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After a two year training course as a Graphic Designer at Akademie für Kommunikation I started to study at Freie Kunstakademie in Mannheim, Germany and received my degree in Fine Arts in 2012. Since then I've been working as a Freelance Designer. 


I love beautiful designs and I enjoy creating moods and emotions through photography and text. When designing I always tune into the energetic background of each element - every piece contributes to the expression and flow of energy. I find it thrilling how you can consciously communicate through colors, shapes, image, words and the relationship between different design elements. 


Here is a collection of graphics I've been working on for myself and for others.

Photography CD artwork by Carolin & Travis Nobles




Soundboard Decoration for Camac Harps

"Les Harpes Camac are inspired by the centuries of savoir-faire of the fine, Gutenberg printing tradition.

Our master craftsmen have collaborated with the German artist, Caroline Nobles, to realize her magnificent soundboard decorations with modern technical prowess. Using inks applied entirely by the processes of coating, photo initialization and reticulation drying, our decorations will enchant musicians searching for personalization and originality. Four designs - Finn, Sylphe, Shamrock and Fleurie - are available to ennoble your Camac lever harp.

The special decorated soundboard option is available on all our lever harps, except the Hermine, Telenn and Bardic."

 -Camac Harps France


Handpainted Small Harp from Klangwerkstatt

Handpainted Golden Koi Fluke Tenor Ukulele

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