What is intuitive singing?

To me, it is the synthesis of intuitively bringing through the sounds and emotions of your soul, your inner being. No rules, no genre, no meaning, no having to be pretty and perfect, just a dance between you and your soul, coming home and finding refuge in the moment, in your sound. Expressing something that wants to be said, but not in words, just in sound.


A language may come through that comes from the soul. It is not about the meaning of specific words, but a frequency.


Intuitive singing means not having to perform or remember the song but birthing something raw and spontaneous in the moment... Singing, dancing, moving your body. Whatever feels right to you.

Now that feels sacred to me.


You don't need to buy a fancy instrument or spend years learning it. We all have a voice and we all want to be heard. Mostly, by ourselves. Listening to ourselves, deeply. Loving ourselves. Accepting all of us.


So all of this is soulful intuitive singing to me.

What does it mean to you?


I encourage you to just try, play, explore. Use your voice. Don't be afraid of mistakes or weird sounds. It does not need to be pretty, or tame, or anything other than what you are feeling. Reclaim yourself. Come home to you.

How I got into intuitive music

I had been a musician for a long time and found myself frustrated writing lyrics and expressing words through language. Then I found the japanese composer Yoko Kanno that had some songs in a language that was unknown to me (for example "Moon" and "Sora"). I googled and found people say she is singing gibberish without meaning. I was fascinated. 

I called this intuitive singing, so just singing in the flow of the moment. The words don't mean anything. But they still express emotions, like a violin or a piano.


When I moved to New Zealand and sang in this intuitive way in front of an audience, people called this light language, so then this was a term I kept using. I also really love the terms intuitive singing / sound healing. In the ends it is just words trying to describe something...


So when I sing intuitively, I connect with my heart, with the love and beauty of the cosmos and then I sing. There is no need for the mind to analyze and understand and dissect it. It just comes from love.


Same with my art. It is intuitively received. I put my heart into my creations, I set an intention and then just let some made up sounds come through. Or some beautiful symbols.


For some people, the symbols will be decorative and mysterious. For others they will connect them with other planets and galaxies. We are all unique.



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