance to the beautiful human messiness!


Some of my clients have made bad experiences with music teachers or were discouraged as young children when they expressed themselves via music and still carry these wounds with them all their lives. But the truth is:


You are special and wonderful and you CAN play the harp and share your gifts with the world - in your very unique way!



Embrace your own uniqueness and bring your sound to the next level

So rather than teaching you songs - there are plenty of teachers who do a great job at that already - I empower you to play your music and find your own way of expressing yourself on this beautiful instrument - intuitively and from the heart, without sheet music.


For self-taught harpists...

I work with people who have been sent away by "classical" harp teachers or who were too afraid to go to one and are self-taught and maybe have a few habits they would like to look at to make playing more flowing and comfortable. No matter what your specialties or quirks are - let's embrace them and work WITH it! I don't judge - I learn from you too! We're all diverse, wonderful beings! Let's celebrate that!


...and classically trained musicians / music therapists / sound healers

I also work with classically trained musicians or sound healers who are so lost in their heads and have lost connection with themselves in a jungle of music theory and methods and want to return back to their own source of flow.

I help you bring your sound to the next level by guiding your awareness through your body and energy field. It is not so much about WHAT (or how many fancy notes) we play but HOW we play it, how we can put our heart into this and make it real for ourselves and others - this can make all the difference and bring forth mind-blowing aha-moments!


We play with the question: How many notes do we need to touch another heart?
We explore the space between the notes and listen to the rhythm of sound and silence.
I invite you to feel deeply into your inner rooms and merge with your instruments to weave your very own sound alchemy.


No matter the question, the work is deep and profound. A jewel for those who are ready. Something you will likely not find anywhere else.


My path has been unique, so I share with you secrets from bodywork, martial arts, shamanic wisdom and other areas that no traditional music teacher will ever tell you!


Meet your new mentor!

I want to empower you in finding your own authentic expression in music and give you support with your personal questions - a space for you to share what you could not share with any music teacher! I wish I have had someone on my side when I was starting to walk that path. Now you have!


To wrap it up - I support you with:

  • Playing the celtic harp intuitively and freely without sheet music - and / or how to make a smooth transition from sheet music to free playing and get into flow state where you receive music
  • Expressing yourself authentically on your instrument and transforming feelings of anxiety, self-doubt and judgement into love, self-acceptance and confidence
  • Empowerment for your path - I set the sessions up so you are empowered to work on your own as much as possible. Rather than teaching you songs I guide you how to play your own music - straight from your heart! 
  • Body, mind & flow - Mindfulness for musicians. This is about the connection between your body and the instrument and how to get into the flow so you can play intuitive and meditative music from the heart while being fully present in your body - I teach you secrets from different kinds of bodywork, martial arts and shamanic traditions that no others harp or music teacher will tell you!

  • Guidance and support on how to use your harp for sound healing and shine your light! Use your instrument to heal yourself and others and have someone to support you with your questions - someone who gets you and who deeply cares and believes in you!

Optional: Intuitive Vocal Coaching + Singing with the Harp

You are invited to explore your inner and outer rooms through awareness and speaking and optionally singing & toning, so you can release old patterns, gain more confidence and develop authentic presence by owning your voice, body and energy field. Whatever arises is sacred and will be held with love and compassion. I help you integrate the different aspects of you - which results in a more powerful, balanced sound and helps you grown as a person.


True power comes not from striving, but from letting go.


Those martial arts masters were onto something... :) Experience the self-regulation of your voice and your whole system in a safe, non-judgemental space where your true voice can naturally blossom and unfold. Your nervous system calms down, your body regenerates itself and you can naturally access the state of flow (where you have access to intuitive wisdom and music).


Nothing to "do" - just be open and curious and receive your sound. You are never alone in this process - your soul's voice will guide you with its wisdom. 

Book a session - Apply now!

Let me know where you are at, what you want to achieve with my help and why you think I am the right person to work with you!

Why work with me?

I've been playing instruments since I was a little child. I picked up the harp in 2010, attended a harp & healing workshop with Uschi Laar and have worked with many teachers and healers from different backgrounds. I started to share my knowledge about harp on my Youtube Channel and toured through Europe to perform and work with people. I have a background in martial arts (Tai Chi, Qi Gong), as well as Alexander Technique and I studied Applied Physiology of the Voice at the Lichtenberger institute which also researches the connection between body, voice and instrumental play.


I know both worlds - being a musician, recording, performing - as well as channeling and playing meditative music. If it resonates with you and you want to learn more than just songs - I am honoured to guide you on your journey.



I am a beginner! Can I still book you?

I usually work with people who know the basics and want to go deeper, bring their playing to a new level or use the celtic harp for sound healing. And yes, if you are dedicated and do not want to wish to learn the basics with someone else, you can still apply for a harp coaching session.


I want to learn the basics before I work with you. Can you recommend a teacher / course to get started?

Yes. Here is a collection of harp teachers who work via Skype and offer playing harp by ear (some also offer reading sheet music as well):


Teachers (Skype)

  • Christy-Lyn is a harpist and singer and also has a popular Youtube Channel - check her out, she is a really kind and fun person who plays both celtic and pedal harp.
  • Harriet Earis is well known in Europe for her stunning lever harp skills and does a lot of Skype lessons. I have met her on a harp festival and she is such a radiant joyful being - always laughing!
  • Tiffany Schaefer teaching playing irish / celtic tunes by ear. She also has a Youtube channel.
  • Gloria Galante is a professor at West Chester University. She teaches harp by ear and music theory using Skype. She is a metaphysical harp teacher who also does sound healing. (Don’t know her personally)

Online Courses (with Feedback)

  • Harp-School Évi Simon and Sylvana Labeyrie teach by ear via Skype. They arrange pieces on the level of the students to play what they love. The students can book their lessons on an interactive calendar.
  • Hands on Harps offer an online course suitable for complete beginners. They teach mostly via the traditional "show and copy" way that an apprentice would have learned from a master, supplemented with the chance to get feedback on your playing by uploading videos.

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