September 2018: I currently don't offer 1:1 Sessions

Empathic Listening & Holding Space

Online Session via Zoom or Skype or in person

Be seen and heard by someone who "gets" it!


If you are a lightworker, empath, healer or simply a sensitive soul on this planet, there will be times when you feel overwhelmed and all you long for is being held and feel seen, heard and understood. 

There is nothing wrong with you. You do not need fixing. Because you were never broken. If you feel drawn to this, you likely don't need solutions or answers but someone to hold sacred space for you while you express what is present for you in this moment. And I am all about deep dives and authenticity. You can be yourself 100%. Just be you. And let that be ok. And let that be the healing you seek. You. Your beautiful soul expressing your dark and light side and everything in between.


This session isn't about step-by-step instructions or how to's. It is about coming to rest and finding your centre, the sacred home within yourself. Stepping back. Slowing down. Breathing. Being in the now, in this moment, in your body. Mindfulness. Acceptance. Surrender.


Part of this session can be gentle sound healing in form of me singing for you in light language, helping you tune into your heart and balance your emotions. Again, nothing that has to be done, nowhere to get, just letting things unfold naturally and going with the flow.


I am no guru or teacher to tell you what to do. I am a human being, just like you that deeply feels and cares for this planet and all life on it. So this session is like speaking to a friend, while having a look straight into your own heart. I have walked and I am continously walking my own healing path and if a soul is led my way and we just resonate... then I will offer this sacred space for you.


How to book:

If this speaks to you get in touch with where you are at right now and how you would love to be supported and I will get back to you if I feel I am the right person to assist you - I then will send you a link to my calendar to book yourself in and to make your payment via Paypal. If not, I will recommend you someone else who can.


Energy exchange: I currently offer this service on a sliding scale between 100 and 150 USD (88-130€). So you pay what suits your budget within that range.


You can book these session whenever needed or at a regular interval for ongoing support.


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