Gallery of Drums

remo buffalo drum painted drums hand painted drums frame drums

Earthy Light Code Drum

An earthy drum with a rich mid-tone brown. Can you smell the earth? Can you feel it reaching out to you?

This motif is painted on a Remo Fiberskyn Frame Drum that 2,5" deep. It is more lightweight than the buffalo drum. The pitch is higher and it is suitable for playing with the hands, but can also be played with a mallet (not included for this type of drum). Let me know if this beauty speaks to you or if you would like me to create a similar motif on a buffalo drum. the motif can be created in brown or gold.



Goddess Isis Drum

Goddess Isis Drum on Remo Buffalo Drum with light code mallet - a royal and feminine drum with lots of power connected to both the earth and the cosmos.


SOLD - I can create a similar drum for you

Golden Light Code Drum

A luxurious 16" Remo Buffalo Shaman Drum with metallic golden light code motif. A beautiful feminine drum with a mighty sound! This drum that you see in the pictures SOLD a few minutes after I put it out there. I can birth a similar drum for you with unique little twists on the codes, pyramids and moons. I want you to get something unique, so no drum is exactly the same. So get in touch for me to create the drum that helps you call in your ideal destiny.


SOLD - I can create a similar drum for you

Golden Mandala Lotus Drum / Golden Mandala Light Code Drum

I created this motif for a client - you see a golden mandala design with 7 small lotus flowers around it. Very beautiful and feminine, ideal for people who love yoga as it brings peace through the symmetry in design and the royal color! This motif can be recreated on a 16" buffalo drum OR frame drum you see in the picture here.


SOLD - I can create a similar drum for you

Celtic Triskel Drum

This stunning celtic drum with a triskelion design has a very earthy and mighty energy while still being playful. You see elements of spirals, clover, a dance of light and dark. The rim is painted in a dark brown while the motif is accented in a slightly lighter tone. It does not have the usual light codes, however, I feel the ancient celtic designs are just as activating for those who resonate with them! 


SOLD - I can create a similar drum for you

Shipibo Drum

This drum features a shipibo kene pattern and is something used by the native people of the Amazon rainforest in Peru. It is connected to Icaros and Ayahuasca medicine.

In the pictures you see my very own drum that is not for sale, however I can recreate this design for you with slightly different colors (the turqouise will be darker and the two pink bars in the middle will be dark red if you want similar colors - or I can use entirely different colors within the frame of what markers I have - ask me for a color chart. Also I can do all the outlines in brown or golden and this way, make your drum look different.)


NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE - I can create a similar drum for you

Cosmos Drum

This special drum is a one of a kind - the only cosmos drum I will ever make. Hours and hours of love, dedication and good intentions flew into the creation process. It holds potent magic. 


SOLD - I will not recreate the cosmos background but can recreate the golden mandala on white background for you

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