How to order your drum

If you decide to get a drum from me, know that I am a solo artist doing everything by myself and I only paint a very limited number of drums. I do not usually stock drums but paint them, when someone orders one. The advantage of that is, that the drums can be personalized that way!


More about the options you have and all else you need to know, you will find here on this page! So let's dive right into it!


Available Drums:

You get the drum you see on the photos on the main drum page. It is ready to be shipped within a few days. Scroll down to the end of this page to find out how to order!

  • starting at 400€ / 500 USD


Made to order Drums:

Made to order means, I will re-create one of the motifs I have done before. The drum will look like in the pictures, but as each piece is hand painted there can be minor differences in color and patterns. That is what I love about painting each drum by hand, they are all unique. 

Also, the advantage is, that I can make small modifications, like color changes free of charge. For example, if you want silver codes instead of golden codes, or you want a red fire dragon instead of the green one. Also adding a simple symbol somewhere on the drum is possible, for example, the eternity symbol or a triskel.

  • starting at 400 € / 500 USD


Intuitive Commissions:

This is a co-creation between you, me and spirit. It is a new creation that hasn't been done before.

Here is how it works: You get in touch with the animal or motif you would want me to paint, along with your favorite colors. If you want, you can send pictures along. Then I use my intuition and tune into you and your energy and what artwork comes forth. So the finished drum will be a surprise! I enjoy trusting in spirit, and only do commissions if it "clicks" and I see the artwork come alive in my inner eye already. 

So, I no longer do back and forth mailing, showing a sketch, getting feedback, making changes etc. Once I enter the sacred container of creating art, I need to be with it on my own until it is done. Off course I will send you a picture, when the drum is finished, before I mail it out. 

  • starting at 500 € / 600 USD

How long does it take to paint?

Please ask for how long it takes, this depends on my schedule and I will give you an estimate.

But please be aware that I work alone and it can always take longer than expected. I do not guarantee a certain delivery date (plus mail is a bit slowed down these days and I have no influence on the exact shipping times)


So how long does it take to paint a drum, in average? A rough estimate would be a week for painting and spraying and proper drying. This is for a "made to order" drum where I already have a template ready. Commissions will take longer, as I need to create the new artwork and template before I actually paint it on the drum, and this is a creative process that I like to give time and space. Some drums come through quicker and other need more time to be "born". I usually do them within a month.

Again, this all depends on what other things I am working on, as I do more than just paint drums.

Drum FAQ:

More questions I have answered here in the Instruments FAQ section!


  • Shipping within EU: 20€ (Germany: 10€) | Germany 1-3 days, within EU usually arrives within a week
  • Non EU-Countries in Europe: 30€ | usually takes 1-2 weeks to arrive
  • Shipping to US and Canada: 60€ / 70USD | usually takes about 2-4 weeks to arrive
  • Australia / NZ: 70€ or 115NZD | shipping time estimate 4-8 weeks
  • Other destinations: please ask for a quote

All parcels are mailed with DHL, come with a tracking number and are fully insured. 

Due to Covid, some packaged might be delayed by the carriers and I have no influence on that. So please order early if you want it for a certain date.


Get in touch about your drum!

How to order:

  • Let me know which motifs speaks to you and if you want modifications on the colors
  • Send me your post address or at least your country so I can calculate your shipping costs - I am located in Germany and I ship my drums worldwide!
  • Payments are made via paypal after I have received your inquiry and before I mail out the drum. If you want to pay via bank transfer instead, please let me know and I will provide you with the details (my bank is located in Germany, Europe, but it is possible to send with TransferWise, for example even outside of Europe). I start creating your drum after I have received your payment. 

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