Drum size: 16 inch or 14 inch?


I am introducing a new drum size: 14" (35cm)!

Here you see a photo of the two sizes side by side: 14 inch (35cm) vs. 16 inch (40cm)

The 16 inch has more bass and the 14 inch is easier to hold and to travel with due to its smaller size.

I still recommend the bigger size as it sounds more full and this is the most popular size. 


Prices will be 320€ / 400USD for the 14 inch size drums


What do these drums sound like?

Below is a sound sample that you can download to your computer to have a listen!

Sound Sample 16 inch vs. 14 inch
16inch vs 14inch.mp3
MP3 Audio File 1.4 MB

Optional: Customize your colors for free!

Love a design but want a different color? Many clients just love the colors as they are but I can also adjust the colors for you! A common modification is to make the golden light codes silver (see dolphins for example)! Or have the dragon in red or blue instead of green!


Just get in touch with color modifactions you have in mind and I will let you know what is possible!


It is also possible to have a specific word on name written on the mallet - otherwise you get a mallet with codes specifically chosen for you!

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