Intuitive Soul Guidance Mentorship

A transformational journey to embodying your true nature and sharing your gifts with the world

Dare to be YOU. Follow your intuition. Express your truth. Sing Your Song. 

In a world where a lot is polished & fake,

it is an act of bravery to be real, genuine and authentic. 

To deeply feel the full range of emotions and

embrace being a divine soul AND a beautiful human mess.

To follow your INTUITION and live your life on YOUR terms.


I know what it means to walk my path, to SING MY SONG, not someone elses.

I follow my guidance, no matter how crazy it seems… 

Living my life in ALIGNMENT with my soul is what I live and breathe.

I have learned to TRUST it deeply, even when I am scared.

And it always works out because nature rewards courage.


My intuition has led me from Europe to Hawaii to New Zealand to Asia

to help the ascension process of the planet and guide people back to their true nature.

It has led me from being too scared to sing or speak in front of others to starting a Youtube Channel

and inspiring people all over the world with my gifts.

I am curious where it will lead you! 


Let me take you on a transformational journey to your soul.

To follow your heart, your truth, your intuition.

To express yourself creatively and live a life in FLOW.

To dive deep into your inner landscapes.

To integrate everything you are and turn it into your source of strength -

so you can own who you are and share your gifts with the world!   


This is not a step-by-step coaching program that tells you what to do. This is free flow, guided by intuition.

This is a sacred invitation to integrate all of you. To fully embody the wild, wise soul that you are. To surrender to your innocence, your beauty, your vulnerability, your strength. To honor your shadow and to soar to new hights while knowing who you truly are. On this transformational journey, we embrace and go beyond your fears, conditionings, perceived limitations and blocks and activate your highest potential while lovingly surrender to life and accept and honor what is present right here in this moment.


This journey is creating a safe container for you to show up authentically as you are and fully feel and embrace your emotions. From there, I empower you to take inspired action to pursue your dreams. One step at a time.


I understand the cycles well - both breathing spaces and times for inspired action. This is about embracing both your divine soul and your beautiful human mess and finding balance to move forward even when things seem overwhelming. We will break it down into the next doable step.

So this isn't so much about reaching a specific goal or "pushing things" and "be done" with it all - this is genuine support on your awakening journey of embodying your soul. Because:


YOU are what you are looking for. The journey is you. The destination is you. You are all you need. When you embody that and trust in your intuition, life becomes a sacred dance and play. This is what it feels to be truly vibrant, inspired and alive! Working with me will not make you feel blissful 24/7, but you will feel REAL and at peace with that. We will dive into whatever wants to be seen. Every emotion is welcomed in a safe container. Knowing this, you will have a core strength to return to, no matter the circumstances around you. 


This is not your usual step by step / cookie cutter coaching program, this is deep transformational work for those who are commited and ready, tailored to your needs, guided by spirit.

It fuses coaching with soul guidance, sound healing, awaken your voice, shamanic energy medicine and light code activations. I blend all of my modalities here - a way that makes this offer unique.


You do not have to do it all on your own. I help you:

  • reconnect with your true nature and embody your soul here on earth
  • express your wild, wise creative self through intuitive music & art to bring joy, liberation and healing to yourself and others
  • embrace yourself with all your different aspects, both light and dark and everything in between, know you are worthy and good enough just as you are
  • sing your song + follow your own intuition and go beyond old beliefs, patterns and and the conditioned noise of the "to do's" and "should do's" to boldly live your life on your terms, not someone elses
  • confidently express your authentic truth, know your value and claim what you want without feeling guilty or selfish, set healthy boundaries and serve others from a filled cup
  • find peace and home within yourself and then playfully aim for your desires without being attached to any outcome while the flow of life is taking care of the details
  • navigate and harmonize the natural cycles and energies of life - male-female / yin-yang
  • see life from soul perspective and go beyond just the physical dimension, gain clarity, insights and what is going on under the surface to understand how everything has been here to help you learn and grow
  • share your unique gifts with the world for the benefit of all by nudging you out of your comfort zone
  • take inspired action by breaking down the overwhelm of what to do into the next small doable step

The space I hold for clients is very deep and transformational, and having a select few number of 1:1 clients means I can focus on and serve their individual journeys at my highest level of service. This is no cookie cutter program, you experience a fully bespoke and customised program guided by spirit that is unique to you. Investing in my own personal growth and healing and being fully committed has helped me leap forward on my path and the greatest gift I have given myself. Thanks for trusting me to guide you on your path! 

The Mentorship includes:

Everything in this journey is bespoke and customized to what serves you best. Length of mentorship, frequency of calls (weekly, fortnightly) and other details can be discussed.

  • Weekly 60-minute 1:1 Soul Guidance Mentoring Sessions (via Zoom, Skype or in person) - I will hold sacred space for you, deeply listen as you share what is present for you, support you to get crystal clarity and intuitive guidance when you are stuck and celebrate your breakthroughs with you. Sessions are guided by spirit and flow and can also include elements of Energy Healing: Shamanic Energy Medicine / Light Code Activation to support you on all layers
  • Private Email Support Between Sessions - I’ve got your back, beautiful soul! I will be there to respond whenever you need me. I’ll be back within 72 hours for longer emails and within 48 hours for shorter messages.

Let me guide you along the way, help you navigate you through the tricky parts of the journey, cheer you on when you feel stuck and celebrate your breakthroughs with you!  

How to apply for Mentorship:

  • OPTION 1 You can schedule a full 1 hour Intuitive Reading with me where we will have a deep look at what is present for you and where you want to go. At the end of that session and if I feel we are a good fit to work together, we can discuss different options for mentorship.
  • OPTION 2 You apply for a free 30 minute discovery call via the button below and if I feel I might be the right person to support you, I will get back to schedule a time for our call. 

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