Light Code Activation Shaman Drums

Sacred hand painted healing tools blessed and activated in ceremony - 100% vegan!

How would it feel like to have a drum that no one else has? A unique hand-crafted tool, blessed and activated in ceremony. Something truly wonderful, special and sacred.


Vegan drums that love traveling

As an artist, graphic designer and shamanic practitioner, I paint these unique shaman drums for ceremony, rituals, drumming circles and more. They are perfect for outdoors and on the go! Plus they are vegan - as they are made of a synthetic material called Fiberskyn - and keep their tuning well even in humid weather and gracefully pass biosecurity when air-traveling to countries like Hawaii, New Zealand or Australia.


I hand paint these beautiful instruments with light codes, animals and other motifs. And I can create the drum if your dreams. For this I use the famous 16 inch REMO Fiberskyn Buffalo Shaman Drums / REMO Fiberskyn Frame Drum + high quality acrylic paint + acrylic varnish. All drums desire to be adored AND played!


Activated drums infused with healing energies and blessings

When you buy a drum from you, you get more than just a drum. You get a unique piece of art with a magical vibe. During the creation process, I infuse the drums with healing energies and blessings, then I cleanse them with sage in a shamanic ceremony and activate them energetically, so they will serve as powerful tools for your ceremonial work! People who have bought drums from me have confirmed the power they hold!



 Custom drums



I only create a limited amount of custom drums.

 These drums are made to shine.

They are here to amplify your unique frequency.


Are you ready to invest in a sacred tool for your journey?

Adopt one of the available beauties below OR custom order a drum made just for you!

Golden Light Code Drum

A luxurious 16" Remo Buffalo Shaman Drum with metallic golden light code motif. A beautiful feminine drum with a mighty sound! This drum that you see in the pictures SOLD a few minutes after I put it out there. I can birth a similar drum for you with unique little twists on the codes, pyramids and moons. I want you to get something unique, so no drum is exactly the same. So get in touch for me to create the drum that helps you call in your ideal destiny.


SOLD - but I am happy to create a similar drum for you


Rim color: The Buffalo drum can be created with a natural or dark painted rim. Here you can see the difference between natural rim and dark brown painted rim:

Earthy Light Code Drum

An earthy drum with a rich mid-tone brown. Can you smell the earth? Can you feel it reaching out to you?

This motif is painted on a Remo Fiberskyn Frame Drum that 2,5" deep. It is more lightweight than the buffalo drum. The pitch is higher and it is suitable for playing with the hands, but can also be played with a mallet (not included for this type of drum).

Let me know if this beauty speaks to you or if you would like me to create a similar motif on a buffalo drum. the motif can be created in brown or gold. 


This drum is AVAILABLE

Celtic Triskel Drum

This stunning celtic drum with a triskelion design has a very earthy and mighty energy while still being playful. You see elements of spirals, clover, a dance of light and dark. The rim is painted in a dark brown while the motif is accented in a slightly lighter tone. It does not have the usual light codes, however, I feel the ancient celtic designs are just as activating for those who resonate with them! 


Here's the inspirational story how this drum found its owner:

I love it when spirit guides me! The other night, I received a message along with a beautiful lady who bought my CD. She mentioned that she loves all things celtic. I happened to write her back in my artistic flow that I had just finished a celtic style shaman drum and sent her a in progress pic. And she loves that drum and actually bought it! Before it was even sealed or officially photographed! Haha! Love this.

So take that as an inspiring real life story that when you follow your passion, come from the heart and genuinely love yourself and the people around you, these mirales happen on a daily basis. It's not just about money, but witnessing wonderful synchronicities more & more in your reality.

So here is the wonderful drum that will make its way to Spain after I bless it in ceremony and activate it for this wonderful person who resonated with it. Because that was another download. It is not JUST a drum you buy from me. I infuse it with healing energies while I create it and then activate and link it to your energy in shamanic ceremony so it shall act as an energy amplifier for your work. Ain't that special? It sure is! And I love it! Being personally in touch with the people I make drums for, getting to know them and weaving my shamanic magic that way as well. I am not just an artist, I weave love in whatever I create and send ripples out in time space continuum. Mh, I love this. Divine flow! xx


SOLD - but I can create a similar drum for you 

Golden Serenity Mandala Drum with Light Codes

This incredibly elegant shaman drum has a golden mandala and light codes.


I can create a similar drum for you

Golden Cosmos Drum

A whole new level of WOW is this 16" Buffalo Shaman Drum with Fiberskyn. It comes with a soft mallet with light codes on it. This special drum is a one of a kind - the only cosmos drum I will ever make. Hours and hours of love, dedication and good intentions flew into the creation process. It holds potent magic.

The motif is shimmering through beautifully when held against a source of light. Truly an explosion of color and a burst of energy.

The golden mandala artwork is soothing and brings you back to your inner centre. The 7 light codes activate your soul and highest potential. Very special high vibe instrument infused with a lot of good intentions and cosmic magic!


One of a kind, when it is gone, it is gone - I will not make another cosmos drum! That way you have something very unique, the only one on the planet!


This drum is AVAILABLE


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