The silent sky is pondering

Why are we so far out there?

The gloomy moon is wandering

Why are we so lost in space?


So what’s inside the atom now?

The thought of an idea of

How to live and thrive

So what am I?

The universe

That’s built of parts of you and me

I’d like to go beyond


Everything repeats itself

The nebula looks like your eyes

A star inside a star is born

A fractal of eternal life


All I know


All I know is the sunlight on my face

Not a trace of the dark the sun once shed

Not a single word can be said 

when noone’s listening


All I know is the weight of the world on me

Yes I am the world at times I see 

nothing apart from change

that keeps me rooted here


Now it’s time to realize and come to life

you don’t have to feel so small

All you’ve known will be embraced and turned into

something so beautiful


 You are


There is so much that dwells inside of you

An overflowing ocean that you keep to yourself

For now

You share with me

But you could share with everyone, if you wanted to

I hope you will, one day

Already more then brave, you sprinkle your waves at me

Not knowing my reaction

For now I smile

You might get hurt or caught up in the web

I get the glimpse of your presence

Knowing what you could become, that you already are

You are

A gift

To me, to the world

Your existance is already enough

You are worthy

You are

A feeling with the burning desire to break free

A secret that wants to be shared 

A tale that wants to be told

A story that wants to unfold 

You want to be retold





You don’t need to be


In order to be


You are the waves of a divine ocean

Already embraced by the winds of constant change

If you're tired, rest

Allow yourself to




Into This wordless space

Between your shoulder blades

And your heart

Painted with all shades of emotion

That form a you you do not own

But welcome home

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