The Process of Making Your Own Shamanic Rattles

As I was never 100% satisfied with the rattles I had bought in music stores or on Etsy, I decided to build my own! That way I could make sure I get just the sound that I want!


I ordered a rattle making DIY kit and then I got started. It came with a instructional PDF and a video on how to do it. So, really anybody can do this who can use a needle and some superglue!


What was interesting is, that you need to soak the rawhide to form it. Somehow, I had not known how much work this is! It is then filled with sand (or salt) to shape it, then you hang it up to dry and then you can fill it with rice, beans, beads, sage, corn, crystals or whatever you desire it to be filled.

I did want to use rice but because of the biosecurity problems of New Zealand I decided to go for non-organic materials here and made my own little brown rice corns with fimo soft. Then I mixed my fake-rice with some small crystals.


Off course Cairo had to be around and check if I do all steps correctly.


A lot of the process of rattle making goes in steps. So you need several days for this as the rawhide has to dry completely and the superglue has to dry after you glue the first thread on. Not for impatient folks.


In the end I have to say it was so worth it! I now have my own very personal rattles that sound stunning and are a one of a kind!


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