Intuitive Guidance

Process & integrate your spiritual (awakening) experiences

It is a deeply fascinating journey to become more and more your true self, expressing that authentically and letting go of old beliefs while holding yourself with love. It has become my personal mantra: Whatever arises, love that.


How often are we at war with ourselves and what is? How often do we push our way through life and end up suffering when all that could set us free is self-love and surrendering to our soul’s guidance?


Healing presence & guidance

I am holding a safe and non-judgemental space for you to share and express yourself and support you with healing presence and intuitive guidance - because I believe there is nothing more healing than unconditional love.


We all want to be truly seen, heard and felt. We want to talk to somebody who "gets" it. Believe me, I have been there, in darkness, despair and pain. Both light and dark are part of my own journey. Read more about this >>here


Awareness. Being with what is

My approach is not to tell you what to do, but to explore with you what is present and integrate what you are experiencing. Can you be curious about what is arising? I am guiding you with questions that open up spaces within you. An invitation to expand awareness and claim back pieces of you. I help you see things from a different perspective - from soul state. Rise from your victim mentality and see that you create your reality to expand and grow as a soul. This puts you into the role of a powerful creator. And at the same time - it is okay to be human and feel overwhelmed, confused and lost. 


All your (contrasting) emotions are valid and you hold the key to your own transformation. You have the answers. Together, we are tracking & finding them! Your challenges are not obstacles but an invitation to dive deep and let go of what no longer serves you. It is time to dream a new you into being!


Your imperfections are perfectly beautiful

You don't have to pretend to be positive or have it all together when you work with me. I adore authenticity. I love disintegration, deaths and rebirths for they are simply beautiful. You can drop the mask and be you. I welcome all of you and your sacred diversity. You're both an eternal soul with a mission here on earth and lessons you wanted to learn AND a messy human being! And that is totally okay and beautiful!


Surrender. Trust in the process.

I believe in the self-regulation of our whole system: Simply return to your true nature and everything else will naturally fall into place. Nothing for you to "do" in that sense - no working harder or trying to imitate someone else - just ease into trust and surrendering. Receive your answers. You are never alone in this process - your soul's voice will guide you with its wisdom.


If you feel the calling, get in touch. I'd be honored to be your guide.


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