On this page I share with you what has inspired me and guided me on my path.

Some things might be useful for you as well. See what resonantes and follow your intuition. Enjoy! 

People & services

In this section I want to introduce you to people I have worked with and I know personally. I deeply appreciate what they do and can highly recommend their work.


Malcolm Wilson | Holistic Hypnotherapist and Life Change Mentor | https://www.facebook.com/activateintegrate/

Malcolm guides you to own your journey via Hypnoenergetics and other gifts. Highly professional and recommended. He has been a big part of my own healing journey.


Nicole Hemmer, MA, Transformational Life Coach www.nicolehemmer.com

Nicole has the essence of an angel, truly remarkable how much light and love she emits. Being in her presence simply feels good and nourishing. You believe anything is possible. She empowers you to follow your souls path with strength and courage.


Jon Rasmussen | Shaman http://www.dreamingintobeing.com

Jon is a world renowned shaman and a powerful mentor. A very bright and gifted healer. In person and online sessions are equally powerful. I am very grateful for what I have received and learned from him.



Tina Kat Courtney - AfterLife Coaching https://www.afterlife.coach

Kat is well experienced in Ayahuasca ceremonies and has some very deep wisdom to share. A very courageous yet gentle woman who works with death and shadow and helps people embrace the full spectrum of being human.



Melissa's Dream Medicine - Readings & Astal Healing / Zhineng Qigong | www.dream-medicine.com

Melissa has the gift to dream your dreams and bring forth astral healing. She also offers services around qigong. She is a powerful medicine woman.



Susanne Feld - Alexander Technique & Gestalt Therapie | Berlin, Germany www.susannefeld.de

Susanne is an amazing Alexander teacher and Clarity & Mindfulness Coach located in Berlin, Germany. She also offers retreats for women. 

Spiritual teachers

These people have amazing free content on their Youtube Channels and / or Facebook page plus helpful books!


Empowerment & Mastering your Frequency

Bentinho Massaro www.bentinhomassaro.com The path of enlightenment & empowerment

https://www.trinfinityacademy.com Check out his free school to realize your freedom - it is life-changing and has hugely helped me step into my power! It is also connected with a big Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/bentinhomassaro/groups/ where you can find likeminded people to walk the path with you.


Deep peace & presence in the now

Matt Kahn www.truedivinenature.com "Whatever arises, love that" –Matt Kahn

Matt Licata www.mattlicataphd.com Psychotherapist, Author, Teacher - Be present with what is

Jeff Foster www.lifewithoutacentre.com "My spiritual path is this moment. And my home is this moment." –Jeff Foster


Shadow work

Teal Swan www.tealswan.com Authentic expression, trauma, shadow work & self-love



Instruments that I own personally and recommend. They are international stores shipping worldwide. Plus I recommend a few other products that are truly stunning.


De Troubadour Harpen NL | Harps for every size http://www.detroubadourharpen.nl

This is where I bought my harp. Love the store and the fabulous customer service! I even visited it in person on my trip to the Netherlands. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Europe!


Southern Cross Flutes | Native American Style Flutes from New Zealand http://www.southerncrossflutes.com

I now own a couple of flutes from Southern Cross Flutes and I am beyond happy with them! Todd takes his time to answers all your questions and provides you with superb quality instruments that are beautiful to look at!


David Roman Drums | A revolution in drum tuning http://www.davidromandrums.com

They made me my 16" shaman drum, it plays and sounds amazing and is very, very well made. The tuning mechanism is quite unique - you can tune this drum within seconds by using a regular bike pump!


The Rattle Maker | Tools of the shaman https://www.etsy.com/nz/shop/TheRattleMaker

A lot of love goes into the making of the tools from this shop that is located in the US and ships worldwide. 



Hokema | The sound of your hands - Sansula & other instruments made in Germany https://www.hokema.de/en

I play a Heavenly A Sansula. All instruments are made with high precision and a lot of love for detail. Even the bags are amazing. They ship worldwide. 


Some of my all-time favorite CDs!


Nūmūn by Johanna Warren




Braille Night by Ida



Cascadia by Noe Venable


Tea Bye Sea by Becca Stevens



For Now I Am Winter by Olafur Arnalds



Sora no Sphere by Akino Arai





Behind the Closed Eye by Anuna


Fisherman's Woman by Emiliana Torrini



Real Thing by Kate Walsh


Walk the Distance by Clara Hill



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