Harp Coaching via Skype

Playing the celtic harp intuitively and freely from your heart

I empower you to play music from your heart and find your own way of expressing yourself on this beautiful instrument - intuitively and from the heart, without sheet music. It is quite different from a regular harp lesson, so I refer to it as harp coaching.


What is Harp Coaching?

In harp lessons, you mainly learn new songs with each lesson and you see your teacher regularly, once a week, twice a week ... usually for years! And that's totally cool and valuable - it is just not what I offer. :)


With harp coaching we go deeper. Instead of teaching songs, I want to empower you in finding your own authentic expression in music and give you support with your personal questions, like: 

  • How do you connect with your heart and access this space where music just flows?
  • How do you creatively write instrumentals and songs with lyrics?
  • How do you release blockages around expressing who you truly are?
  • What music wants to come through you? Are you comfortable with it?
  • How can you feel relaxed in your body while you do the multitasking of playing an instrument?
  • How do you work with fears of performing for other people?
  • For advanced players: How to get gently through the process of recording a CD and performing?
  • Can you love and accept yourself and your creation no matter what?

Support on your creative path

I can be your muse and support you on the creative path. I create a safe and non-judgemental space for you to discover your creativity and to be with what is and where you would like to go from there. What a beautiful experience to be seen and heard! You will be inspired to bring more awareness into your music so it becomes truly alive and vibrant!



This is what you will learn:

  • Playing the celtic harp intuitively and freely without sheet music - either how to get started this way from scratch or how to make a smooth transition from sheet music to free playing
  • Beautiful patterns as a basis for improvisation and songwriting ( I don't focus on teaching songs but rather on giving tools so you can work on being creative and create your own patterns and songs!)
  • Empowerment for your path - I set the sessions up so you are empowered to work on your own as much as possible. Rather than teaching you songs I guide you how to play your own music - straight from your heart! Trust in yourself and let the magic happen!
  • Body, mind & flow - Mindfulness for musicians. This is about the connection between your body and the instrument and how to get into the flow so you can play intuitive and meditative music from the heart while being centered.

  • Optional: Singing with the harp - If you are keen, we can also explore the connection between harp and voice. It is going to be a holistic body-mind-spirit experience.
  • Guidance and support on songwriting, performing & recording I will support you on how to go gently with performing and recording music & more. 



 I only offer very few spots for harp lessons.

If you are interested to receive guidance on this topic, please apply via the contact form!

Harp FAQ

I believe I don't have enough talent. Maybe I am too old to start playing the harp? 

There is no too old or not talented enough - you want to play, you can play!


I have never even touched a harp. I am nervous about getting started.

No problem. I have been there myself and seen it all with my students. It is okay. You are welcome just as you are. Try embracing the beginners mind. You will learn so much! Congrats for your courage to try anyway!

If you are a total beginner, I recommend to additionally see a harp teacher in your area, if possible.


How many sessions do I need?

Usually, 1-2 sessions are enough to provide you with everything you need at that moment. Some people occasionally return for check in sessions every couple of months. It is a personal choice. Book me if you need guidance. As simple as that.


Where do you teach?

I am located in Wellington, New Zealand and I teach mostly over Skype. 



Carolin Nobles, Singer & Sound Healer

113 Duncan Terrace,

Wellington 6022, New Zealand


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Thank you so much for your support!



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