Location - How to find me

I am located at 113 Duncan Tce, Kilbirnie, Wellington - almost all the way at the top of the hill!


By car:

As you drive up Duncan Tce, make sure to follow the side of the uneven numbers (left side of the road)!

Parking is usually no problem!


By public transport:

  • Option 1: Take bus # 3, 11, 18, 43 or 44 to Crawford Road (Kilbirnie) | (Busses go every few minutes)then walk up Duncan Tce for ca. 10 minutes
  • Option 2: Take bus #23 to Sutherland Road (Melrose)| (This is the closest bus stop but bus goes only twice an hour)then walk down Rodrigo Rd / Duncan Tce for ca. 5 minutes  

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