Light Code Activation Art

Elevate your space with art that feeds your soul and infuses your home with healing energies.

  • Opens your heart & activates your DNA
  • Connects you with your soul and your highest potential
  • Entrains your state of being to the higher frequencies
  • Gives you comfort, strength and clarity for your soul path on earth
  • Reminds you of your "home" in the stars
  • Supports you in releasing blocks and patterns that no longer serves you so you can create a life in alignment with your soul

Take a few moments and let these artworks speak to your heart. The impact of these codes is profound and if you feel drawn to them it is your soul gently nudging you to take you to the next level of your ascension journey.

Originals - Acrylic on canvas

Angelic flower of life artwork on canvas

40 x 40 x 1 cm (16 inch)




#1 Cosmic melody Remember your cosmic nature. Merge with the stars. Dive into your infinite potential.


Acrylic paint on canvas, 10 x 10" / ca. 26 x 26 cm



#2 Milky way


Acrylic paint on canvas, 8 x 8" / ca. 20 x 20 cm



Shine and let your essence inform the energy around you. You are energy. You are everything.


Acrylic paint on canvas, 6 x 12" / ca. 15 x 31 cm




You are loved, powerful creator! There is great harmony within everything. Trust.


Acrylic paint on canvas, 8 x 8" / ca. 20 x 20 cm



Black and white light code activation artwork (left side)



Originals - Acrylic on paper

Formats & materials: A5 (14,8 x 21cm | 5,83” x 8,27”) | A4 (21 x 29,7cm | 8,27” x 11,69”) | A3 (29,7 x 42cm | 11,69” x 16,54”) Acrylic pen / metallic marker / pigment ink on 250g/m2 paper or blackboard 1.5mm - Click on the images to see more info


Currently all artworks on paper are sold - get in touch if you want me to create a custom one for you



How to order:

Found a piece of art that speaks to your soul? >>Get in touch and quote the image number(s) or names you are interested in. I am happy to get back to you with a quote on shipping cost, you make the payment via Paypal and I mail it out to you anywhere in the world! 

Your Channeled Custom Artwork & Song

Phoenix Rising - Custom Artwork & Healing Song Deluxe Package

Your channeled custom artwork + healing song provides you with an original piece of art, uniquely received for you. You can meditate on your soul codes every day, diving into their healing qualities whenever you desire to. It is a true quantum upgrade for your ascension journey with exactly the light codes & symbols that aid you most at this time and space.


>>learn more

Digital Artwork Gallery

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