September 2018: I currently don't offer 1:1 Sessions

Energy Healing / Light Code Activation

Online via ZOOM / SKYPE or in person

Shamanic Energy Medicine

Release old patterns, beliefs and identities that are dimming your light and step into the role of the co-creator of your life

Experience the power of ancient shamanic healing techniques like soul retrieval, destiny retrieval, calling in power animals, shamanic rituals & more. I create a sacred space for you to safely explore and access your inner wisdom and retrieve information and healing from the spirit world. Shamanic technique I most frequently use are:

  1. Illumination Process - Clearing and tuning of the chakras, erasing imprints to make it easier to choose thoughts, behaviors and emotions that serve you.
  2. Soul Retrieval - Reclaiming power from past wounds or traumas, integrating lost soul parts to return you to wholeness and your natural state of aliveness and joy.

In shamanic healing sessions, I always use sound (intuitive light language singing) as a powerful aid in bringing stuck energies into flow as it soothes your soul and opens your heart. Sometimes I use additional instruments like koshi chimes, native flutes and singing bowls but the focus remains on voice.

Light Code Activation

Opening and clearing your channel to intuitively sing light language

Transitioning from passively consuming to expressing yourself and your emotions through music, art and mindful movement can play an important role of your own healing process and help you claim back your power as you also re-create your own life. There are powerful creation rituals I will share with you that can become part of your daily practise to help ground you and give you a mindful focus in challenging times, for example: 

Opening up your throat chakra and use singing, toning and intuitive music as a way to get blocked energy moving. 

If you are interested in channeling light code songs, art & music, I will open your channel, clear everything in a shamanic healing session that is holding your power back plus give you practical tools and tips on how to go further and improve your abilities on intuitive singing on your own after our session.

What to expect in a session:

You come to me with an intention or an issue you want to clear. Then we start a sacred dialogue of tracking what exactly needs to be released in this session - a lot of times, this will be in the form of a soul retrieval. I will typically let you pick one of my 13 khuyas or healing stones for further clarification and wisdom and to assist me in the healing work. Then the energetic healing and clearing takes places as I do the work of going into the other realm while you simply relax and let it happen. Then we share our experiences and I give you practical tools and tips on how to integrate your changes into your day to day life.

Light Code Activation works similarly, we track and explore, I do the activation and energy grid work, I give you practical information and answer any questions you might have.


After a session, you will usually feel lighter, have a sense of clarity and a new gained strength to start walking your path. You might feel slowed down and peaceful or the opposite - activated and full of creative energy that wants to be expressed. Whatever comes up, it shows energy is flowing now!


Energy Exchange & How To Book

175 USD / 150€


How to book:

1. Get in touch with me about your intention and why you are connecting with me. How did you come across me? What is your biggest challenge? How would you like to be supported? Feel free to write a little bit about yourself, your situation and whatever you feel is important for me to know and what you'd like to get out of our session together. I will use your written transmission to tune in to my heart if I am the right person to serve you. 


2. After I review your request, I will send you a link to my calendar where you can book yourself in and make your payment via Paypal.

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