What Language Do You Sing In?


People ask me all the time what this language is that I sing in...


I just make up sounds that have no meaning in words. But the intention and energy of it can still be felt with the heart. So it is not even a language in the human sense, as there is no word meaning, no structure, no grammar, no syntax... I am singing beautiful gibberish. And I enjoy just intuitively going with the flow and the sounds that come to me in the moment. 


I have heard other musicians doing this, like Yoko Kanno and Sigur Ros and I felt inspired to do this myself and move away from writing complex lyrics and feeding stories. Nothing wrong with regular music and lyrics, off course, and I still enjoy listening to it. But intuitive music brings me more into my body, more inside, into the here and now. I quite enjoy singing in this spontaneous, free flowing way. So, for me this goes more into the direction of sound healing as it isn't so much about creating a song or finished product, but expressing what is there in the moment. 


Here are some clips from the inspiration that I drew to sing my own intuitive music:

Notice how beautiful this fictional language sounds. I get goosebumps each time I listen, even 20 years later.

Also, even though the composer is japanese, she has world music influences and there is a strong celtic hint in a lot of her soundtrack sounds. And that is how I got my celtic singing style and influence too :)


How did it become "light language" then?


When I moved to New Zealand and sing at events and gatherings, people would call this way of intuitive singing "light language" and I went along with this term for the next few years.


So what is light language`?


Here is some info I found on the internet somewhere years ago:


"Channeled light codes are activations from source to help you remember who you truly are and what dormant potential wants to awaken in you now. They are entraining your state of being to the higher frequencies. They help you release old patterns and energies and vibrationally align you with your souls path. They radiate beauty and harmony and activate you in whatever way you are ready for at this point of time. The light codes / light language transmissions bypass the limitations of the mind and speak directly to your heart, to your soul - to the spiritual being having a physical experience. You do not have to understand them with the mind - you are invited to trust in the mystery of the universe that wants to support your growth."


Light language can be written, like in the artworks above or on my drums, it can be spoken or sung, like in my music, or it can be transmitted through gestures or dance.


2021: Why I like to ditch the term light language and what I call it instead


There is a lot of information about this topic out there and I invite you to check in with yourself what resonates and what not. I personally like to keep it simple - it is an expression of love and beauty and other healing energies that come directly from my heart. End of story. :)


Actually, lately I like to ditch the term light language altogether and just call it intuitive singing or intuitive music or art. 

We do not need to label and categorize everything to make sense of it. Just feel it and let your own soul teach you what it means to YOU. If you feel called to light language, great, have fun and play. If it sounds weird to you, great. Ditch it and do what feels fun!


And that is all I am gonna say about this. I am not interested in "light language" anymore. I am interested in creating beautiful intuitive music and sound healing from the heart. And being my authentic self.

When it is time to let a term or an era go, I let it go and move into the direction that feels more true to me.

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