What shaman drums do you use and where can I buy it?

I use two kind of shamanic drums:


DAVID & ROMAN DRUMS are tuned with air (pneumatic pitch control). You tune it with a simple bike pump. I ordered two of these drums from Germany http://www.davidromandrums.com/eng/site01.htm - you do need some patience if you want one of these and live overseas.

However, they sound stunning and are very well made. I did start with a cheaper drum from Thomann and it was not nearly as resonant and strong in tone as this one. You get what you pay for. These drums are around 200-300 Euro, depending on size.

These drums I do not paint. I just play them.



My painted drums are vegan buffalo drums from REMO. What is a vegan drum? A drum that does not use animal skin - so it has a synthetic skin! Just google Remo and you find them anywhere worldwide (the "naked" drum all white). They are quite famous as they hold their tune no matter the weather and are easy to travel with and make good instruments for outdoor use. Plus they sound good!


If you want a very special instrument here is the good news: I sell painted Remo drums and do commission works. For more info go here: Painted Shaman Drums


What materials do you use for painting your drums?

To paint the remo drums, I use acrylic paint, acrylic markers and acrylish varnish to seal them off at the end. The brand of markers and varnish is MOLOTOW. I suggest to get a good quality for the paint and varnish and test them out on paper, wood, etc. before you actually start painting the drum.

If you want to paint a regular skin drum, you can also use henna (henna does not work on fake skin and vegan drums like remo). Please google henna for drum painting, I am not experienced in this. Or you can use acrylics for that as well, as long as the drum skin is not treated / oiled. Ask your provider about this.

I have also seen people use oil colors to paint drums, but again, no personal experience as I choose acrylics as they dry fast and are water-based. For more info and a step by step tutorial, visit:

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