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I love people deeply. I know people’s struggle and strangely - it only amplifies my love as it makes me see purpose in this. We experience growth, together. We learn and teach each other.


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What should I do? Radically follow your bliss!

WHAT SHOULD I DO? The answer came in quite clearly.

“Radically follow your bliss!”

It is what spirit said. And it is not what your parents or society tell you. There are certain actions that seem smart and safe and trusting is huge. Can we trust in the intelligence of the universe, can we trust in ourselves?


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I see your beautiful soul's light in the darkness

I got to do a Skype session with a woman who is going through a very dark journey. She was shaking and crying and opening up and told me what she is going through and with each word, I loved her more. I saw myself in her. I know this well, beloved soul. Oh, I know your pain. I know this. So brave you are. So brave.

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Meeting source / light / god and bringing back a message

Been to the portal of life and death and back yesterday. One word? WOW. (Is wow even a word, lol?! It now is! ) So what has happened?! Many things. This message I bring is mind blowing, a little read that is SO WORTH IT, promise! Skip the first half if you want to dive right in! 

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Hawaii Transformation - My initiation as a sound healer

Reflecting on my journey to Maui, Hawaii which was a huge initiation process.

It still feels like a dream, how I followed the calling, sold my big harp and traveled to Maui, Hawaii. Who would have thought I would sing in front of 200 people! Even with all the challenges of this trip, this magical island changed me, when she spoke to me and revealed my life purpose to me.


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Joy is the purpose

Dear life, you have become magical to me. You have made me fallen in love with you. And I fall in love with you, every day again and again.

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A gift. A loss. A journey.

I know I can handle this and this experience has come here to serve me, teach me and shape me even more beautifully than ever before. Each day is a miraculous journey in this world, on this dance between worlds.

It feels like I have lost everything that I deeply cared for, but the truth is, I was set free. I have gained myself.

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I want to hear your story. I want to meet the real, raw you.

Dear beautiful one. I want to hear your story. You do not have to be strong, positive, spiritual or anything. I want to hear your story, exactly as it is, undistorted, uncensored, unfiltered. The raw experience that makes you you.

Beside the war with yourself if you are even okay to share that with someone. Beside being labeled, judged, thrown out. 

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I am sorry for your pain - A letter from your higher self

“I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I know it sucks to make this experience, but what if bad was actually good from a higher perspective? 


What if you were not here to have a big mission but to embody love, as much as possible?



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Angel or warrior - Who am I really?

I was trying to figure out who I am, what my essence is. So this image of an angelic healer sitting on a cloud... that is just one part of me. The other part is a warrior, an asian man with a sword, ready to fight, bravely, fearlessly, ready to clean and ready to face the tiger with the thorn in his paw ...

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Taking care of yourself

"I am with you and I love you. Now, I am here for you, in the midst of this. I love you exactly as you are. You are so brave, strong and beautiful. This too like everything else, will pass. This too, like everything else is the essence of life and you are exactly where you need to be."

I love the moments when my spirit guide is talking to me. It is true connection to source and divine love.

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