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Shamanic Sound Journey

23.05.2018 6pm-7.30pm Kilbirnie, Wellington, NZ

A sound healing journey that activates your soul frequency! A sacred space for you to dive into your inner landscapes and dream together with other conscious beings. Experience singing in light language, shamanic drumming, native american flutes, koshi chimes and more. (Might be infused with the healing vibes of a friendly grey burmese cat.)


Bring a yoga mat, pillow or blanket if you can to be extra cosy.

30 NZD cash

113 Duncan Tce, Kilbirnie, Wellington

Invite your friends, secure your spot & seeyou there!


Carolin is a sound healer and soul guide backed up with a certificate in Applied Physiology of the Voice and an initiated shamanic practitioner. She expresses herself through music and art and holds space for people to explore their light and darkness and connect them with the essence of their soul.

Listen to her healing music at:

Shamanic Sound Healing Journey

Healing voice, native flute, koshi chimes, shaman drum


The healing field I create helps you to enter the state where the mind is quiet and you can connect to your essence, your soul - a deeply nourishing and transforming experience. 


"Yesterday's sound healing event was absolutely amazing! The sound of Caro's voice lifted my vibrational frequency to a new level of high nothing short of magical. I recommend all to have this wonderful experience!" — Nela

16.2.2018 Wellington Kilbirnie 6-7.30pm

Reconnect with your soul essence and bathe in the healing field of soothing sounds - healing voice, celtic harp, koshi chimes, sansula, native flutes & more.


Please bring a mat / pillow if you can (we have some here but the more the cozier) and whatever you need to be most comfortable for sitting or laying down. Space is limited to 15 people, so please register and let me know you're coming. 

Suggested donation 30$ pp cash

Some people want to pay more, others can give less. I offer you to pay the amount that you feel comfortable with and that meets your budget. 


Address: 113 Duncan Tce, Wellington 6022 (Kilbirnie)

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Carolin Nobles

Artist & Sound Healer


I do not claim to be a medical practitioner, nor do I promise to diagnose or cure any illness. You agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well being.