There are two ways to get a print by me:


1. You order your art print via ArtPal

2. You order the digital file directly from me and print locally.

Option 1: Get your art print via ArtPal

Option 2: Get the digital file from me

For Personal Use - You get a high quality .jpg file and print it locally

Dear beautiful soul, I am so glad you are interested in my digital art. Instead of me printing and shipping my art to you, I am offering you the .jpg file so you can print it locally.


For personal use

These images are meant for personal use, so you can have them as a background on your computer or phone, and you can print them out at home or at your local print shop or a print website. You can get greeting cards, mugs, pillow cases or art prints made with them.

So many things can be printed these days and there are also many great affordable websites for that like Vistaprint etc.


It is not allowed to use them for commercial projects, publications or resale.


Maximum print size

I would recommend to not print larger than 50cm / 20”


How to order

Please get in touch with the motif you would like.

I will then email you the high resolution file (the files on this website are smaller versions for preview purposes).



This is offered by donation, so you choose what you would like to give. Any bit counts and helps me pay my bills as an independent artist.


Thank you for your support!


If you find joy and value in what I create, and desire to contribute and support me, please feel free to donate. Thank you so much for your love and appreciation!

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