Light Language

What are these codes and where do they come from? What do these codes mean?

So what is light language`? I will start with a more "professional sounding description" I found on the internet somewhere years ago:


"Channeled light codes are activations from source to help you remember who you truly are and what dormant potential wants to awaken in you now. They are entraining your state of being to the higher frequencies. They help you release old patterns and energies and vibrationally align you with your souls path. They radiate beauty and harmony and activate you in whatever way you are ready for at this point of time. The light codes / light language transmissions bypass the limitations of the mind and speak directly to your heart, to your soul - to the spiritual being having a physical experience. You do not have to understand them with the mind - you are invited to trust in the mystery of the universe that wants to support your growth."


Light language can be written, like in the artworks above or on my drums, it can be spoken or sung, like in my music, or it can be transmitted through gestures or dance.


There is a lot of information about this topic out there and I invite you to check in with yourself what resonates and what not. I personally like to keep it simple - it is an expression of beauty and grace that comes directly from my heart. End of story. :) We do not need to label and categorize everything to make sense of it. Just feel it and let your own soul teach you what it means to YOU.


If you'd like to learn more about my personal relation to light language, I recommend you watch the video below:


How to sing in light language?

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