Resources for spiritual awakening & personal development

On this page I share with you what has inspired me and guided me on my path.

Some things might be useful for you as well. See what resonantes and follow your intuition. Enjoy! 

People & services (1:1 Skype Sessions & more)

In this section I want to introduce you to people I have worked with and I know personally. I deeply appreciate what they do and can highly recommend their work.



  • Malcolm Wilson - Holistic Hypnotherapist & Life Change Counsellor (New Zealand) - He has gotten me to where I am now and has a lot to offer from spiritual awakening to holding space for big transformations. Schedule a free discovery call with him:
  • Felicia - Heart to Maya (Netherlands) A very loving, gentle and joyful soul to hold space for your spiritual awakening and more with her beautiful feminine energy. Felicia also does free discovery calls:
  • Jocelyn Daher (USA) - Sacred feminine embodiment and much more: A strong and authentic woman that offers mentorships as well as single sessions.
  • Kat Courtney - The AfterLife Coach (USA) Kat helps you integrate spiritual and psychedelic experiences in a very compassionate and empowering way. She truly knows how to befriend your shadow.
  • Shaman Jon (USA) If you need a shaman to assist in your healing, Jon has got your back. I trained with him and he has been an amazing mentor to me.


  • Melissa's Dream Medicine - Readings & Astal Healing / Zhineng Qigong | Melissa has the gift to dream your dreams and bring forth astral healing. She also offers services around qigong. 
  • Susanne Feld - Alexander Technique & Gestalt Therapie | Berlin, Germany 

Spiritual teachers

These people have amazing free content on their Youtube Channels and / or Facebook page plus helpful books!


Empowerment & Mastering your Frequency

Bentinho Massaro The path of enlightenment & empowerment Check out his free school to realize your freedom - it is life-changing and has hugely helped me step into my power! It is also connected with a big Facebook community where you can find likeminded people to walk the path with you.


Deep peace & presence in the now

Matt Kahn "Whatever arises, love that" –Matt Kahn

Matt Licata Psychotherapist, Author, Teacher - Be present with what is

Jeff Foster "My spiritual path is this moment. And my home is this moment." –Jeff Foster


Shadow work

Teal Swan Authentic expression, trauma, shadow work & self-love


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