Koshi Chimes & Hokema Sansula

Where can I buy the beautiful koshi gong stand you use?

Koshi chimes

Koshi Chimes The Koshi are bamboo chimes from France that have the most beautiful sound that I have found in chimes worldwide. They come in 4 different tunings - fire, water, earth and air (ignis, aqua, terra, aria). I own a complete set and display them on a gong stand.

They are very soothing for sound journeys.

I bought my koshi chimes from various sources. Just google and find the closest retailer. One source worth mentioning is Hokema, they also sell other sound healing instruments like the Sansula:



What koshi should I get?

There are 4 different sounds: Aqua, terra, ignis and aria. You can start with one koshi, or buy two, or a whole set. Most people love the aqua koshi. It is up to you what sounds resonate. This can also change over time. Let your intuition guide you.


Koshi Gong Stand This is the official website of the company that builds them - Studio Gong: http://www.gongstands.eu/en


DIY You can also use any small gong stand and just add the 4 hooks for the koshi. I found a similar stand here: https://www.hess-klangkonzepte.de/produkt/gongstaender-harmonie-mini-mittel/

You would need to add hooks for that one.

Or start from scratch and build your own - or ask a local carpenter to give you a hand.

What type of Sansula should I get? Basic, Renaissance or Deluxe?

There are three kinds of Sansula - Basic, Renaissance and Deluxe. What is the difference?

  • Basic has a rather fragile membrane that breaks easily if you drop it - so only get that if you are really sure you are careful with it - definitely not for children.
  • Renaissance comes with a more sturdy membrane that is unaffected by weather changes as it is an artificially made membrane. My choice. Vegan.
  • Deluxe is goat skin and tuneable - I do not feel that the sound difference is that big to be worth the extra price. However, it looks most beautiful in my opinion. But it isn't vegan, so you need to consider if you are okay with that.

So, I own a Renaissance Sansula and think it is the best choice for most people. You can order them directly from Hokema https://www.hokema.de/en in a variety of different tunings with a bag and an aditonal tuning hammer. There is a variety of tunings for this instrument and I use Heavenly A.

Shruti Box - where to buy?

Shruti Box Paloma Large

The Paloma Large Shruti Box is amazingly dynamic to play - from quiet to loud, due to the big ballow everything is possible! I would highly recommend anyone to get a large size who wants to sing and not have the Shruti be overpoweringly loud. It is also highly recommended for overtone singing.


Another source of high quality shruti boxes & a lot more is this company in Berlin: www.india-instruments.com


Also there is this little company in Wales, UK that sells good Shruti boxes that can be even played with a foot pedal.

https://www.shrutibox.co.uk (Supplier: www.monojkrsardar.com)


Shruti Box Educational Website

On this website you will find a free PDF that helps you set chords for singing:



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