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Comfort and clarity for your soul's path through

Sound Healing & Vocal Empowerment

 in person and online / via Skype 

1:1 Sound Healing Sessions

I work with source energy and sound to create a healing field for body, mind and soul. I follow the flow by using different instruments - healing voice, celtic harp, koshi chimes, native flutes and others.


Session in Wellington, New Zealand


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Sound Healing Recordings
Personal. Unique. Powerful.

Receive a healing song personally recorded for you and your soul.

Listen to it anytime, anywhere.


Recorded sound healing channeling

Vocal Empowerment Coaching

Reconnect with your true self, awaken your voice and discover the sound of your true self!


Bespoke 1:1 session on voice and authentic self-expression in person or via Skype.



Carolin Nobles, Singer & Sound Healer

113 Duncan Terrace,

Wellington 6022, New Zealand


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