These are pictures from my tours through Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands. I was combining harp and voice lessons with concerts. During 2016, I was basically on the road constantly. Now being in New Zealand, I enjoy having those snapshots from home.


BergstraSSe, Germany 2016

Kaiserslautern, Germany 2016

Eberdingen, Germany 2016

Berlin, Germany 2016

Dresden, Germany 2016

Geislingen an der Steige, Germany 2016

Kiel, Germany 2016

This tour led me up north, to the ocean. I combined a personal workshop with a studio concert. Aren't those landscapes gorgeous?

Amsterdam, NL 2016

I visited Amsterdam three times in 2016, actually. First, I went to a Bentinho Massaro retreat, then to another workshop. The third time I visited the lovely store De Troubadour Harpen, where I bought my Lewis Creek Jessie Travel Harp. It was such a nice store and Marije let me play all of the instruments. It is heaven, I can tell you!


Switzerland 2016

Personal workshops on voice and harp in switzerland! The flowers bloomed so beautifully on top of the mountains. And it was so quiet there!


Wassenaar, NL 2016

Lichtenberg 2014-2015

This is where I studied voice. It is quite a beautiful place north of Darmstadt. During lunch break I would walk up to the forest and contemplate. The tower always reminded me of a grumpy face, so this made me smile every time I would see it!


Marburg, Germany 2015

Clenze, Germany 2015

Recording "The Poetry of Light and Dark"

It was a beautiful process to record my first studio album. I travelled to the north of Germany into a small cabin in the forrest. Since I am a graphic designer, I designed my whole artwork myself and created a complete piece of art. Do you want to know more about how the CD was made and do you want to see / hear for yourself if you can hear the presence of the forrest in the recordings? 

Bremen, Germany 2015

Heidelberg, Germany 2014

My old home... Well, technically, Heidelberg is 15 minutes south of Mannheim, where I lived, but it was as if this is part of my home as well. I have spent lots of time here. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.


Mannheim 2013

Chinese Teahouse, Luisenpark

In my hometown, we had this amazing park with this chinese teahouse. This is where I filmed my Crystalline music video!


Switzerland 2013

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