My artistic background

I've always been fascinated with signs, symbols and exotic looking alphabets from other cultures. As a child I would draw magical things and play with secret languages and codes that I created - and who can say if we create it or draw these creations from other realms? Every thought and idea we have could be seen as channeled.

I lost my innocent approach to simply create from the heart along the road when I tried to do art like the grown-ups do. I hold a Diploma in Fine Arts but hadn't touched a pen since my graduation. All of my joy had been totally drained by the academic art world with it's do's and don'ts. I wasn't allowed to draw flowers or animals or things that would make me feel good as that would be "kitsch" and not meaningful art. So I stopped. I though I was done with art and totally switched my focus to music for the next couple of years. Which was cool as music is a big passion of mine as well. But deep inside, I felt incomplete... I felt like I had lost part of my soul.


Until the day came when I could feel the art wanting to come back online. My soul was nudging me. She was whispering into my ears:


"Draw me. Explore me. Give me a shape, give me a form. Make me alive."



I could feel my heart beating in excitement, but at the same time, it was intimidating me. It felt like climbing a mountain and I would not even dare to try. I had all these ideas on what kind of art I would have to make and how complex and perfect it had to be and then my inner guidance had other plans. I started seeing these light language codes everywhere and was deeply fascinated by them. So I dared to let them through. I would simply start with a pen on white paper and draw symbols, signs, codes, without letting the mind engage at all.


And then the reaction of other people blew me away. I got such positive feedback on that people felt deeply touched and the art looked familiar to them somehow, like "home" - plus the first people wanted to buy originals or order their own unique custom soul artwork! Like so often on my path, I haven't made this up or planned it. Things simply flowed like this and I was riding a wave of joy and creation.


Now I feel like a kid again, experimenting with different materials, both traditional and digital - it was no accident after all that I also trained as a graphic designer! I draw light codes, spirits, animals, nature... And I want to touch people's hearts with my art and make them feel like they are supported.

So the childlike awe and joy of creation has returned for me and I am excited to be guiding people into creating their own art as well.


And now, one of my new passions is painting shamanic drums!

How I Create Designs & Illustrations For Musical Instruments

After a two year training course as a Graphic Designer at Akademie für Kommunikation I started to study at Freie Kunstakademie in Mannheim, Germany and received my Diploma in Fine Arts in 2013. Since then I've been working as a Freelance Designer. 


When designing I always tune into the energetic background of each element - every piece contributes to the expression and flow of energy. I find it thrilling how you can consciously communicate through colors, shapes, image, words and the relationship between different design elements. 


One of my favorite aspects of design and illustration work is decorative designs for musical instruments. It is wonderful to combine these two passions of mine that are music and art! I have so far painted celtic harps, ukuleles, frame drums and I am excites to see what else wants to be birthed! I love to combine both traditional and digital techniques, so it is possible for me to start drawing or painting by hand and then scanning the artwork and getting it ready to be printed, like I did for CAMAC harps. Alternatively, instruments can be hand-painted the traditional way.


Here are a few of my creative projects that I have done for clients. I hope you enjoy them and get an idea of what is possible! If you have an idea you'd like me help bring to life, get in touch! I am open for commission works!


Soundboard Decoration for Camac Harps

"Les Harpes Camac are inspired by the centuries of savoir-faire of the fine, Gutenberg printing tradition.

Our master craftsmen have collaborated with the German artist, Caroline Nobles, to realize her magnificent soundboard decorations with modern technical prowess. Using inks applied entirely by the processes of coating, photo initialization and reticulation drying, our decorations will enchant musicians searching for personalization and originality. Four designs - Finn, Sylphe, Shamrock and Fleurie - are available to ennoble your Camac lever harp.

The special decorated soundboard option is available on all our lever harps, except the Hermine, Telenn and Bardic."

 -Camac Harps France


Handpainted Small Harp from Klangwerkstatt

Handpainted Golden Koi Fluke Tenor Ukulele

Mahalo Soprano Cosmos Ukulele

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